10 Examples of How To Be Classy on Different Occasions

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There will be a lot of talk about classy fashion from my end because I want to promote this style in an era where our big “role models” are people like Kim Kardashian. Not my cup of tea I’m afraid.
Instead, I find role models like Grace Kelly, Amal Clooney and Audrey Hepburn to be more inspiring. Classy fashion is not very difficult to learn and doesn’t always require bigger financial investments. The trick is to determine what is it that makes an outfit classy and adopt those principles. Here I will share with you some pointers on How to be classy on different occasions.

How to be classy attending a glamorous event

If you’re attending a glamorous evening event, most common is to wear either a cocktail dress or long dress. This is a good example of a simple but classy dress where the “wow factor” comes from the off-shoulder-detail that makes this JetsetBabe look sophisticated yet feminine. Perfect evening attire when you don’t want to look conservative and dull!

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How to be classy attending a daytime event

But if you’re attending a daytime event, on the other hand, the rule is never to wear a long dress. Cocktail dresses are made for formal daytime events and below is a great example of an outfit that can make you fit in at any party.


How to be classy and comfortable on a casual day

Weekdays or casual weekends require us to wear something more comfortable, but how can we look classy while not letting go entirely? This is an art that should be discussed in a separate post, but I give you one example here. A shirt and a pair of slacks, nothing overly complicated. What makes it look classy is that this look gives you a bit of “old money feel” with the shirt, belt, and pants. Simple, classic fashion. Perhaps a bit masculine, but it works well for women who don’t care about trying too hard. Old money folks never try too hard.


How to be classy when you feel feminine and sensual

In my book, I discuss the critical topic (where so many women fail, unfortunately) on how to embrace your femininity instead of only focusing on being sexy. We all have times when we feel more sensual and want to dress accordingly, but I personally recommend to still keep it classy on days you feel like being seductive. This outfit shows how you can do that. A dress that covers you while enhancing your curves makes you look immensely attractive. I love pencil dresses and pencil skirts for this because they never make a person look boring! Quite the opposite in fact!

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How to be classy on vacation

Holidays can require different types of apparel depending on location. But to exchange the usual “jeans hot pants and strappy tops” – look, something that could make you look very elegant is adopting a more “safari” style. Very popular in the upper classes! Important to opt for materials like 100% linen as linen cools you down in hot climate.


How to be classy running some errands

Forget running errands in your gym clothes (a big No-No girls!). Instead, you dress appropriately. Perhaps, wearing some nice trousers together with a classy top/blouse. I find tops and blouses to be very difficult to shop for because there isn’t much variation out there. This one is gorgeous as it has a very classy cut around the shoulder area that makes it look unique. The belt adds a fashion element to it, and this look feels perfect when you’re out and about.


How to be classy at work

Work requires you often to wear subtle clothing that makes you look professional. I think adding some of your classy attitude to it, doesn’t hurt! A simple black, tweed costume “Chanel” style, is perfect if you want to be taken seriously. Just make sure you don’t wear them with pumps that have a very high heel ( and never wear open toe at work!).

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How to look classy in a dress

Ignore her shoes please, as I’m not a big fan of platform heels. But her dress is stunning, yet extremely conservative which is why I want to showcase it. People sometimes think they will look boring if they’re not showing skin and I think it’s a big myth that we should debunk. If you look feminine, you will never look boring, so it’s important to choose a dress that gives you that element. Red, for instance, is a color that signals passion, so if you want to make sure you get noticed, wear this color as it’s still very classy and timeless.


How to look classy while still keep yourself warm

It’s easy! Go out and buy a high-quality coat of classic cut, without any unnecessary embellishments/details/fluff. A coat that preferably has a belt that you can tie nonchalantly while looking like a sophisticated woman on the go. The best thing about these types of coats is that they are so versatile. You can wear it anywhere; work, parties, lunches, dinners – you name it! It’s worth investing your hard earned $$$ in something that will last you a lifetime but also never run out of fashion if you keep it simple!


How to look classy and like marriage material on a date

Small dating advice. If you’re in the jet-set world and want to find Mr. Right, I have some important pointers for you: Look cute instead of hot, Look feminine instead of sexy, Look subtle instead of “in your face.” Men get drawn to that because you portray yourself in an exquisite manner while leaving a lot of mystery behind. Men adore classy women, that’s all they want in fact! In my experience, these type of women end up having better success in the jet-set dating scene, so make sure you align yourself with elegance and high-class when you’re dating.

To find out more about classy fashion, I have dedicated a whole chapter in my ebook that touches this topic on a deeper level. Find out more info here.


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  1. This has been my favourite post so far! I love the linen tip for staying cool – I will definitely have to keep an eye out for some new pieces..

    I’m hoping you could expand on what you would wear on casual days (or maybe I have yet to find that post) because I am still attending school and although I love to dress classy it can be very hard to not look ‘over the top’. What are a few staple pieces you would recommend that are comfortable for attending a lecture, handy accessories, and also warm pieces (as I do live in Canada and the majority of semester is during the colder months).

    Lastly, when do you feel it is appropriate to wear jeans?

    Thank you, and I’m a very big supporter – you’re the only blog I follow!


  2. I love your blog! It’s very entertaining & useful for fashion inspiration! I personally love the Instagram pics you choose for your articles, I always go back on those JSB instagram account to know more about them! I also love when you share JSB real stories & your favorite beauty products!
    Greetings from Canada!

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