10 Day Detox Starting Today!

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I just came back to London after a weekend trip to Lisbon. The weather was terrible the entire stay, so this trip was mostly spent eating & drinking – long never ending lunches, and late heavy dinners. Oh, my. When I’m out dining, I rarely restrict my eating. I might not go all in either, ordering the fattiest things on the menu, but I do eat things like pasta and dessert when I feel like.

10 Day Detox For Weightloss


My loyal followers know that I’m a healthy person who does fasting, raw vegan diet and I exercise regularly on weekdays. But on special weekends I can let loose just like I did on this trip. I enjoy doing it because it’s the best learning experience for diet and well-being. When you usually keep yourself “clean,” and then “dirty” your body heavily, your body reacts, and I find it interesting to study these reactions.

Today I woke up with following reactions:

* Bloated
* IBS symptoms
* Gained 3 kg
* Acne on my face
* Extreme fatigue
* Brain Fog

10 Day Detox For Weightloss


I know it’s all as a result due to how I was treating my body in the last 3 days.

It’s good evidence that shows what you put inside yourself, is what will come out to the surface in a negative way.

When I’m not being healthy, my IBS gets triggered, I gain weight, my acne returns and I feel lack of energy. This is what motivates me to stay as healthy as possible 80% of my time: when I get to see the negative that will happen otherwise, and my body responds immediately to my bad decisions.

10 Day Detox For Weightloss


Putting on weight used to feel scary to me. When you come back home from vacation, and you’ve gained X amount, and you’re dreading the amount of hard work you’ll now need to invest to shed it off.

Today I don’t feel this way. I gained 3 kg in Lisbon this weekend; I know that I’ll be able to lose it easily during my 10-day detox that’s starting today. I usually do 1-week detoxes once in a while, especially after some over indulging times.

It’s good for my mind and body to re-adjust itself and get the necessary space for recovery that’s needed. It’s like taking a time out from the bad and just really nurture yourself and heal your wounds with the good.

10 Day Detox For Weightloss


My usual detox is longer this time because I’m going on vacation and want to debloat and look good for my trip!

What will happen during this 10 Day Detox is following:

* Intermittent fasting every day: Eat only between 12.00-18.00
* Do a 40 hour dry fast twice
* No alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy, meat and all the unhealthy foods that bring nothing but disease to the body
* Daily exercise with moderate intensity
* 8-hour sleep every day so my body can properly recover & rejuvenate it cells
* Positivity and happy thoughts to fill me up, because that’s the best healing energy you can get for your body

10 Day Detox For Weightloss


10 Day Detox For Weightloss


Let’s not forget that spring is around the corner, and so is beach 2018!

I think it’s good to start thinking ahead right now and not neglect our personal care. Usually, when the summer season starts, everyone will want to polish them up somehow, and I think doing a detox is one of the best ways to clear yourself out from toxins and bad energy. As a bonus, you might even tighten up to a nice shape! Who doesn’t want that?!

10 Day Detox For Weightloss


Live update, Monday 5:14 pm 

My day 1 of detox is coming to an end.
I’m having my last fruits before the time hits 6 pm, and then my intermittent fasting starts until tomorrow lunchtime. No biggy for me anymore because my body has gotten used to it, but before I was struggling with not raiding the fridge in the evening! I solved that problem by not keeping any food at home when fasting, and I found that to be the best way for me to stay disciplined and avoid cheating. When there is too much temptation around, that’s when it gets trickier! But if there is a will, there’s a way! Looking forward to tomorrow for Day 2!



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  1. Hi!
    I am Liz!
    I am doing intermittent fasting as you, but I have some questions.
    How many times do you usually eat during fasting?
    Do you skip breakfast or do you have your breakfast at 12.00 pm?
    What do you usually eat in a day? ( I am vegan too)

    I hope my English is OK, I am Spanish.

    Nice post!

    • Hi Elizabeth! I don’t have any set amount of how much I eat, but it’s usually around 2 times. I skip breakfast, so my 12.00 meal becomes my breakfast. I eat a lot of soup, salads, fruits. Mostly salads to be honest because I love the taste of them. I enjoy making my own soup out of vegetables too! I also cook various vegetable stews for my vegan meals. Your english is great btw! 🙂

      • Thanks Anna!
        Sorry if I bother you but I just want yo make sure I understand! 🙂
        What do you usually eat as breakfast? Your breakfast is like your lunch like, for example a salad? or maybe a Smoothie?
        Last thing, you said that you usually eat around 2 times, but do you usually snack something between that 2 meals? What you you usually snack?

        Thank you for answer me! 🙂

        • No worries! I usually eat fruits for breakfast. I used to eat eggs and all that stuff, but it’s not healthy on the long run, made me bloated and was hard to lose weight. Sometimes I can also eat salad for breakfast if I don’t have any fruits. Fruits are easier to digest and absorbs quickly by the body, so it feels better breaking my fasting with some fruits rather than some salad that is hard to digest! 🙂

  2. I am a big Fan of your blog! I’d like to know if your daily diet includes coffee? If yes, what times of the the day do you drink it?
    thank you for sharing your experiences

    • Thank you! 🙂 I don’t drink coffee (never have) so no it’s part of my diet. If you want to do intermittent fasting, you can still have coffee in the morning as long as you drink it black without milk or sugar. Because then it has zero calories. But preferably if you can wait with your coffee until noon that’s better.

  3. Keep us updated on your results, I would love to try this. I try to do intermittent fasting now, but I do have coffee in the morning, it is pure black coffee and it helps curb my appetite. I would hope I could still have this during the 10 day detox.

  4. Hi Anna.
    Just a comment worth mentioning.. The intermittent fasting (or any other fasting) is not recommended for ladies who are trying to get pregnant. The “fasting mode” is seen by the body as a possible scarcity of resources. As the pregnancy requires even more food than normally, it might want to protect itself by hindering pregnancy in females. Males have no such problem.
    Women who are not working on getting pregnant are fine to fast. This effect of fasting is temporary.
    Great job on your side Anna. Really like your blog.

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