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Why bother being a Trophy wife

24 October 2014


Trophy Wife

 Before I could understand girls who are searching for a rich husband, it is a pretty damn convenient way to take in life! Especially if you are broke and too lazy to sort out your financial future.

I mean really, It is such an easy road to take, and you do not even need to look like a model in order to succeed. You just do your homework, prep yourself and start hunting down every millionaire you cross path with.


Trophy Wife

You attract him with your looks and sex appeal, keep him always wanting more until you finally seal the deal – BAM – you’re sorted.

You may be lucky enough to marry him, give birth to a few kids (great insurance – hello child support, hello alimony!) and your life being a trophy wife is very comfortable having beauty treatments & shopping sprees as your main occupation.

#win :)


Trophy Wife

The reason why I could understand this “goal” before is because of this quote:

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you’re being miserable”


Trophy Wife

While I was hating my life, hating my job, hating my financial situation I could totally understand girls who chose to take the easy way out.

It is damn better being a “stay at home trophy wive” doing jack s##t rather than prostituting your soul at a job you hate – being both miserable and broke!

At least the trophy wives are not broke.

They might be miserable, but it is easily fixed with a little bit of retail therapy. (hey, it is not called that for nothing, why do you think all these women shop like maniacs? Shopaholic does have a deeper psychological meaning to it rather than what people call it “fashionista”). 


Trophy Wife

For some reason, I have never been able to walk this path myself.

And I am not trying to glorify myself here.

No, believe me – at times I have been wanting to take the easy way out because of the amount of misery I have felt within myself.

And I know I probably could have if I truly wanted to. But something in me has always made me to be put off by that lifestyle.


Trophy Wife


Sure it glimmers and it looks absolutely fabulous – in some cultures it is even classified as the absolute peak of your life if you manage to marry rich! Hooray!

But I know what I am truly obsessed about in life, and that weighs more than money:


That is Freedom.


Freedom to do whatever I want in life.


Trophy Wife

I know that there is no freedom if you marry rich. It sure may seem like it because you do not need to wake up to some shitty job each morning.

But you are still tied in chains to someones wallet. 

You are never free enough to say fuck you, I am breaking up with you – to the guy who is paying for your lifestyle.


Trophy Wife


Who will you be without his wallet?


How will you feel going back to the lifestyle you originally came from?

Will it be worth giving up that luxury lifestyle?

…Or would you rather shut your mouth, smile and let him do whatever he wants in your relationship?

Tell me?


Trophy Wife


Rich men know this of course.

And many of them take advantage of their golden positioning in the relationship.

They feel “wtf I am working my ass off while she is enjoying spending my money, fuck yeah she has to listen to what I say. What is she gonna do if we break up? She does not have her own money and I’m not going to pay for her once she leaves”.

Not a an uncommon phrase.


Trophy Wife

The man will always have the upper hand in the relationship – he has the dollars and you are just the pretty face who got it all for free.


Women of this kind rather sell their freedom than build their own wealth.


They give away their freedom so that they can live a pointless lifestyle filled with shopping sprees, beauty treatments and being lazy.

But taking action in their own hands, building their personal financial future  – yeah that is too much effort for them. sigh….


Business Babe

I am never going to go back to my miserable life before, doing something I hate.

I believe we do not have enough time in our lives to spend it doing what does not make us happy.

For this reason, I would also never take the “easy road”, finding myself a wealthy wallet – because those chains would suffocate me just as much!


Trophy Wife

I want freedom, I crave freedom – I do not want to be chained down to anyone!

Not to any Bosses or Rich Boyfriends!

I have two strong legs I can stand on my own with.

I have two hands I can create anything possible with.

I have one brain that is fully functioning,

I can there for fill my own wallet if I put all these elements together.


Business Babe

Business Babe is stronger than ever – Nobody puts baby in a corner!

Being in power, being in freedom has never felt better and I will make sure to keep on walking this path even those days it is a struggle!

It is not always an easy ride – but at least it is easier in the long run being in total control of my life rather than having someone controlling me.


Trophy Wife

As always, none of the people in these images have anything to do with the text. And there are exceptions to couples of this kind who live 100% happy & on genuine terms, just to clarify that I do not mean every one is like this. But unfortunately a majority does.


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16 Responses to “Why bother being a Trophy wife”

  1. Nicole says:

    “something in me has always made me to be put off by that lifestyle”
    hmm..may be you came from a well-mannered and moral family ; – ) :))
    I think it’s all about upbringing.

  2. lea says:

    Hi JB =]

    another extensive comment =] I have feeling that you sometimes read my mind! Maybe we go through the same life phase or we are almost the same age…
    many trophy wifes realize around 40 that they need to do something with their lives since their children will soon leave the nest and their looks will fade soon and forever,
    for the younger ones who realized that this will come some day they start their own businesses (warning not many wealthy guys want you to do so since they want to to be available to attend their needs like other attendees their are used to in their lives, so if you are going for trophy wife be clever than that and use this money for your benefit not just his = that you look good and so on, but study uni, set up your own business, dont just sit there pretty)
    but i can completely rely to this article, i come from average family sometimes up sometimes down, but not just because i have brains for it, but i worked and studied my ass off so I could have freedom in life!!! (I guess if I will have to I do not mind to slave at work rather than at my personal life) I couldnt help it, maybe it is my personality maybe it’s the age we live in, where we can choose to be and not to be, or I couldnt become my subservant mother (like many in my country are taught to be), this comes from within, this desire to be my own boss, my own person, but dont be mistaked it take lot of work lot of sacrifice and most of all you just cannot be one of those “statisfied” ppl

    I’ve seen many girls to take that path and marry some rich guy o lord how many stories i’ve heard about them cheating, hurting them, not giving them money…. and they learn to pretend not just in front of others they pretend to themselves, and for that you either need to be or soon become quite psychotic
    i just dont have this desire to be living lie, and i am not willing to take anybody’s shit, but once I did, I was convinced that this guy is meant for me and we can manage to become great together, he wasnt rich even he was lawyer he had many troubles but i was supporting him because in my mind I wanted US to succeed, the thing is once he understood that i am stronger, i was finishing my second master degree (becoming lawyer too….) and getting nicer body (i worked out and ate right) I was on the target list, i am not saying that this is about everybody, but what i learned from this experience is that i need some rich guy because guys have this imprint in their heads (not many are so wise and conscious) that they feel strong and good about themselves as providers and in that case they do not need to compete with me or against me like in my case (or have this need to sabotage me because of their fear that one i am “great” i will leave him) the one who will be happy for my achievements because they will be satisfied with their lives, I guess this is more complex than just money but still i realized that it doesnt have to be millionaire but he just needs to be well of to be able to handle me / sad but truth


  3. Mimie says:

    Another great post JB! (Y)

  4. Ari says:

    You completely nailed it. I once dated a guy who basically wanted me as a trophy wife.. at first I thought there was freedom in it.. not having to worry about anything. But this awful feeling kept gnawing at me and I realized what it was… I lacked TRUE freedom. I was controlled. Even my shopping sprees/treatments were mostly dictated by him! He wanted me to dress like this, act like this, look like this, etc. I felt like I was his little doll or something. With my perspective cleared up, I left him. Yes, financially it was harder.. but spiritually, it was priceless. Glad to see someone expose the real side to the majority of these relationships. :) Freedom is ALWAYS more valuable. Now I’m in school working my butt off for it and it feels so much more satisfying. Soon I’ll buy my own stuff. 😉

  5. Arianne says:

    Wow well said. My mother was a “trophy wife” as you would call it. She was married to my dad for 20+ years and they had kids together. My dad was very rich and he would control her with money all the time. Towards the end of the marriage, she would have to beg for money just to put gas in the car meanwhile he was still very very rich. When she left him, she had no education and little to no job experience. She got a house from the divorce and little to no alimony (she didn’t want to fight in court). She put herself through school and made something of herself. Of course, her life today isn’t what it was with my dad; lavish vacations, expensive gifts, fancy cars, etc. However, she says she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her life and would never ever go back to that lifestyle. I guess as you get older you realize whats really important in life.. and at the end of the day, its you’re happiness. Sometimes we seem to forget that we only have ONE life and that when we die, we won’t be buried with all our money and fancy clothes…

    • lea says:

      I just realized why I didnt want to date rich guy and hated money at the first place, i always looked for some artist soul or someone with whom I will build my future together,
      when you said that about your mother, of course my father …he tried to control me with money almost whole my teenage life even later, especially when he did something bad, he gave me money, or decided what part of my life to finance, if he didnt seem to find the same priority (not rational, just because…) in what i wanted he refused to finance it, this is somewhat exercise of power of the weak men (like my driving license or my uni were not important to him i guess becuase of the old school thinking that woman doesnt need to drive, another way how to make women to obey /my mother has driving license but she doesnt drive cause my fater does, but they were brought up this way so she doesnt mind, actually she is happy for him tu be this “man”/ omg sometimes i cannot believe in what we actually live in), i do not really know what exactly constitutes as trophy wife cause my mother worked as a kindergarten teacher when they met and become director in some point in her life, but admittedly she was very pretty
      what bothers me more is that younger generation is partially free from this structure but the other part doesnt even realize that there is something wrong with it, since they seen their parents or whoever to act this way and they do not know any other (I mean the man to exercise his “power” with money or not be able to coexist with strong independent woman in partnership not just in cohabitation)

      • lea says:

        just to complete the story, my parents are together for 32 yrs and it wasnt always pleasant, but my mother got sick and doesnt work for 7 yrs already and at the end she doesnt mind, cause her “big macho man” does all the shopping, all the driving, he gives her pocket money…
        and yes my father never told me “I love you” (as an excuse, they are post war children, for them it was normal not to show emotions) he gave me money instead… so there you have it at the end I am the one with daddy issues =]]]
        sometimes i do not believe i am from the same family, since i refuse to exist in such manner

  6. Lovelyme says:

    Well,you can’t say that are all the same.I’ve seen many happy marriages even if the husbands were very rich. And as example of 2 trophy wives, Leyla Milani and Jennifer Stano.They have super rich husbands but they are crazy about them,made beautiful babies and i’m sure they are really happy. Maybe we want to believe that money dosen’t buy happiness but also doesn’t no money :))

    • Ari says:

      Agreed.. but those were relationships based on love most likely. It’s not that money causes problems, but when the lifestyle is more of a priority than the love and connection between the two people, it’s definitely a concern. This post seems to be focusing on the men who are actively searching for a trophy wife or vice versa to fulfill an image or criteria of living. Of course there are many many many couples who are living like this and are happily in love.. and probably would be even if they lost all that money.. because they fell in love and the money was just a bonus to them. In other words: It’s not the money, it’s the mindset about the money. (PS looove Leyla Milani :D)

      • lea says:

        i guess many either didnt taste love yet or gave up on it, since honestly in my case, the guys who wanted me to be “trophy wife”, you could tell they didnt love me, i would just perfectly fit their picture of “perfect” couple especialy for his parents (because of education and reputation) i was very suitable and for his colleagues and friends because of the looks,
        and also any of the ppl I know and i know them a lot and many of them are educated young women are not in love, do not love the significant other, their objective is somewhere else, they do not care about the other half, mostly they care about their lifestyle and kids, they attend parties, balls jet are not happy when it comes to their true feelings, cause of personal emptiness especially when the one fulfilling part of their life – kids – will leave

  7. Ms J says:

    I have no shade for those type of relationships. I’ve seen enough women who felt trapped and controlled in poor relationships. Those unions are often more violent and volatile. If I felt like rich and miserable and poor and miserable were my only available choices, I’d choose rich and miserable any day.

    But I could never marry purely for money for one simple reason only; I love love! 😀

    Years of chick flicks has made me into a hopeless romantic. If I married for money, I would be closing the opportunity to meet someone who truly makes me happy, someone who feels like my rock to lean on and shoulder to cry on. The one person on earth I feel like I can bare everything with, mind, body, & soul, and still feel loved and understood. That is something money will never buy. I need a partner to survive this crazy f**cked up world, not a business deal.

    Plus, a man like that would never marry me anyway. Simply because, I’m too strong minded of a woman. My dominant personality would turn him off. I’d just never allow a man, rich or poor, to control me.

    • Joe says:

      Wow this website has really opened my eyes to true strong women are out there. I’m studying psychology especially study positive psychology. I always wanted to understand women who subject themselves to this lifestyle. These stories are amazing. Gives me hope that one day i can find a beautiful woman and have brains. The brains part is important to me. I’ve experienced a deep connection with someone before and I’m looking for that again. Good stories

  8. lea says:

    i just sport one line “at least trophy wives are not broke” what US crisis taught us is, that yes most of them went broke =[, but if they were pretty enough and ruthless enough, took desperate measures to resolve their situation through another marriage they are for sure not broke by now, but for those who were somehow involved in the business or have too many children/ too old or really loved their husband not to abounded him…you do the math

  9. Maria says:

    WOW, this is just what I’m thinking since a loooon time!!
    Sometimes I think “what the fuck, just get the shit out of here and grab some fucking rich guy and marry him”. But on the other side it’s more important to me to be free. I wanna have it both, the money and the freedom. I don’t know if we are lying to ourselves and just want more that is actually possible. Maybe we can’t have everything? Again and again the same miserie …

  10. YOU post so dumb articles about things YOU do not know about. A lot of men looks at me as a trophywife and its because of my looks. But I will also tell YOU that I have graduate in beautyschool and economics and I started three companies.
    Men actually like smart independent women in my country. And they look at me as a trophywife is because they want to take care of me!!! Not controlling me. I have all the freedom that I never had in a “normal” relationship!!!

  11. Anastasia says:

    It depends on a wife, really. If the girl is ok with doing nothing but spending her husbands money, she deserves to be controlled and left on a curb when her looks fade and her husband moves on to someone younger. On the other hand, if the girl is smart, she will not only enjoy luxury and money being a trophy wife gives her, but also do something worthy- go to school, learn and get skills. That would not only make her life more fulfilling, but also make her husband cherish her more (it’s way more interesting to be married to a woman who has a career or does something useful instead of just being a pretty face).

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