Ugly Dior Shoes

12 November 2014


Dior Ugly Shoe Fall 2014


Dior Ugly Shoe collection 2014bottomline


Is it a PR trick? Or is Dior just taking the piss out of all the fashionistas who buy in to this crap?

Tons of shoes in the Cruise collection of fall 2014 seemed to me like a joke.

But it started already in the spring 2014 collection with this amazing piece of art. (picture above/below)

What is it btw? A bizarre sock? A sneaker with glitter flowers?

No matter what, I keep seeing it on many Jet set Babe feet and ask myself – REALLY??

Isn’t there ANYTHING else to spend money on rather than something that looks like a walking sock?


Dior Ugly Shoe Fall 2014


But yeah, they say people have different taste :) Would really like to meet this people with this taste. Feel free to get in touch :)
Dior Ugly Shoe Fall 2014


Dior Ugly Shoe Fall 2014


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6 Responses to “Ugly Dior Shoes”

  1. lea says:

    omg =]]]] you made my day, they should be called “fashion victim shoe” the first ones look like ladybird in white, once i owned this sneaker shape, i must admit it was comfortable but with this glitter on? seriously?? =]] Dior was once classy but they are running out of PR ideas i suppose
    the other one should be called “american tourist in paris shoe” and marketed as such =]]]]]]
    this is beyond taste, its beyond comprehension

  2. Nat. says:

    Big no for me. Speaking of shoes, could you give more inspirations look of shoes or boots, for winter? I live in a very cold place right now, but I’m running out of idea’s. I know that over-knees boots is very popular this year, but i want more of (cowboys) boots or practical shoes?

    Have a good day.

  3. Jutka says:

    Yikes! Those are hideous! Are familiar with the story “the Emperors new clothes?” Dior is now making fun of the fashionistas, no?

  4. Nikolina says:

    ‘What is it btw? A bizarre sock? A sneaker with glitter flowers?’ Haha, I died 😀 I couldn’t believe it when I saw Chiara Ferragni wearing one of those… I guess when wearing this shoe it’s about turning heads… Not the good kind of ones… It’s a big (hell) no for me too.

  5. I agree, the white ones on the top look awful, however in black they don’t look too bad, check them out and let me know what you think!

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