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Travelling + Going to the gym

20 July 2015



Happy Monday to everyone!

The first thing on my agenda today: GYM!

And I’m doing this because I’m travelling right now (visiting my grand parents) and need to test myself – can I actually have the discipline to work out even when holidaying around? I think so actually.

I managed to find a gym not far away from their home, which offers weekly memberships, so I’m good to go!

Did my usual cardio and glute work out, and I feel so much better. Can’t wait to go tomorrow. In fact, I’m going to sleep a little bit earlier today so I can rise and shine and be ready to rock’n’roll. Maybe everything else I’ve always said was only excuses? Maybe working out while travelling is not that complicated after all? We’ll see :).


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2 Responses to “Travelling + Going to the gym”

  1. Rachel says:

    What does your cardio and glutes workout consist of?

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