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27 February 2015



Me and my girlfriend have been this entire week residing in a 5 star luxury resort. 

An interesting learning hit me of how easy it is as young girls to find rich men at places like this.

I’m personally not looking for that, neither is my friend – this was going to be a girl’s trip, just me and her, yet we keep getting the attention from all the single traveling men that are staying here. And yes, there are quite a few of them surprisingly!


A tip to Money hunters


These men have so far been very polite, respecting and giving us proper gentlemen treatment. We’re not giving them any attention, but I guess us being the only girls here (who are not coupled up with someone) we have all the playing field to ourselves.



Obviously the attention is nice and all that, but for me and my friend, we’re not interested. We’ve even got an offer for full financial help from a very kind man, but we of course immediately declined that offer. However it made me think of those girls who are money hunters, should check in to a resort and just start fishing. This seems clearly to be a good spot! 😉


 A tip to Money hunters

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13 Responses to “Tip to Money hunters”

  1. Henna says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you’re aware that your blog was showing some bandwidth errors few days ago? Also, I’ve read a lot of your old posts but page 324 and older it says “Error 404: Not found”. I love your blog, I find it very inspiring, especially all the outfit photos!
    xoxo Greetings from Finland!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I smell bullshit. Such a vapid and shallow website, this is literally the dumbest shit I have ever seen or read in my life. How the fuck did I end up on a dipshit site like this one? I only wish I could take back the two minutes of my life spent reading this post, and the additional minute I took to even bother leaving a comment. Sad excuses for humanity. Hey jetsetter bitches- instead of spending so much money on name-brand materialistic shit and enhancing your fugly plastic faces- why not contribute something to the world other than superficial posts and instagram pictures?

    • Olivia says:

      Well you should regret the other 2 minutes typing the comment too because that rude and stupid comment is unwelcome here. you must have nothing else better to do in your life commenting on stuff you don’t like. poor you ugly brain (and maybe face too)

    • Mischa says:

      Surprisingly, your judgemental and ironic comment (how criticizing a lifestyle you clearly do not understand contributes to this world? *rhetorical question, fyi*) was pure enlightenment. The REAL issue here is how in hell do we allow this society, OUR society (wealthy or not, you and I are responsible for it) to promote happiness through a materialistic lifestyle whereas those women’s “shopaholic behaviors” clearly prove their UNHAPPINESS (generally speaking of course)?The only difference between those trophy wives and the average women is that those women’s spending manners seem much more extravagant into “average eyes”. It isn’t the norm for a “50h+/week slave working woman/daugther/mother” to buy a 10 000$ dress when she feels EMPTINESS within her soul… The real issue is the void felt on both sides by those women. One will perhaps breakdown and migh get support from relatives but on the other hand, that trophy wife knows she will be judge by people like you. She knows she is NOT allowed to breakdown because she “technically has everything”. I despite people who not only are incapable to understand a concept but allow themselves to throw stones at it. That said, I am profoundly outraged that you never question the role of men in such situation. I do not recall reading any words referring to men being in a “power play” position. It reminds me of Sugar Daddies and Sugar babies: women are ALWAYS easily pointed out as if it was a one way stream. No, Miss/Sir, life doesn’t work that way. If there’s a “materialistic bitch” then there’s a man somewhere feeding her “shallow needs”. Everyone has their misery and deals with it differently. Unfortunately, many “average buyers” cannot even afford what they buy without putting themselves in debt. To the very least, the trophy wife spends money that is there and doesn’t keep her husband or kids from fulfilling their BASIC needs by purchasing what they cannot afford in order to live “the dreamed life”. Some hide their unhappiness behind average purchases, others buy the newest of Valentino. In the end: do not mock/judge a pain you haven’t endured, no matter how golden its chains may appear.

    • lilly says:

      then why are you here? if you don’t like it, go ahead and move along, hun

    • Reha says:

      May i ask how much have you contributed to the humanity or society.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can make a much more lasting effect by using your precious time to “jetset” yourselves to other places and do humanitarian missions instead of going gold digging. Money and fancy shit in pictures won’t mean a thing when you’re dead. We come from all different walks of life, but in the end we will end up in the same place- rotting in the ground.Think on that while you’re on the table and your doctor once again slices your faces for “beauty”.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you dont like it then leave! What’s the point of trashing her website? YOU can go do all the humanitarian work that you want. Some of us love the materialistic, jet setting lifestyle. Thanks JetSetBabe! Love your site and hope you’re enjoying Bali. Ignore these trashy anons trying to bring you down.

    • Bibi says:

      You sound poor as fuck
      You can value money in a mate and care for the environment or whatever faux ‘i’m such a nice person’ interests you claim to have.

  4. Evelina says:

    Hahaha! Måste bara säga att jag älskar din blogg. Kul att du är svensk förresten också, hade det faktiskt lite på känn 😉 Flyttar till LA i augusti, men under tiden söker jag all inspiration och vardagsflykt från ett vintrigt Sverige, och din blogg är en av favoriterna. Keep up the good work!

  5. GG says:

    Live and let live. Live and let live.

  6. Deedee says:

    What was the name of luxury resort or hotel u were? :)

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