The Palace Sliema Review

12 June 2014

The Palace Hotel Sliema

The Palace Sliema Review

I just came back from Malta, where I stayed at The Palace in Sliema which is a lovely boutique feel 5 star hotel.

Traveling is one of my biggest passions in life, and half of what makes the trip is the accommodation. For this reason I try and stay at 5 star hotels as often as possible, not because of the “it’s image” but because of the treatment & service you get.

The Palace Hotel Sliema

The Palace gave me the excellent comfort I require,

there was absolutely nothing that could have made me home sick or feel discomfort – In fact I wish I could have remained sleeping in their comfortable beds forever! I feel so rested coming back, and it’s thanks to the high quality accommodation.

The first thing I do when arriving to a new hotel room is to inspect the view.

For me I need a balcony otherwise I feel crammed in my personal space. The view from my hotel room was absolutely stunning – panoramic sea view accompanied with the charming cities of Malta. When I was waking up each morning – I would just stand on the balcony for a few minutes, admiring the silent city and absorbing the morning tranquillity I so require.

The Palace Hotel Sliema

It’s so important how you start your day, especially when it comes to the breakfast.

I’m quite a picky eater as I’m vegetarian but I still found plenty of options not to mention one of the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had! Perfectly moist, not too dry! I never manage to make scrambled eggs like that myself. For this reason I do love the 5 star hotel breakfast, as there’s always quality food – never disappointing!

The Palace Hotel Sliema

During my stay in Malta I spent a lot of my time at the hotel for various reasons.

I discovered their roof top infinity pool with – again – a panoramic sea view (It’s absolutely stunning). I literally moved up there to one of the deck chairs, ordering rosé and absorbing the sun like a D-vitamin addict.

My friends were really impressed with my tan since I got back, I was only away a few days but now am chocolate brown. I wonder if it’s because I was sunbathing on a roof top and the skin absorbs the sun more intensely? Either way I’m loving my new tan, hope it lasts for a while ☺

The Palace Hotel Sliema

Great Wi-Fi!

Another nice thing when you hang by the pool is having excellent internet connection. My goodness, why don’t more hotels think about the importance of powerful Wi-Fi?

I had super fast broadband everywhere I went; in my room, on the balcony, by the pool, in the breakfast area & even in the bathroom (haha). Loved the fact that you don’t need to sign in, pay or create any form of account to be able to use the Wi-Fi. Wish more hotels could have that type of service for true internet addicts like myself.

The Palace Hotel Sliema

To summarize I’d recommend anyone who goes to Malta to pay The Palace a visit.

Their rooms are absolutely lovely, some are designer suites with fantastic decoration. My favorite is the Flavors suite, simply because I’m a big fan of the 50’s era.

But really, pay them a visit because of their service. Their staff are so friendly, making you feel welcome & well taken care of. For me it’s those small details that makes the entire stay feel top notch and just the way I believe a 5 star hotel should be like.

The Palace Hotel Sliema

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  1. Tiny jet setter says:

    Dear jet set babe , I really would like to thank you for coming up with such a good blog, I wish I knew about it a couple of years ago , I could have learnt a thing or two about how this world really works. I am a private jet flight attendant and your blogs are oh so very true … About Russian girls, how sugar daddy’s toss you aside once they’re done etc etc. I was also very surprised to see your article about our lovely hotel at the Palace in Sliema , I’m glad that you enjoyed it . Let me know if you are ever back on our little island , maybe I can show you around, that is, if I am there 😉 . Thanks again for all the insights !!

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