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The bitchy side of Jetset World

16 December 2015


 Jetset Babes


Lately I’ve seen a lot of the bitchy side in the jetset world…

Some of these girls seriously need to take a chill pill. The way they look at each other like predators, you can see their animal instincts coming out while dollar bills are shining through those evil eyes.

Worst is when men are part of a group and women fight for the richest of them. Some girls go very aggressive, like there is no shame or mercy in this world. It’s very interesting to watch, but also quite entertaining. I’m one of those who never bother getting involved.

The type of bitchy girl I’m describing exist quite frequently in the jetset world. She see’s women as her enemies, as her competition. She will be fake to you, if needed she will stab you in the back. It’s all about her and the game. How to accelerate best in the game to her benefit. No matter if it’s about snatching the richest guy or become “best friends” with you so she can benefit of whatever it is that you can provide.


Jetset Babes


I have a Russian friend who knows personally a lot of the Jetset Babes I blog about.

A good example is one of the Jetset Babes I feature most on this blog (sorry don’t want to mention names), is a total bitch in real life. This girl has obviously made well for herself materialistically, but the reason for that is because she is ready to walk all over you if that’s what it takes.

Unfortunately I have noticed that there is a certain type of rich men who love girls of this kind. They loooove the bitches! They love anything that feels a bit complicated, a bit like an adventure. Sometimes being nice makes you boring in their eyes.

Too bad for me, but I don’t care in this case. I hate bitchyness, I don’t want negative energy, I actually want everyone to be friends no matter how naive this may sound! 



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25 Responses to “The bitchy side of Jetset World”

  1. JSETFAN says:

    You speak the truth sister.
    Just like the saying goes- nice guys finish last, nice girls finish last also.
    So is it better to be loved or envied?
    I guess it all comes down to priorities and values/morals.

  2. Y says:

    Maybe that Russian jtbabe is O.M.? :)

  3. Gracie says:

    Russian girls are brutal. Western Euros often don’t understand their mentality and very often for Russians themselves they don’t consider their own behaviour bitchy at all. In their context it’s pretty normal and standard behaviour. Russian girls are born to be brutal; the weather conditions are harsh, the Russian economy is even harder and the lack of eligible men in Russia make girls compete at a very young age. Also, stealing and using any means necessary is also often a character trait among Russians. (This has already historical roots to Russian culture) One more character trait that is totally lost on Russians is feeling any shame, I have never met a Russian who has felt ashamed. Never. They just do what they have to do for themselves. I often view Russian girls as little soldiers riding tanks and they just mow over anyone and anything (and it’s totally your own fault if you got on the way) in order to reach their goals. There are also milder and nicer Russian girls out there but they usually don’t aspire to the jetset world, but even they have a character. Ps. Also, Russians know they are beautiful, it’s a fact that has not gone unnoticed for them, and they use their feminine skills to the max at the beginning of capturing their prey, they know how to be oh so sweet, sweet like the sweetest candy and once the prey has been captured and has settled the temper and character of the Russian girl emerges. From then on- it’s only give me, give me, give me and the man is very lucky to get anything in return at all.

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Thanks Gracie once again for your very interesting comment!
      May I ask, how do you mean that they act sweet as candy in the beginning? As in innocent, shy and cute, or?

      • Gracie says:

        The word for it in Russian is милая (milaya), sometimes said as милая девушка (milaya devushka). In translation it mean sweet/nice girl but in the Russian language the intonation is often stronger, it’s not as easy to translate to get the same meaning. In general, the girls get this personality trait, in my opinion, through genetics and it runs in the culture in general being also linked to history etc. Russian girls know how to flatter any man initially, this also involves being ultra feminine, sweet, cute etc. They know how to make the man feel like a tsar and in return these men also reprociate financially or through gifts. I personally, think this ability comes from the fact that Russia has been very patriarchal society. Russians don’t waste their energy on endless small talk and being polite in every corner, which you notice the British are very good at. It’s because Russians (both men and women alike) are good at communicating with mannerism, gestures, they sense the other persons energy also very well. In a way they often have an ability to sense or see-through the other person on the first meeting, they seem to have a built- in x-Ray vision. (They immediately tend to sense if the man they meet is worth their time, they know pretty much from the beginning what are the other person’s weaknesses and strengths. They sense any hidden agenda very well also. Russian girls often use subtle tricks to test the man and calculate their next move from the reaction and action the man gives them in return. ) Some Russians are better at this than others but in general, I think the girls who have chosen the jetset lifestyle have mastered these skills to the max and that’s why the men also get hooked. I would also add a video from an old Russian movie, Moscow Does not Believe in Tears (I also recommend digging around the Internet for English subtitled version, it’s a great movie and has even won an Oscar back in the day) In this clip you can see the interaction very well. The woman is Lydmilla and she moved to Moscow from provincial Russia in order to find a man of status and marry him. She did find such a man and married but unfortunately the man lost his career and began drinking heavily. She is now older and divorced but her hope of finding a new man of status and importance has not died on the way, even though she now works in dry cleaners. Here is the link:
        Also, notice how she flirts with saying very little and how quickly her actions and mood changes, when she finds out the man is already married- she actually quite rudely tells the woman that there is not enough paper for packing their clothes.

        • JetsetBabe says:

          Thank you for your great insights as usual! I would love to do a post about russian women and their techniques, would it be possible to email with you some questions?

          • JetsetBabe says:

            Thanks I will delete this comment cause u will get loads of spam otherwise :)

          • Ava says:

            Actually, jetsetbabe and Gracie, I would LOVE to read a book about this subject! I’ve known and met several Russian and women from countries Russia-adjacent who are very skilled at being sexy and attracting men, and also noticed that they are never ashamed or make any kind of apologies when they have engaged in cut-throat behavior or even somewhat illegal activities. I’m really fascinated by this subject. I’d like to learn the insider beauty techniques and philosophies of these women for myself. I don’t want to engage in their bad behavior, but would just like to know what it is that makes them “tick”, so to speak.

    • lea says:

      agreed and u can say this asbout eastern euro as well …

  4. Agreed says:

    I agree the russian women are brutal.. Never seen russian girl/ women not being brutal, rude, loud..
    I am afraid to go to wc in club if there are russian girls.. They can start talk to u, offend u, beat u if ur prettier than her..
    They may threat u because of guy..
    They act friends with girls but realitty hate them cause they compete with each other..

    There is no friendship between girls..

  5. steven says:

    I know this topic very well from living in New York. The aggressiveness comes from the Russian culture and history. The Russians had a very hard past with war, invasions, communism and poverty. They had to fight to survive and many families are broken and have alcohol abuse. The women are very competitive and learn how to attract and seduce men at early age; and do it very well! They always dress perfectly, know all the spots and network. They can steal a man from any Western lady and any time and make western women look bad and inferior. I’m not saying all Russian women are this way or the culture is bad, in many ways the have a rich history and should be respected. I’m married to An Eastern European women and she is very strong, independent and beautiful.

  6. C says:

    The personalities described in above comments is nothing to be proud of and nothing to aspire to in my opinion.

  7. Kasia says:

    I’m an eastern european girl living in us. It’s true that if we’re beautiful( and not all eastern european girls are) we know about it. But I wouldn’t say all of us are bitches. I consider myself beautiful and I absolutely despise girsl who think they are better than anyone just because nature was genrous with them. Truth is that there is a lot of girls who are simply jelous if they see prettier girl, and being bich sometimes mean protecting yourself. My point is- don’t judge book by it’s cover. Cliché but how so true.
    Btw I absolutely adore your blog. Good job:)

    • Gracie says:

      I am also Eastern European and I don’t consider myself a bitch. Also, people seem to forget that Eastern Europe also consists of variety of countries, which although, have similar communist history, also have their own distinctive history, culture and characteristics. Estonians differ quite a bit from the Lithuanians, for instance, their personalities and character is different even by their genetics. (Estonians are Finno-ugric, while Lithuanians are Balts) Same goes by Romanians and Polish etc Polish people are for instance one of the most hard-working people I have met. Same goes regarding Russia, as it’s a big country with vast regions. Somebody from the far end of Siberia is different to somebody else from St. Petersburg. If you go to Russia and meet a simple girl from the provinces, she is possibly not as bitchy as a Russian girl who has made it to London or New York with an agenda of settling for a jetset lifestyle. It all comes down to the individual person in general. Not all Russian/Eastern European women aspire to jet setting, either. But the jetset world in general is a bitchy environment.

  8. Russian girl says:

    I am jealous if i see prettier girl and i automaticaly want to compete and be better than her.
    I can’t help with it. Its nature. I will talk bad about girls i feel danger or if i feel unsecure.
    I always want be the best.
    My friend told me to stop compare myself ro everyone else, but simply its inpossible.

    That makes me unhappy as well. I cant have real friends cause i will always somehow get jealous if she look better or get bigger sucess..

    Its russian blood. :(

    I am never good enought with myself.. Want improve and improve to pick up selfconfidence..

    Maybe im unsecure person..
    Maybe its because i have all the rest russian sharks around me..

    Im sure rich sucessful people dont care if they have better car, clothes, face etc..
    Just people who been poor try to prove others they can be better than others..

    • Anonymous says:

      Russian girl,

      You sound like a great person and has pride. Never compare yourself to someone else because first looks can be deceiving. Just be the best every day and find ways to further yourself personally and professionally. Remember you can’t buy class and style comes from within.

  9. goldenchain says:

    Gracie hit the nail on the head- russian girls are almost psychic about sussing people out and reading situations so that they know how to respond- its unnerving.

    in England girls are taught the most important thing is to be ”nice” and well liked look at pippa middleton- she comes across as very very nice. so women do not like to dress up in case they attract jealousy from other women, they are self deprecating and put themselves down and drink more than they want because of pressure from other girls to fit in even though it makes them look sloppy and drunk.

    to be honest when a girl is too nice it makes her look superficial and cheap- like she will be friends with anyone because she is desperate to be liked not because she has a special connection with them. i get on much much better with russian and eastern european girls because they have more depth of character and enjoy being feminine and i know they will not be embarassingly drunk when we go out.

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Your comment about the english girls, I can very much relate to! I also prefer eastern euros, somehow I find myself having more in common with them than the Brits.

      • steven says:

        Eastern Euros are so sexy and pretty; I prefer them over the Western ladies. Overall they know what they want and are very driven.

        • Russian girl says:

          I am Russian and don’t agree with the views here. Driven in terms of being a golddigger? If you go down the rich list, how many of the richest men in the world are married to bimbos exactly? Not Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or most other rich men. Look at the woman Mark Zuckerberg is married to! He could have any girl he wanted. At the end of the day it is vain and insecure men who attract vain and insecure women, Russian or English.

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