Thank you for your feedback

08 October 2015



I really appreciate all the great feedback I received to the post: My idea for the future.


Thank you guys!


This year I’ve had very little motivation with running this blog.

I’ve been very close on shutting the entire thing down, but somehow I’ve always changed my mind in the very last moment. Instead I took the decision to not update very often, which is something that you’ve complained about in the feedback. Don’t worry, this will change of course. I have finally new energy with the blog, it’s concept and my plans for the future. I’m hoping to get some contributors that will make this blog easier to maintain, so the level of updates will go back to it’s normal course.

Keep on adding feedback on topics you want to read about!



I’ve removed most of the offtopic posts here and moved them to my new blog.

However it’s still under construction, so it might take a little while before I reveal the address to my personal little diary. I will keep on writing about self-improvement, motivation and all that stuff over there, mixed with my personal journey in London. Maybe I’ll start posting my own photos too. :)

Today I’m moving to my new flat.

It feels great that a new chapter is laying ahead. My internet will get installed on Monday (so I’m wifi-less until then), and after I will have all the time in the world to focus on my writing, projects and creativity. I will promise you that this blog is getting the needed facelift it’s been screaming for. Not only content wise, but also in it’s appearance and technical issues. It’s time to re-groom and improve!

Thanks for the support and keep on commenting! Much love.



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3 Responses to “Thank you for your feedback”

  1. Ellie says:

    Can’t wait to read your online diary!!! Congrats on finding a new home and all the best for This new chapter in your life. You’re such an inspiration! xx

  2. Miss Rose says:

    Great news! I love your blog especially the fashion and beauty posts. I saw you mentioned that you wanted to get contributors and this is something I would be interested in as well as editing. Please let me know if you would like to discuss further.

  3. Marly says:

    aah hope you are doing oke girl :( I can understand that sometimes motivation will slack a bit but don’t worry. take your time and your health and mind is the most important right!
    Do you have another blog? And I am super excited to read your personal blog.
    I have been here years ago but then i got so busy and didn’t read anymore but I have a lot to catch up! I love it and hope to be a jetset girl too but I want to earn it with my own hands :D:D

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