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29 October 2015



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8 Responses to “Selfie Babe”

  1. Evelina says:

    I am deeply facinated by Russian culture. I can remeber you writing once that you are as well, so if you want to write more about that then that would be really appreciated, at least by me.
    Russian culture etc is truly interesting, and when you have posted something about Russia, Russian women etc the comment have also been really contributing and fun to read. Russians seem to have a certain strenght about the way they carry themselves. Maybe it’s just me but I genuinely find it facinating. Sometimes I think that I’ve lived in Russia in a previous life, haha..

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I would love to learn about Russian culture ! And how russian women do to be this beautiful !

    • Crystal says:

      Same! I think Russian women are so beautiful and interesting. Just in general Russia is very interesting because they have such a rich culture. I loved taking Russian history.

  2. Ana says:

    update about the Keratintreatment? :) PLEASE!

  3. ANONYMOUS says:

    I agree, Russian culture is very unique and interesting; would love to read more about it. Russian women have this certain confidence and sexiness in the way that they carry themselves; it’s very sophisticated and attractive.

    It would also be interesting to find what career paths these women take, meaning what they commonly study or what are the most common business ventures that they go into. Iv’e seen a few women owning nail salons and being fashion designers.

    Love your blog xx

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Love your website! Could you make another guide, like the one you previously made?

  5. steven says:

    I live in New York and Russian culture is alive and well. These women are very beautiful, driven; and sophisticated. They take pride in themselves and enjoy life to the fullest. I my opinion Eastern European women are very chic and always look their best!

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