On the arm of a Jetset Babe

27 October 2015



We know by now that designer bags are the must have status symbols on the arm of a Jetset Babe. But today I would like to pay attention to two other game players in terms of status: the watch and the bracelet.


The watch


There are many expensive brands for female watches: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Cartier, Bulgari, Tag Heuer, Chopard etc.

The most common watch on the arm of a Jetset Babe is probably “Rolex Lady Datejust watch”. But if one would ever want to buy a watch as an investment, anything by Patek Philippe is a good choice. From a re-seller point of view, Rolex and Patek Philippe watches have higher second hand value than for example a watch like Hublot.


Rolex Lady Datejust Watch

Rolex Lady Datejust Watch


Patek Philippe Twenty Watch

Patek Philippe Twenty Watch





The bracelet


The three most common bracelets on the arm of a Jetset Babe are by far:

1. The Love bracelet by Cartier.


Love bracelet by Cartier

Love bracelet by Cartier


2. The “Juste un clou” bracelet by Cartier


Juste en Clou bracelet by Cartier

Juste en Clou bracelet by Cartier


3. The alhambra bracelet by Van Cleef.


Alhambra bracelet by Van Cleef

Alhambra bracelet by Van Cleef


All of these bracelets come in different variations depending on the price. It all depends if you get the simple gold with no diamonds, or if you do diamonds and white gold etc. The price can climb to 10-20k per bracelet. But all Cartier bracelets start from about £4k or $USD 6k.


Cartier Love Bracelet


Cartier Love Bracelet




If a Jetset Babe ever get lucky being showered in gifts, then the best opportunity is to put handbags (classic ones like Hermés & Chanel), watches and jewellery on this wish list. Because these items have high re-selling value if one day comes when the wheel of fortune is not rolling the way it used to. Just something to keep in mind.


Cartier Love Bracelet


What do my reader think about female watches and jewellery? What is a must have, what is a good investment and what to stay away from?


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9 Responses to “On the arm of a Jetset Babe”

  1. Sandrine says:

    Bling! Bling! Have them all!

  2. steven says:

    Ladies, it’s very important to have a beautiful watch. Men will always check out what watch you are waring and it’s a great conversation starter. I have worked in the watch industry for a few years and can tell you personally that Rolex makes the best! Also, it’s probably one of the few watches that hold their resale value.

    • C says:

      I don’t personally care for watches; they’re not too useful. Maybe because I’m an engineer so common sense and practicality transcend all other reasons for buying things. But I have read that a Seiko generally keeps time better. Not only that, but Rolex isn’t even the best watch but it’s the most known. Kind of like how Apple products aren’t that great but it’s popular so followers will buy it.

      Now if you’re really trying to impress someone as most Rolex buyers are, wouldn’t you want to buy a Patek Philippe instead?

  3. Kim says:

    Very pretty! I have a blue Rolex submariner which I love and maybe that cartier love bracelet will come too one day, who knows

  4. Chloé says:

    Hi jetsetbabe! First of all i looove your blog and i’ve been reading it for quite a long time. :) my question is, if you can recommend me some nice winterjackets (like duvetica or moncler) but which are not that expensive but look like they are! haha because i’m still very young and can’t afford such a high price :) thanks in advance, have nice day!! x

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your blog is awesome! Definitely my fav. Thank you and never stop :-)

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