Olesya Malinskaya’s Diet

12 December 2014



Olesya Malinskaya has a great body, and it’s to no surprise she keeps a strict diet & fitness regime. But to those who are curious about what she eats, here is what she has to say:

Olesya says that she did a big diet transformation in the beginning of summer 2014 after she watched documentaries on youtube which showed what certain foods actually do to the body & health. She now keeps a diet where she avoids pasta, red meat, milk, potatoes and bread. However she does allow herself on a rare occasion to have a plate of pasta but mostly she is sticking to her diet.



She claims to never eat sweets anymore, instead she treats herself with nuts, honey and dried fruit.

However, she does admit she’s had a few times where she couldn’t resist to indulge in something sweet, but immediately after punished herself by power walking on her treadmill (which she has comfortably standing in her livingroom) to lose those calories.




Olesya did this diet change not only because she wants to keep her body in shape, but because of the negative impact to the health many of these products cause. She mentions it affects the body’s immunity system and ruins the skin plus much more.

I personally think it’s a great move of Olesya because she is right with what she says – those products does affect the health in a negative way. Especially animal products and everything processed!

Watching informative documentaries is a great tip if you want to change your lifestyle and diet! This is exactly what happened when I changed my eating habits, thanks to the various documentaries I watched! It works, it motivates you but it also gives you a BIG reality check of what the hell it is that we put in our mouths.

The reason why people keep eating all the bad stuff is because they don’t realise what it actually contains. Once you realise you might not be so eager to take a bite of that that chemically treated/GMO/tortured animal full of meds etc.

A great way to keep both planet and your figure in good shape :) #winwin



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10 Responses to “Olesya Malinskaya’s Diet”

  1. Laia says:

    Well it’s good for her and good for you that you stopped eating those foods, I know exactly how bad they are but I don’t want to stop eating most of them. If I had to chose the 3 things I cannot live without after water there would be bread and milk. Plus, there are plenty of things that are bad for our bodies that we still eat and take, for example most chemical medicines.

  2. lea says:

    Hi JB, welcome back!!! I am sure that you had a great time, but i am happy that i can read your new post =] while you were away she just posted her diet tip on the instagram not sure if you noticed ( i also like clean eating portion control diet i think its the best way to eat and one should listen to his own body

    • lea says:

      here is translation of here post
      Tips and sports nutrition
      swimming and yoga
      3 times a week fitness (twice fitness, once cardio 1 hour)
      My personal diet rules:
      a lot of water 1.5 – 2 liters
      avoid milk (you can have a cappuccino), because milk prevents the absorption of nutrients
      avoiding products made from flour, pasta and potatoes (sometimes durum pasta may be permitted)
      avoiding red meat
      separating carbohydrates and protein!
      lots of vegetables (eggplant, sweet potato, tomato) and fruits (grapes, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple), smoothies, max 1-2 cups per day, otherwise there is a lot of sugar
      loves cereals: lentils, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, barley – of these cereals can lose weight, make a porridge of them (granola) by combining all together and adding nuts
      acidophilic products (kefir, curd!), but in any event not low fat, even if you are on a diet!
      for dinner I prefer seafood (raw, grilled or steamed) with vegetables (asparagus, artichokes, spinach)
      Sweet interchanged with fruit (strawberries, dried fruit, honey, hot chocolate with cocoa beans)
      small portions and long chewing

      I have a problem with not drinking a milk i feel i have too much milk protein based food but do not know yet how to get rid off it, the thing is probably that i do not eat that much meat based protein (only for lunch) I should start with seafood for dinner as she does (now i eat egg, cottage cheese, yogurt) what is your advice?
      i like that she said that she eats lentils – there is so much protein also in beans so one doesnt have to eat that much of a meat everyday =]

      • lea says:

        and at the end she says that is difficult for her too or something like that, not sure exactly =]

        • lea says:

          i do not get that separation of carbohydrates an protein. anyone?

          • Balqees R. says:

            Good Morning Miss Lea, I live in Dubai, and recently did a few sessions of LPG and my doctor was giving me some diet instructions and she passed to give me the same instruction, no carbs with protein, only veggies with protein, which for me at that moment was kind of no sense because its completely different from what I have always known around the gym. She is in her hometown Ukraine for holidays, when she come back I will inquire her about this in detail and I will let you to know In sha Allah.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello, JB! If you know which documentary she watched can you share its link with us? If not so, can you share the one you watched? Thank you. :)

  4. Maria says:

    Can you make a list of the best (or most popular) hotels in London, Paris, etc? 😀 among the jetsetbabes

  5. Marina says:

    Hi JB! I’m buying my very first Christian Louboutins in January, could you list the top 5 more popular Christian Louboutin heels among Jet set babes please an thank you!!!

  6. amber says:

    It’s true that many of these products she mentions (pasta, milk, etc.) contain allergens that some people with an intollerance should avoid because they trigger their immune system in a negative way. But for other people, it’s really just BS to avoid these things, it doesn’t have anything to do with ‘immune system’. For example; lean, unprocessed, red meat itself isn’t bad, it actually contains a lot of proteins and iron. Potatoes? Low in calories, no fat, a lot of vit. C.
    Avoiding processed foods and allergens (if your intolerant/allergic) is good, everything else is really just bs.

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