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Listed below is what my blog is about in detail:


Jetset Babesblackline

– I post pictures of my favourite “Jet set Babes” from instagram. Sometimes I share more in dept stories about them & their lives.


Jetset Worldblackline

– I write my thoughts & experiences about the jet set world. Anything related to the world of jet setters, like events, tv shows, “how to” guides etc.



– I gather my favourite pictures of instagram fashionistas, share shopping findings, budget alternatives and my personal wish lists.



– A mix of beauty transformation advice, treatments, skincare, make up and much more to look like a JetsetBabe.



– Loads of gym motivation together with my diet advice and interest in holistic living. Lifestyle 2.0 talks about my personal journey in changing my habits & becoming healthy.


Self Improvementblackline

– Under “Dream life” you can follow my journey of escaping the 9-5 rat race and taking the baby steps towards building my dream life & creating my own business.

The etiquette category shows what you need to do in order to act more lady like in jet set surroundings. The rest is a combo of motivation and general self improvement posts that could benefit your life.



– I’m trying to understand men, dating & relationships particularly in the jet set environment.



– A constantly growing category with the typical jet set destinations, inspiration and guides.



– This is my personal playground where I like to share my readers some pep talk – let it be on a monday, any other morning or for the weekend. To that I add my very personal posts of my life & happenings.


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