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01 October 2015



I know the blog has lost it’s spark since some time ago. I have unfortunately not felt the inspiration or motivation to create meaningful posts as the jet set topic has lost some interest to me.

That doesn’t mean I will shut it down. No, I’ve invested too much time and effort. But, I need to make some changes to the website that will re-format the blog a bit and lift my inspiration.

I’m therefor thinking of removing all my personal content and strictly focusing this blog on the jet set topic. The Jet set Babes, fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle etc.

All my personal posts with pep-talk, motivation, self improvement, my life etc will be moved to another platform (as I have another idea with what I’d like to do with it). So nothing would really be lost, it’s more 2 blogs in 1 going separate ways.



What do you think about that? 

JetsetBabe blog will become less personal of course, but more informative about the subject itself. And the author behind this blog (me) can finally blog about all my personal thoughts and interest in my own blog, without feeling I’m intruding the JetsetBabe space or associating myself too much with the topic itself.

I know not everyone will like it, (some will of course which is great) but I would like to hear your thoughts. After all the blog has been running on slow motion and I want to stop that and instead improve the content!

It will also be easier for me to get contributing writers when the blog is less personal and put more focus on informative good quality content around the theme of jet setters.

So my questions are;

1. Do you think it’s a good idea becomes less personal but more jet set oriented?

2. What topics do you think are most interesting?

Thank you for your feedback, let’s improve this website! <3



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31 Responses to “My idea for the future”

  1. L says:

    First of all I have to say I like your blog a lot and read it for a long time. Like you say I’m maybe one of your quiet readers:-) I do not comment or stuff but now i wanted to give you feedback. I like the photos on your blog. You always give me with your good selection of photos new ideas how to dress up, style and so on..I also lived in London and know how it is when you are talking about that topic. I really think you can do so much more on your blog. But sometimes there is nothing new on the blog for a long time. I can imagine you are busy traveling but i would wish to read also personal stuff here on your blog. Maybe you become even more famous as a blogger while living in London but I think you just have to give more updates and longer texts here:-) I would love to read more stories and look at cute photos. Please share more with your readers. You do talk a lot about changes..i know it is hard and so much work to run a blog but I really think you can create a cool personal blog including JetSet topics and travel inspiration. I keep reading:-) Wishing you all the best!

  2. Carla says:

    Its a good idea to focus just op de jetset lifestyle !

    The most interesting topics are;
    Natural and facial beauty of a jetset babe and how to achieve.
    Winter fashion without fur.
    Jetset places to be for a night out or a lunch in Europe.
    Jetset vacation spots , where to stay and what to do.
    Jetset hair styles and hair care.
    Lipfillers, teeth whitening and a good posture tips.
    How to be interesting in a conversation and on an event!

    Good luck!

  3. Ellie says:

    Another quiet follower here! For me, what makes your blog the most interesting is specifically the posts related to personal growth, motivation and search for your dreams. There’s so many airhead blogs out there just talking about hair, nails, fashion and all the rest of it. What makes your blog so special is your own voice, your original thoughts and your interpretation of the world. I love following how you grow, how you build inner strength and persist through challenges. That inspires me so much. I do hope you’ll share the address of your new blog with us as I and many others would definitely read it. I’m not at all into the jetset scene but somehow this still is my favourite blog. Please keep it coming!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree 100 % with you, thought those topics are also run out. She is chewing the same topics from a long time ago and it seems it`s all been said so many times. She always redescovers the same things over and over again or at least it`s how it seems. At first it was interesting to read, very pleasant, but now.. not so much. But it would be too serious and profound for her auditory to develop these topics, too filosofical maybe for some of them, if she could go any further, so I really don`t know what is the solution.

  4. E says:

    I think it’s a really good idea to have two separate blogs. I’m not a jet setter nor am I trying to become one, but I still find your blog very interesting and it’s nice to see a glimpse of that world I guess. 😀 I think you’re a good writer and I find your posts to be really inspiring. For me, the most interesting topics are self improvement, travel, health, beauty and posts about jet set world. I hope you tell us the address to your personal blog too.
    Wishing you all the best!

  5. steven says:

    I’m a male viewer and feel the direction will bee great. I agree with most of the comments the other ladies wrote and feel focusing on the lifestyle will be a better move. You amazing knowledge about fashion, culture and life along with being an amazing writer. Look forward to the new blog.

  6. Elise says:

    I agree on the other comments. I really love reading about fashion and beauty trends, plastic surgery, and how they became jetsetbabes. But I also love your personal topics about motivation and self improvement.

    It maybe sounds a bit wired, but this blog helped me a lot during a difficult period in my life. Your peptalks have helped me thinking more positive and be more kind to myself. I hope you will share the link to your other blog when you start it.

  7. Eva says:

    The personal touch is what i have always liked about your blog. It is obviously your call, but i wouldnt spread myself too thin if i were you. Two blogs to maintain is a lot of work.
    You will risk to see jetsetbabe fade away while it is not certain you get traction on the other blog.
    Again: the reason why i love your jetsetbabe blog is BECAUSE it has this personal touch.

    BTW: welcome back to London!

  8. Loulou says:

    I just discovered you! And I’m now following you on instagram. Jetset lifestyle and how to style yourself appropriately for different destinations (weather, clientele, etc) is very interesting to me, and agree with Carla’s comments above also. I love following the JSBs Victoria, Katia, etc. too. An idea: What if your personal thoughts and pep talks/motivation were a separate tab within JSB? Like “Di’s Discoveries” or something? You’re a glamour girl with a great mind and there’s no reason why you couldn’t keep the JSB blog jetset-centric, but allow us to enjoy your thoughts and insights in a diary format in the blog,is there? My two cents. XO

  9. s says:

    I would love to have more bios and interviews with Jetset babes. I love to know the beauty secrets.

  10. Mia says:

    I love your blog.

    Would like to to read posta about teeth whittening, plastic surgery – doctors, for example picture of rinoplasty results on jetsetbabes and to know where to do surgery and how much it costs.
    Dont know why noone shares this info.

    Love the calendar, love directions when where to go, the hot spots, what and how to do to be noticed, where to stay at, prices of hotels, clubs, restaurants etc.

    And yes i love read your exprierence about traveling and jetsetworld. :)

  11. c says:

    Hey, another quiet reader here! Just wanted to say that your blog really inspires me and i have been reading it for so long now! I think your idea about having 2 separate blogs is great. My fav Jetset topics: Beauty and health care, beauty trends,plastic surgery, hotels

  12. Mercedes says:

    Hey Sweetheart,
    I’ve read your blog for several years now and also left some comments.
    I love the Idea of two blogs and of course would read them both (and still comment as much as possible. )

    My favorite topics are the different types of jetset babes, staying up to date with the hotspots and trends and of course beauty!

    Keep it up! Lots of love.

  13. Marina says:

    Well the choice is yours but most of us are probably going to follow both your blogs anyways, because we’ve kinda… Gotten attached to you because of your personal posts. And a lot of us go through disorientation moments in this hectic world too, so it’s reassuring to know we’re not alone, and yeah the pep talks you give to us and we sometimes give to you are helping a lot. I would say that making a separate blog isn’t necessary, since you already have different sections on this blog. The personal posts go to Personal category, the beauty posts go to its category and so on, and if someone is interested in a certain aspect, they can just go read the posts from that section.

    I would reccomend a little balance though, I know it’s hard, and I know you wouldn’t have posted so much personal info if you wouldn’t have needed to ( to get if off your chest and be able to move on), but if you keep a balance betweeen the beauty, traveling, personal etc posts, I think evryone will be happy.

    So, if you feel like answering, why did you lose your interest in the jetset world ? I would love a detailed answer. I know it’s a lot of superficiality in this world and it has a dark side too, but is it so hard to manage ? Like I said, I’d love to hear your personal experience.

    Your blog is amazing, it always has been and it will always be, because no matter what you write about, you write with passion and you put your soul in it. Lots of love !

  14. C says:

    ^Someone stole one of my usual posting letters. 😛

    As someone said before, the personal touch really makes this blog unique. There really are thousands of other airhead blogs out there. I don’t know if this means anything to you but I usually stay away from fashion and lifestyle blogs because I feel like today, EVERYONE and their mother is a fashion and lifestyle blogger; it is so cliche now yet the content usually doesn’t differ much from blog to blog. But THIS particular one caught my attention. It has drawn me in and I feel attached to it. I check it multiple times a week.

    Another thing that I found makes this blog a bit more unique is the content. Maybe it’s because of where I live and the fact that I am bombarded with certain annoying people (ex. Kardashians, Hiltons) in the media daily. But it’s nice to hear about other, less known people and different lifestyles. :)

    I agree that maybe you should have a personal tab (like you do now) but maybe make the layout and colour scheme different and softer. Almost like you are going to a another site but with hints that you are still with the current one.

    Bisou! :)

    • cath says:

      Hi, Dear! I’m a bit late to the party, but feel quite passionate about this post & comments, as I LOVE your blog :) just would like to support particularly the comments of Marina and ‘C’! I think the reason why I love this blog is not least because of its personal content and though I would certainly follow both of your blogs, I just think the synergy of content on this one is already strong. The only thing it might need is updating the ‘other’ tabs on the top of the page (or rather, some of them) a bit more often…at the same time, I also feel that there are certainly good reasons why you focused on the “personal” and I do enjoy reading regardless of the category you post it in :) Hence, maybe just adding some content at time to other tabs like “helath” or “beauty” etc to balance out or complement the posts in “personal” and “self improvement” would do the magic :) Apart from that, I am maybe one of those who did not notice that you lost “inspiration” – I only noticed fewer posts (because I stalk the blog every day I have a spare minute) and that was due to travelling etc. I guess…anyway, whatever you do, I’ll follow & support you :)
      wishing you a fantastic time in London and as always, appreciating any new posts!!

  15. Athina says:

    Darling, I have a great idea how to make your blog really profitable, you should start collaborating with fashion brands, for example when posting photo of some jetsetbabe in particular close you can also post a link of brand of web site where we (your readers. your audience) can actually purchase this piece of item :) While the web site which sells this item or brand can transfer % from sales since you basically advertise their product : ) First of all it will help you to earn money , second I think jetsetbabes themselves will be interested to get on your blog photo album cause it gives them opportunity to advertise the brand and since most of them want attention they might actually start paying you to post their photo looks :) Wish you good luck honey , xo xo

  16. Thank you for being so open hearted. Love your website and your uniqueness. Would love to contribute when it comes to marriages, relationships etc. Let us stay in touch. All the best!

  17. Daria says:

    Hello, I am another regular reader :)
    The topics that are particularly interesting for me are stories of jet set babes (like posts about Anna Andres or what happens to jet set babies in their 30 s and 40 s ). Also I love posts with jet set looks and your comments on their looks. Best regards, Daria

  18. D says:

    Hi, Im one of your quiet readers thou I actually start my day with opening up your blogg (and some others) every morning. Id love to see you expand with more personal but also mor jet set. thou I’m actually thinking you could do it on the same blog as I think this blogg to be about you, but also the jetset lifestyle and all should be gathered under one platform. I Would like to read more about how to become a jetsetter, and tips how find a sugar daddy in London or any other place, good clubs to go to. I would also like to read about your life and your view on things in every day life. Thanks for a great blogg and if you choose to start another blogg aswell (witch i think is unnecessary because this blogg is already big and famouse) pease wright the adress so i can follow both.

  19. lea says:

    without reading any other comments i think that it is brilliant idea, i can go on why i think so but it will take so much unnecessary space =]

  20. Marnie says:

    I request refresh of the calendar! Was always my favorite feature. :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    I think it`s unnecessary work for you to do. It`s already separated. Don`t feel guilty about anything. It`s your blog, your virtual space, it`s your desicion what you are going to read about. And it`s so normal for you to develop, to change, to change your perspective about what you want to do and what inspires you… It`s already separated in the “personal” and “self improvement” section so I think that`s enough. Don`t spread yourself that much. You better do one think and put all your efforts into it, than feel guilty that you don`t pay equal attention to both of your blogs and feel guilty that one of the topics doesn`t inspire you that much anymore but you still feel the obligation to develop it. There are a lot of superficial blogs, as many people said, there are also a lot of serious ones… What makes your unique is the strange mixture of both that make it so balanced. Don`t lose it!

  22. Tijana says:

    Dear JetSetBabe,

    I ran into your blogg a while ago, and I must admitt I’ve read your blogg daily ever since. You draw my attention to russian and other jet-set girls, and I’ve really embraced their elegancy and poisture in my style and life. I love how you emphasize the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle, and I think you should hold on to that in this blogg particulary. As regards to your personal stories and life, I think you should start a new blogg that covers that, so both of your bloggs stay cohesive and neat. I wish you all the best and just keep up the good work of leading us through the jet-set world! Kisses from Serbia!

  23. Crystal says:

    I love the jetset fashion post and beauty. I think it is a great idea to focus more on the jetset posts.

  24. SmXxii says:

    I have been reading your blog for a long time. Certain topics really sparked my interest. For many months I found myself checking your blog.. everyday.

    I’ve got to say, I did lose interest because it shows that you are uninspired right now. It seems like you can’t even focus on your current successful blog.. How would you build a second blog for personal? I’m not saying it can’t be done.. But that’s so much to commit to, when the content is lacking on your one blog now.

    You used to post a ton all the time. But now you post only post once every 2 weeks… and all you say is an extremely vague paragraph about how you want to achieve your goals. Or you went through a crappy time so that’s why you’ve been absent. But you’ve literally described nothing. I get that you want to contain your identity.. But everything has become so vague it’s like…. It seems like you have nothing to talk about anymore.

    I’m NOT trying to be a bitch. You have truly built up such a kick ass blog, that once seemed very real and no BS. Lots of stories, tips, and specific details. I was truly addicted!! Just focus on the rebirth of It’s already so successful. Ladies come here because it’s a great mix of everything together. You tell us about the jetset life, but you also keep it personal Which makes it relatable to us!!! :)

    We would all love to help contribute to ideas or inspiration.. Anything to help you and this site.

  25. Isabella says:

    To answer one of your questions, the topic I find most interesting on jet set girls would be guides and steps on how to become one; such as, beauty, daily life style, and actions (etiquette, attitude). These posts I find to be the most informative!

  26. Marly says:

    It is fine and OKE to mix your personal motivational content with the jetset content. This is YOUR blog. People have been reading this blog for ages because of the uniqueness of it! WE LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY IN IT! WE love your peptalks we love your motivation we love your growth we love your honesty and we love the fashion thinigies! So please please don’t write yourself away because you think you infuse too much of yourself in this blog. THIS IS YOUR BLOG.
    The best part is the combination of jetset high class fun blogs and some nice personal post about your life and your experience.
    Don’t worry about us as long this blog is REAL AN HONEST it will attract readers believe me.
    Trust in yourself 1000% believe that everything you post is honest and real that’s all.


  27. Dont like ur new blog, want u back on jetsetbabe says:

    I dont like ur new blog.
    It is boring.
    Posts too rare..

    I dont think u will have sucess with new vlog cause u cant sell that to people..
    Same as changing best magazine to boring one noone want to read.

    We can read in psyhology books and other places about selfimorovement etc but no other places u can read about jetset lifestyle..

    Just thing to think about..

    • JetsetBabe says:

      I saw your negative comment on my other blog. I’ve answered you there, but in case you missed here is a copy and paste: I don’t want to write about jet-set topics anymore, it doesn’t interest me. It might be selling for some people, but not for everyone in this world. Most of my readers were interested in jet-set topics and not psychology/self-improvement. For that reason I KNOW that I will not satisfy 75% of my old readers because they want to read something else. That is something I understood clearly before even quitting JSB. So obviously this blog will NOT have the same amount of readers initially, it will have less traffic/comments etc. That’s pretty expected…. Also, I’m tired of trying to make other people happy all the time. Now is my time to do what the hell I want. It was a hard time letting go of JSB for me, it took me about 1.5 years before I listened to myself. In the end the blog was dying anyway because my heart was not there. So why do it? To please people like you who cannot understand/to ignorant to care?

      This blog is still under construction. I just started out writing about my personal life and my personal thoughts. This is absolutely new to me and it will take time to find my writing voice but also to understand the angle of the blog. The concept is different from JSB, it’s unfamiliar ground, I’m a total beginner at this – give me time to understand this way of blogging.

      In the end of the day. This blog is mainly for me, because I find it very therapeutical to write and I enjoy writing about my learnings (and the journey I’m walking). If anyone is interested to follow it, then do it, if not, there is not much else I can do for you. Sorry. Take care and all the best.

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