My Breakfast in Bali

26 August 2015



Good morning Bali,

I’ve finally recovered from my flu and left Ubud to explore the busy life of Seminyak – once again. 

Having breakfast right now in my favourite organic café “Earth Market”. Here you can get your fresh juices and healthy foods, I’m all about eating as raw as possible at the moment. Usually I’m juicing in the morning and start my day with loads of fruits and a wheatgrass shot (one shot equals 1 kg of fresh vegetable intake). Then If I keep on juicing and staying hydrated drinking fresh coconut water, I don’t really get much food cravings until late afternoon. I guess it’s also due to the heat, but I’ve been eating maximum one hot meal a day. And it’s been working absolutely fine!

I also think that whenever we are back home, we are usually over eating because we are bored. But when we are travelling, there is so much to do, so many impressions for the brain to take in – that we simply don’t have the time to think too much about food.

Well, it doesn’t apply to all tourists of course, as I keep seeing many stuff themselves on buffet’s and ordering burgers and club sandwiches everywhere they go. I’m so glad I’m over this type of food. Not because I don’t miss it at times, but simply because my stomach cannot handle it! The lifestyle change I did over a year ago was the best decision ever! :)



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