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Monaco Grand Prix 2014

23 May 2014


Monaco Grand Prix 2014


Monaco Grand Prix 2014


Monaco Grand Prix 2014


Monaco Grand Prix 2014


It’s time for Monaco Grand Prix


I’m getting bored of my face being a total cyber stalker by first stalking Cannes Film Festival and now it’s time for Monaco Grand Prix. I don’t think I’ll honestly update much about Monaco this weekend cause what is there really left to say?

1. Monaco is tiny, the size of a shoebox

2. People just go there to party & watch the races, forget fancy private events like in Cannes.

3. Everyone stays on the yachts (since there isn’t much space to stay anywhere else) making yacht parties the main attractions (besides F1 of course)

4. Some people go clubbing, and it’s the same story with the clubs here like in Cannes. All about Cristal and who can order most of them. Clubs open: Billionaire’s club, Jimmy’z, VIP Room

5. Sunday is the peak and absolute best day to go. It’s the grande finale of the formula 1 race so a lot of partying after the races!


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  1. The French Riviera welcome numerous of luxury events as the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival! It is nice to enjoy the seaside and the good weather while watching a such cars show!

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