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Marina Mayer NOW vs. THEN

26 March 2014


Marina Mayer NOW vs. THEN (a few years back only)


Marina Mayer @marinamayer777 on Instagram is one of those JetsetBabes that compete in the same league as Olesya Malinskaya & co in terms of followers. With 137k + followers this russian girl is instagrammin’ like there is no tomorrow.

What’s interesting to see is that this is only a boom from the past 3 years. If you look back further you’ll see just an ordinary girl. So what has changed? See for yourself and you tell me :)


Marina Mayer NOW:











Marina Mayer Then:



marina-mayer-old-photos marina-mayer-old-photos marina-mayer-old-photos






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23 Responses to “Marina Mayer NOW vs. THEN”

  1. elle365 says:

    what a TRANSFORMATION! the lips, cheeks, chest, hair…omg! do you happen to know where her big sunglasses might be from pls?

    and… what is the difference between hostessing and pr work in your eyes?

    hope you feel better today – I am coming down with a sore throat ahead of my travels tomorrow..

    • JetsetBabe says:

      I’m not sure where they are from, will keep an eye open for you.

      It’s hard to say the difference as it’s all about in what contex hostess/pr is mentioned.

      Usually a hostess is a girl who is pretty and accomodates guests while PR work can be finding clients/promoting something. If you explain why you wonder maybe I can help more..

  2. Sabrina says:

    This is gold. How could we find out who are these girls plastic surgeon? The transformations are incredible. Please post more! Love xox

  3. Lola says:

    That’s a great question Sabrina! I myself would like to know where these Russian beauties go to fix themselves up!:)) JetsetBabe, please write about it! That would be an awesome article! Thanxxx!:))))

    • JetsetBabe says:

      for sure it would! The only problem, I no absolutely nothing about plastic surgery since I’ve never had it done myself. But if I find out something juicy I’ll write about it :)

  4. Sabrina says:

    Well lets see.. For one plastic surgery can totally change a girls life you can go from just a average girl to a knockout. Also it looks like she got herself moving with a more affluent crowd. Who your friends are can totally change a person. Her style has improved so much as well. No more boring cheap looking clothes it’s furs and Hermes from now on. I had a similar transformation after moving to a larger city and adopting a more sophisticated set of friends. I wanted to fit it and look like I belonged so my whole style and ‘look’ has changed.

  5. Sabrina says:

    Also getting a weathly husband/boyfriend.. Probably the biggest change of all. Without him none of this would be possible. She has a youtube channel that’s pretty cool. He is in the videos.

  6. Cookies says:

    It’s weird; she actually looks happier and more real in the previous pictures.

  7. Alle says:

    Hair cut color and style, new make up style, fillers in lips, “Professional” manicures, shaped eyebrows, stylish designer clothes and exotic locations. OMG this is like spot the difference for jetset babes, so fun

  8. Sofie says:

    What an amazing transformation! I think my jaw dropped when seeing the before photos.

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow, well she had her teeth fixed. They’re so white and have a diffrent shape.
    She also had her nose done, breast implants and lip injections.
    I also think she does fillers or botox… amazing results if you ask me.. wow!
    I love this kind of posts! please do more like this…

  10. Thalia says:

    She was a pretty girl next door in the older pics but a stunning JetSet Babe in the more recent photos. Lets see Nose Job, Hair Extentions, Breast Augmentation, Botox/Fillers, Teeth Whitening. Her teeth look the same just whiter. Then her style has gotten and upgrade clothes do really make the person. In the older pics her style was very common. Newer pics I see Hermes, St. Laurent, Chanel, Isabel Marant. etc etc, ahh the life of a spoiled JetSet Babe !

  11. Anonymous says:

    They are all PLASTIC! And they all look the same this money hungry Russian girls! Honestly can not stand them!

  12. Tina says:

    Where did you get the old pics? its not in her insta and fb

  13. Curious says:

    I love how they all look the same. As some kind of slutty uniform… so lovely.

  14. Margo says:

    for those who were wondering..her surgeon’s name is Sergey Levin (EMC Aesthetic clinic)

  15. Tina says:

    No more husband and kids in her latest photos ….

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