London hotel help

24 October 2015


A shout out to readers who are familiar with London. 

Does anyone know the name of this small 5 star boutique hotel in London where these women are at?

They are talking about this hotel being a very hidden, where no tourists ever go to but instead you’ll find the aristocracy of Britain.

I can’t figure out which hotel this may be, although my knowledge of the scene in London is quite good. I also think they are exaggerating the way they speak about it, but for curiosity I’d like to find out.

The program is in russian only, but if you play between 31:04 – 32:33 you will see the hotel I’m talking about. 



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14 Responses to “London hotel help”

  1. Jetsetter UAE says:

    A little before 31:54 when the car drives in, there are some sort of signs on the building wall. They indicate place name or street name probably / or some name of a business. If you get HD version, then you can probably check it out from that one. I would be interested as well, because I am going to London. You can then search the location on google street view and check out if it matches the place, the car is driving into.

    However, if this is a kinda celeb lifestyle program, they usually make up pretty much lies in those to make everything seem more cool. There has been quite many hoaxes (they make up small details and also larger ones) in my country.

  2. Anna says:

    I am not sure even that this is London
    They are big cheaters both of them
    Check on Instagram page Mr.puaro more then enough to be sure what are they about

    • Jetsetter UAE says:

      Well, could be London cus tickets to go there would not cost that much anyway and the TV production company would probably pay their tickets, hotels and all other stuff. Restaurant dining too. I think, this type of reality TV series could make a lot of money in Russia.

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Thanks! Why are they cheaters?

      • Anna says:

        All life of this Khristina is imagination
        And her “diamonds” are not real. They are from Caratlondon shop. You can see her rings on Caratlondon page on Instagram. Both about 300£ he he. Fake life fake everything.
        By the way they are not friends anymore

        • JetsetBabe says:

          Didn’t know that. How come they are not friends anymore? They’ve been promoting themselves as a trio almost!

          • Anna says:

            This Maria changed her mind. She is trying to play new role. I am not like they are. I am an angel and good mother. They are not even following each other on Instagram anymore

  3. Jetsetter UAE says:

    Anyway, what is the name of this program in English and is it available to watch anywhere as English or Swedish version. Who are the women? I guess, some we have seen in photos before.

  4. Gracie says:

    These girls are very fake and most of the things they are saying in this TV show are vastly exaggerated. It’s all done for the camera and god knows what they thought they would get out of it- perhaps some TV projects in Russia. They also featured in one of the popular Russian talk shows and to be honest most Russians don’t take a very positive view on them. In that show one of the girls was saying she was married to some type of British aristocratic lord while in fact she is married to a pretty normal upper-middle class British bloke who works for the British parliament. Definitely, a man who is comfortable and has a good position but not a billionaire, lord or aristocrat! The Russian TV company would definitely have an interested on them as all they care about are the ratings and this type of from rags to riches stories sell well. Regarding the hotel, it looks like it’s situated in Knightsbridge but I have a feeling it could be one of those consierge serviced 5 star private rooms, which are rented out rather than 5 star boutique hotel.

    • Anonymous says:

      I went to check the girls instagrams. Khristina who is allegedly married to an aristocrat is quite blatantly showing a third finger on her profile picture….classy lady, not!

  5. Jetsetter UAE says:

    I think, it is in Knightsbridge and somewhere close to St. Basil street. There are couple of hotels in the area. If you go to Google streetview and check out the street, you can see that design of the wrought iron fencing (on public street area) is matching to the fence, you see in the program. It is close to Harrods, so I think this is the most likely location. There are couple of hotels, but cannot find one with exactly matching interiors/room.

    What I have seen, there is no similar wrought iron fence design in the other corners of Knightsbridge.

    I do not think, it is the hotel capital, because front door does not match.

  6. Hannah says:

    Det är helt klart ett boutique hotell skulle gissa på GORE eller The zetter townhouse. Kanske kan vara hazlitts men mest tror jag home house de har hotell entrén ser ut sådär från andra sidan.

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