Lindsay Lohan Documentary Series

16 January 2015


Lindsay Lohan Documentary Series


I’ve never really found Lindsay Lohan to be a celebrity to gain inspiration from. Her sense of fashion doesn’t spark my interest and neither her movies.



But when I came across her documentary series I got really hooked and watched all 8 episodes in one go!

And I’ve got to admit, It was interesting to watch mainly because you could see the harsh failure of the once so hyped actress.



In this series we get to see her battles with nobody wanting to hire her, her diva-ish behavior, her being broke and admitting to relaps back to drinking (although this series was shot in 2013/2014 when she had just finished her 6th rehab).

For being a Hollywood star, this is quite a personal and honest show we rarely get a glimpse of usually.



An inspiring thing I felt was that the main topic for her was getting a healthy routine going for her life as a post addict. Without being an addict myself, I can totally relate to that as that’s something I myself try to keep. It’s simply key for any person’s well being.

So after I watched all her series, I jumped back on to my wagon and thanked god that I have most of my shit together. There has been times in life when I have been similar to Lindsay and I never want to go down that road again.

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