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19 October 2015



I’m looking for blogs written by Jetset Babe type of girls. Any suggestions?

So far I’m visiting these from time to time, but unfortunately some don’t write in english or update very often!

Diala’s Diaries

Laura Badura

Victoria Silvstedt

Cecilia Nordlund

Nena The Aristocrat

(list will get updated once I find more…)

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17 Responses to “Jetset Babe Blogs”

  1. steven says:

    My two personal favorites are Olivia Palmero and Johanna olssen. They are the best in my opion

  2. steven says:

    Sorry for the quick ending, I would also like to add Roxy Slowaty, she has amazing taste and style.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Question regarding Cecilia Nordlund, does she have wealthy parents or she is just a Normal jetsetbabe?

    • D says:

      I think she works as a model for papers like slit ect. Thou does Jestsetbabe knows if she is a jetsetter apart from that or does she have a weathy background?

  4. Katarina says:

    Blog of Xenia Tchoumitcheva is also excellent, lovely posts, great photos,,just love to follow her blog

  5. Sofia says:

    I follow scandipops at which I find jet set but still more down to earth. I sweet mix of the jet set of scandinavia.

  6. AM says:

    Hi JetsetBabe! I have a question regarding nightlife. Well, I’ve recently started going to clubs in my country’s capital city (I’m 19 btw) and I go there alone. People are really surprised when I tell them that. Is going on your own to the club is really something considering strange? Do I always have to go with a friend?

    • lea says:

      for your safety its better to go with a friend at least someone know with whom you are or if someone put something in your drink your friend can take care of you…

    • It is not very safe to go alone says:

      I do not know where you live in, but I do live in one of EU’s safest countries and even in here it is not 100% safe for a woman to go alone into a night club. The majority of crimes occur when a female is returning alone home in the night. If you go out clubbing, at least send sms to some of your relative or a friend and tell estimated time you are going to call them in the night/morning night, that you are returning home and to inform them where you have gone. The idea is that they will come looking for you or call police in case they are not able to contact you in time. Do not leave the sent sms into your phone, in case you get attacked by someone and another person will access your phone. They would be able to send a fake message from you with your phone to your relatives/friends.

      I was coming home from the city center 22:00pm and a random guy (obviously wasn’t a local) started following me into my home and attempted to rape me. I was suspicious of the man as I noticed that he was following me, so I phoned my relative and told where I am and how the person looks like. He tried to attack me, but I ran away swiftly into a store that was still open 500m far away.

      It is not a good idea to go into a man’s apartment drunk or after the club, because they probably want sex… so if you are not ready to have sex with him, then don’t go into his apartment in the night.

      There are cases in the eastern Europe where tourist men from my country become drugged in the bars and stolen their cash etc… So take care of your drink and drink only your own drinks. I think, same risks probably apply in the southern Europe too. Two men tried to kidnap my father into a car in Ibiza when he was walking back to hotel from bar. He punched the men very hard who tried to drag him into back of their car.

      • C says:

        ^These are good points and stories. Unfortunately, there are many men who are willing to take advantage of women who are drunk or sober.

        I just read a story about a guy who went to a party and left alone. He was missing for two days and they only found his body because he was holding his girl’s phone in his pocket. It died but they were able to use the Find my iPhone feature to know where to look. He had been beaten up, robbed and left laying face down in a ditch but barely alive. He was very lucky, indeed but it’s best not to try your luck here because it only takes one time.

        • Good to keep geo-location on says:

          In my country, there are currently two women who disappeared into thin air in the middle of the day. Another in the center of the capital city and another in a large nature park next to capital region. Police could determine the approximate area of disappearing, because they could see what link mast their phones had last connected to, before disappearing. However, this is not very reliable, because the area in some cases is many square kilometers large and occasionally a phone can link to a more distant mast indicating wrong direction.

          If phone geo-location would have been on (phone send exact coordinates, I guess through internet connection) there would be more information about their last location and police would know exactly where they have been to before their disappearance.

  7. Y says:

    She is perfect, found her 4 yrs ago, especially her old posts…

  8. Monika says:

    I found this blog which is features very very similar content as yours (jet set babes)! Its written in spanish :)

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