I’m going back to Asia

13 July 2015



I’ve decided to go back to Asia. 

I bought my flights a few days ago, and will be leaving mid August.

In a way it feels perfect, as it’s been a rainy summer in the northern Europe and I’m feeling slightly done here in general.

It’s been great to come back to re-focus, ground myself a bit and visit my loved ones – but I feel I’m not done yet in Asia, there was too much I didn’t have the time to see and explore yet.



Another reason of course is my promise to keep on escaping the winter climate as much as I possibly can.

Plus, I will be continuing my online studies through university this fall, and thanks to my student loan, I can live like a king in Asia in comparison to Europe. You simply get more for your buck over there and it’s more worth it.



First, I will be heading back to Bali. I wouldn’t mind having that as some form of base in the midst of my travelling – but who knows – maybe I change my mind and go back to Thailand later on.

Bali is very happening in August & September, so I wouldn’t mind checking that out, since I was there during low season last time.



But I must say I’m really looking forward to head back, because life was quite an adventure over there in comparison to how I personally feel about my life in Europe at this moment.

The only thing I will do differently this time around, is to stick to a more balanced life, being more grounded.

I don’t want to let go of my creative bubble, my productivity and healthy routine that I have going strong for me right now. It’s such a big part of me, so I hope to incorporate it more in the “Travel-Me” which I didn’t manage so well with last time.

So Fingers crossed! :)


If anyone of my readers are based in Asia or will be travelling there during Fall season, give me a shout :)



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6 Responses to “I’m going back to Asia”

  1. Mia says:

    Nice post.
    I agree.. It seems like no summer in Eastern Europe this year especially Baltics..

    I want escape autumn and winter too.

    Where in Asia do u plan to go and why?
    Where u plan to live?
    What you plan to do?
    How much cost living – rent, food, services there?

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Im going Bali and Thailand for sure. Then I have a few other destinations I have in mind but not 100% sure yet.
      I will most probably rent an apartment. I will be studying and keep on developing my own projects.
      In total you can get by 1-1.5k euro for an average life.

  2. Nina says:

    That sounds so exciting JSB!!! I wish you safe travels, tons of fun and incredible memories. Good luck sweetie

  3. Maddy says:

    That’s awesome! I am living in between Auckland and Hong Kong right now and I could really recommend going to Hong Kong, it just has the most amazing vibe. Some cool activities if you do go:

    + Go to XYZ spin classes in Central
    + Walk on the Peak trail
    + Have dinner at the China Club in Central
    + Go to Stanley beach
    + Party at Dragon-I in Lang Kwai Fong

    Have the most amazing trip where ever you go in Asia! It’s the most beautiful continent (In my opinion!)

  4. Emille says:

    Hey girl

    Love your blog! I have been following it for a few years now.

    I travel to Bali a lot! Would love to meet you xx

  5. katherine says:

    thought this could be useful for you! i know we are all thinking of you on your trips!

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