I need to confess…

26 August 2013

Gym outfit

I cancelled my gym membership in the beginning of summer

…I know, shame on me but I thought it was time to come clean.

As you can guess, I haven’t been working out at all this summer. Zero. In fact, I cancelled my membership but it was not only to the fact that I allowed myself to have a lazy summer this year. I actually got really fed up with the gym I was going to because I felt there was no privacy there what so ever.

Without sounding like some kind of diva but I found it to be too annoying having guys staring while I was stretching or doing my exercises (we all know that can look a bit funny, in weird positions etc). When I’m at the gym I go there because it’s my own private time. I’m very focused when I’m there, I have my music, I’m sweaty and my mind is set to challenge myself. I don’t go there to hang out or meet people, so when there are guys checking you out when you’re doing squats or several of the PT’s being a little bit too friendly (and asking for numbers!) I just felt I had enough.

Honestly, I wish there was a female gym,

what a great business idea that would be! Without wanting to sound like I think I’m some kind of sex goddess but really, it would be nice if guys could just mind their own business and stop with the staring. I’m sure some people are great at ignoring these things, but I guess I’m not one of these people and can’t shut it out when I’m doing something like this and you can feel the looks in your back. Grrr….

Anyway. Enough with my gym problems.

I’m happy to not go there anymore. :) Instead I’ve started working out au natural so no more depressing treadmills! Since Hyde Park is literally on my doorstep of where I leave, I thought it would be stupid not to take advantage of that fact. So now I started going for morning/evening runs and finish off with exercises at home. So far so good and I’m loving it :) My work out motivation is back and it feels great! :)


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4 Responses to “I need to confess…”

  1. T says:

    I love working out outside so I understand you! :)

  2. Emma says:

    I’m from France and I found your blog a few days ago and… I LOVE IT ! Could you post a photo of you and your body please ?

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