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I love traveling, but hate flying

03 December 2014


I’m off to the airport now as I have a flight to catch. Going to visit my aunt who lives in another country!

I must admit I have a love hate relationship for air travel. I absolutely love airports and the idea of of flying to another country – but I’m a nervous flyer so I hate the actual flying part. ughh….

The worst part for me is take off and turbulence. Combine those two (take off in turbulence) and I will freak out. Most of the times I take valium when I fly, on some short flights in calm weather I practice myself to fly without pills.

I don’t enjoy these pills because they really create a vegetable out of my mind. Like I can never read a book or stay productive while flying, which is a shame cause there are so many hours that could have been used effectively. So usually I do stuff that don’t require much brain action, like watch a movie on my laptop or read gossip magazines.

Since I fly on a regular basis I have also developed some “OCD” behaviours:

  • I must sit on an aisle seat
  • I must sit as close as possible to an exit (no further than 3 rows away).
  • If possible I must be able to see the cabin crew from my seat during take off (their calmness makes me calm)
  • The first thing I do when enterring the aircraft is to ask the cabin crew how much turbulence is expected.

And also, forget ever seeing me flying private jet! No way José! The fact that they statistically have more accidents involved should prove a point why I don’t find it appealing. Plus, the way you feel turbulence in one of these is no joke. Like a rollercoaster!

Anyways, need to bounce! Today’s weather forecast looks great so I’m not so worried. Trying not to think about the take off so I should be fine! Catch u later x.





Travel like a Jet set Babe


Travel like a Jet set Babe



Travel like a Jet set Babe



Travel like a Jet set Babe



Travel like a Jet set Babe








Travel like a Jet set Babe



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One Response to “I love traveling, but hate flying”

  1. Louise says:

    Oh no! I have the same problem and feel for you. I know this post is old, so have you gotten more comfortable flying? I personally prefer the window seat: looking out at the view tends to calm me, but if we go into clouds and turbulence….fight or flight kicks in hard! What are your reasons for choosing an aisle seat?

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