I Heart Ibiza

05 July 2015



I was in Ibiza this entire week.

I just came back and my trip has been absolutely great. So amazing literally speaking!

Normally I go there with friends for party trips, but this time around I went with a guy that I’m seeing. God we had so much fun! We stayed in a beautiful villa just by the sea, rented my favourite car (a black Jeep Wrangler) and had the most intense days, filled with romance and rock’n’roll. Just the way I like it!



We managed to squeeze in DC10, an entire day at Blue Marlin, Beach House, some island sightseeing,  amazing dinners and lots more.

My absolute favourite night was when we went to Heart Ibiza. They opened only a few days ago and it’s a restaurant by the famous Adriá brothers (Ferran & Albert Adriá) who are doing a concept together with Cirque de soleil. We were really lucky getting a table because we had such a good time and spent the entire night there.



I believe it was 5 in the morning, and the restaurant had switch on it’s lights, us being the last customers to leave, haha. But it was one of those evenings when you didn’t want the night to end, which worked out fine since the restaurant turned in to a club after 1 am :). Probably this was the longest dinner of my life, as I just couldn’t stop eating all the interesting foods on the meny!

Anyway, this is literally a new “it”-place in Ibiza that is so worth checking out because it’s such a culineray experience you will never forget. Lio, Cipriani etc feels super boring all of a sudden comparing to this place :) #justatip



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7 Responses to “I Heart Ibiza”

  1. Julia says:

    Sounds amazing babe! Happy for you, seems like you had an amazing time :)

  2. Laia says:

    Yesterday I thought about you, I went shopping to this outlet shopping center called La Roca Village that’s near Barcelona and took a look around the Missoni shop. They had some really cool things, just like the post you did a bit ago, there were beach ponchos for 105€! There were turbans, dresses, bikinis,… Thought you might be interested in checking out one of this outlet villages for some chic bargains!!

  3. nicky says:

    Im going to Ibiza for the 3rd time this year, what hotels would you recommend that are similar to es vive or what website did you use to book your villa?

    • JetsetBabe says:

      I would stay at Ibiza Gran Hotel or Destino if I was you. There are so many concierge companies out there, I can’t share the one we used unfortunately as it feels too personal details (I know, but trying to stay anonymous here)

  4. Carlota says:

    I have gone to La Roca Village!! Im Catalonian and since its really close to where I live I go whenever I can. There’s lots of cheap bargains bt you need to find them! Its a really cool place,I highly recommend it!!

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