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How to Network during Cannes Film Festival

28 January 2015




My friend and I just booked to go to Cannes this year for the Film Festival! Your blog says it’s a great way to meet people and maybe get involved in the Jetset life :)

Are there any tips you might have that will help get us noticed? I feel like there will be SO many people and our chances might be slim?
We plan on going out every day and looking our absolute best at all times as well as networking and talking to as many people as possible.

But what additional advice would you have if you have done this yourself? Is it possible for girls to go there in hope of meeting other jetsetters but to go home disappointed? What experiences have you had?


The true story of Cannes film festival


My reply:bottomline


I do want to encourage people with no contacts to visit Cannes during the film festival, even though like you say, there will be A LOT of people around and “loads of competition”. Because it’s a fantastic opportunity to create fun memories plus meet interesting people.

But be prepared to start from the bottom, by doing your thing without any expectations. The chances are very small you will end up at some prestige screening of a movie, the awards or other important functions. Unless you get very lucky of course.

When you go to Cannes as a beginner, the best way is to start where it’s easiest to make contacts. That will obviously be where people are partying, and often in the mainstream night clubs.



So where to go?bottomline


  • Visit Nikki Beach during the day. Yes, it might be all about tacky partying but you’re there on a mission to make new contacts,  and here you can find some fun characters! Most of the people are usually the non film industry kind of guys, but rather come to Cannes with their yachts to have a party. It’s easy to mingle here and a must as a day time activity to try and sort your evenings out (invitation wise).


    And how to get in? Go there when there is no cue, and you simply tell the bouncer your friends are inside as they have a table. Can’t guarantee it works, but worth a try. Just be confident! (Same goes for the other clubs btw).



  • Baoli for drinks or dinner (or even dancing if you wish). Make this your main choice for the earlier evening activity as it’s a popular place for the “Nikki Beach type of guys” to pay a visit.
    Again, you might not run in to the A-listers and film industry crowd, but on the other hand as a beginner the chances are small you will do so at all during your first time in Cannes. But Baoli is a great place to network at because everyone who is in Cannes for fun, goes here.




  • Go clubbing at Gotha or Vip room. But preferably Gotha. Okay, so clubs are not the best places to look for quality contacts at, but when you don’t have any other options, you gotta spend your nights somewhere! And the rich people come here at night and even celebrities, so no matter what, it will be a fun experience.


    And as you know, night clubs are super easy to network in, almost too easy. The perfect spot if you want to find a cool after party on a yacht or villa to crash.

    Yacht Party


  • Spend as much time as possible circulating the 5 star hotels. With this I mean, go to their day time beach clubs (if accessible to the public for a fee), pay their restaurants a visit, go to their lobby bar’s for drinks.

    As an example, the Carlton is a typical “hub” where many people tend to gather, and you can go there any time and bump in to anyone!

    When I was in Cannes, I was at Carlton every single day, several times as well. In the end it became “my toilet” whenever I was about on the croisette and needed to freshen up in the bathroom. :) But hey, I met loads of people at Carlton while circulating this much.



    Also make a day trip to Antibes and grab a lunch at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. All the A-listers, VIP’s and best events are there!



  • Just be out and about everywhere! I’ve mentioned the most common places, but there are more up-scale venues than just these. It’s when you’re circulating or strolling about that the random magic tend to happen. Someone starts talking to you or you bump in to someone.


    Go to places which seem jet set. Take your strolls on the croisette, check out the yachts by the marina or visit designer shops.



What to do?bottomline


  • Look your absolute best at all times! Unfortunately, your looks will often decide your “luck” in terms of networking. But also your attitude of course. Be your best self, be positive and outgoing.
  • Don’t be obsessed about hunting down contacts. People sense desperation and it puts them off! Be open to the possibilities but go to Cannes mainly to enjoy yourself with your friend. The rest is secondary.
  • Whenever you make a contact that seems legit, always take the opportunity to ask what their doing later, if they know of any good parties or events to visit. This is to open up a door for a potential invite, done in a non obvious manner.



  • Come prepared with a 3G connection and Whatsapp, as this will be your main tool for keeping in touch with everyone you meet. I was using data roaming from my sim card from home, and sure, I had a bill to pay when I got home but it was worth it. The point is that you will otherwise feel very restricted if you don’t make use of the numbers you gather. It’s important that you follow up with people and stay in touch with them as much as possible! (Without over doing it of course)
  • Give people a chance! Sometimes you get approached by guys who you immediately would like to categorise as “losers” but I think it’s important not to judge too fast and give everyone a chance. Let your intuition guide you away from bullshitters and time wasters.



  • Stay researching! Whenever you speak to people always ask what they have been up to, where they have been, what they recommend etc. Keep yourself up to date with “the latest” of what’s going on in Cannes as it will give you insight of where to go yourself!
  • Make female contacts too! Although working in pairs is the most efficient ways to get by in Cannes, making friends with other girls should not be an exclusion. You never know how you can help each other out in what ways, and don’t think only male connections can benefit you with invites to fun events. So do girls if they have good connections!




Do any of you have anything else to add or recommend?


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40 Responses to “How to Network during Cannes Film Festival”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ” Is it possible for girls to go there in hope of meeting other jetsetters but to go home disappointed?” What do you think??? I am sure you have 18-19 years old and think will be the only money-searching prostitute there? Cannes is filled-up with hungry women like you and just cause you are going to “look your best, smile a lot and talk to a lots of people” you won`t fool anybody. Those man can spot a desperate, naive, stupid hungry woman from far away. Don`t think it`s something that they have never seen, that you`ll impress them this way and that those people will accept you close to them just cause you think you are pretty. And even if you are, the most probably is to get fucked by some photographer or small fish, presenting himself for a big shot. But you go. I would REAAAALY like to hear about how you`ve waisted your money, time and got back home with a tale between the legs. P.S.: Become a hooker – not so much a worth-dream. 😉

    • JetsetBabe says:

      lol what are you on about? 😀 <3

      • aaaa... says:

        …. TRUTH?! :) Too cinic? Ok, I had to sugarcoat it like her (naive voice) “Get involved in the jet-set life”. People so like to delude themselfes. The readers aren`t so stupid and we don`t need to calm our concience with sweet sugarcoted words like this. 😉

        • JetsetBabe says:

          Sorry but I disagree with you. Have a good day xxx

          • Anonymous says:

            Of course you disagree. I have to roll it in sugar before I post it here. :) We`re still talking about prostitution and we all see the elefant in the room. Doesn`t really matter most of you won`t admit it. 😉

    • Tatiana says:

      I have 3 for you, you have to be gay, lesbian, or some man or woman with sex problems. Something in your infancy wasn’t properly address. Somebody may b abuse of you, that you hate woman. think about it, Why? because your negativity about life is incoherent. A least the girls are not doing all this for free, and later crying because don’t work, and end broke and with a heart broken.
      Speculative comments like yours have to coming from a lesbian or gay, I doubted a little that coming from a gay, because they usually have money from their benefactors; So more usually from a guy that his penis don’t work, and never will. I hope you get this e-mail

    • Anonymous says:

      learn to spell

  2. ;) says:

    ” Unfortunately, your looks will often decide your “luck” in terms of networking. ” OF COURSE! 😀 We are talking about selling your pussy, after all… 😀 And those old guys need something that pays their money of! 😉

  3. ;) says:

    “Sometimes you get approached by guys who you immediately would like to categorise as “losers” but I think it’s important not to judge too fast and give everyone a chance. ” Can`t help it! 😀 Not much more of a looser than you – the hungry for money naive girl who goes there to look for oldies to buy her dinner and some designer bag but most probably will end up drugged and fucked by some old perverd and wake-up alone in a hotel-room with a hangover. Talk about “looser” again……

  4. Lils says:

    great post! i love to travel to south of france in the summer! I was wondering, I only travel with my boyfriend (whom i adore) and we tend to spend several weeks in the south of France. Im not really a clubbing person but i do enjoy a good day party (nikki beach for instance), obviously I’m not going to approach guys and guys most certainly won’t approach me and I’m more of a girls girl anyway. I know this may seem weird but how do i approach other girls and make friends without seeming desperate to make friends or weird?

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Hi Lils, With girls it’s trickier, as they usually have their guard up more than men. Many girls are simply not interested in being friendly with other girls as their mission is set on men, not females. But I think the only way you can go about this is to simply be that chit chatty girl who starts a conversation with girls in the bathrooms, someone who grabs an opportunity to connect with someone whenever there is the moment. Like you could always start a conversation by giving a compliment about what the girl is wearing, and then ask where she bought it. Things like that. I believe there isn’t really a formula that works 100%, but friends connections with girls usually unfolds them selves naturally somehow. Just be open for it, outgoing, chatty and positive. Normally people of this kind attract people to them :) Good luck!

      • Anonymous says:

        I was going to say the same thing. Bathrooms are a very good option. I`ve iniciated a lot of frienships like this.. without having any purpose. It just happens very fluently there, while you are all waiting or refreshing your make-up.

  5. Anna says:

    Hi jetsetbabe, go to
    just dicovered the site they post befihre and after pics of jsb like olesya malinskaya. Think it might be interesting for your readers…

  6. Sharingadvices says:

    I think the right is in the middle. The post is an interesting post about society.
    On a hand, “anonymous” shows a sour truth about naive young girls who go to Cannes to find rich people to pay them a cool vacation and come back home disappointed (in some worst case with very bad experiences too).
    On the other hands, there are professionals who make up to 30/40.000 dollars per night when there is the film festival – but those are women who know exactly what they want and not absolutely “naive” girls. Call them luxury escorts but I know one of them who is going there for the last 5 years or so and she earned an amount of money that the majority of us didn’t see in an entire life. Obviously she looks very good and she thinks of giving up soon as her wealth is something like 3 million dollars now and she is thinking of investing it (and, for girls who want to make a living on selling their body – and none can judge it – these kind of women are an excellent example). I actually think most jet setters on this blog are like this.
    On the other hand there is a small bunch of extremely smart girls who think of using their good looks in order to live a better life. I know of girls who by just being beautiful and smart moved to Cannes/Montecarlo or other jet set cities (NYC or LA or Miami) and have been able not to look desperate at all in order to get married with big fishes.

    Obviously I think you must absolutely look very nice to try. If you look average don’t even start as it will be super difficult that someone notices you (naturally there are rich men who get married/engaged to average women but in the majority of the cases it’s someone who met them before they got rich and/or she belongs to his same environment).
    Second, if you are attractive but crave for attention, as the author of the post said people will sense it. Be smiling and friendly but don’t act like you are too interested in partying with the big boys/meeting them/hooking up with them. Be someone who is there for a holiday, not for praying others to be brought around.
    Third be clear on your goals: if you want to make just friends don’t make guys think you are going to get laid, and, sorry, if you want to sell your body make elegantly men understand your price.

    My sources are rather reliable.

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Thank you for sharing, great input!

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Btw, can I email you and ask a few questions related to this? Feel free to add your real email, it won’t show in the comments. Thank you :)

    • Anonymous says:

      JSB is very interested in your friend and how she`ve made so much money. Senced something interesting there and wants to know “How do they do it!” 😀 “I actually think most jet setters on this blog are like this.” – Are you crazy?? They WANNA BE like this, dream about it, but they are far far away from this! Believe me! Don`t you see how naive some of them are and how they are reading this blog so to understand how to be not an avarage hooker, but a high-class one? Of course I know there are women who make a loads of money, but they are very few among the millions of different-rage prostitutes that there are out there! MILLIONS! And what you are talking about are exceptions. And they are not “just AMAZING looking women” but very smart and very lucky too. You need amazing looks, brains and luck! Just one of three or even two of those three isn`t enouth. And most of the girls out there have an avarage looks, THINK they have brains and it`s so not enouth. We shouldn`t glamourize prostitute life just cause some of the hookers do it good. Of course I don`t judge anybody, just call things with their real names and say what is MOST PROBABLY to happen. Of course I know that if with prostitution anyone could make 30-40 000 dollars per night, we would be ALL doing this! But these girls here they judge by these photos here and they think that your friends story is something very common to happen. And LOOK – THE JET-SET BABE DIDN`T HAD ANYTHING AGAINST YOUR COMMENT, THOUGH YOU SAID THE SAME THING AS ME! 😀 But of course.. Here she has some interest in gathering some information, so now she isn`t against calling the things with their real names. Anyway.. Very good comment you`ve posted. You`re so right about all`ve said! Those men MARRY an avarage looking girld only before they are SOMEBODY. After they make the big money they go strait for “retouched”-ones.

      • JetsetBabe says:

        What you and “sharingadvices” wrote, were completely different things. She talks about a certain group of people, you on the other hand are attacking me with the words prostitute and “sell my pussy”. Forgot? Let me freshen up your memory:

        “Cannes is filled-up with hungry women like you and just cause you are going to “look your best, smile a lot and talk to a lots of people” you won`t fool anybody. Those man can spot a desperate, naive, stupid hungry woman from far away. Don`t think it`s something that they have never seen, that you`ll impress them this way and that those people will accept you close to them just cause you think you are pretty. And even if you are, the most probably is to get fucked by some photographer or small fish, presenting himself for a big shot. But you go. I would REAAAALY like to hear about how you`ve waisted your money, time and got back home with a tale between the legs. P.S.: Become a hooker – not so much a worth-dream.

        We are talking about selling your pussy, after all…

        Not much more of a looser than you – the hungry for money naive girl who goes there to look for oldies to buy her dinner and some designer bag but most probably will end up drugged and fucked by some old perverd and wake-up alone in a hotel-room with a hangover.”

        What does my post has to do anything with prostitution? A girl emailed me and asked how to network during the film festival, and I gave her an answer which was quite objective of how it works over there.
        Who said anything about selling pussy? Or sleep with someone for money?
        Is that what networking means to you?
        What I’m trying to say is take it easy with the assumptions, don’t jump in to fast conclusions and chillax with the judging of other people. You will feel better :)

        And to answer your question why I want to get in touch with this girl is because I need more research material to my ebook. (Which you should definitely not buy :) You will hate it! 😀 ) xxx

        • Anonymous says:

          Who sad it? Seriously? I mean we all know what we are talking about. And if you don`t, you obviously are very naive and the only one that didn`t get the quiestion. That is EXACTLY what she asked about, but of course she wouldn`t use the P-word. If not going for that, why do you think she wants to go? Just cause she is desperate to meet some certain people? No. She is going to be hunting for a rich one. That`s why she is going with a friend and tells you “she is going to look her best”. Don`t you get it really? What is that she might be attracted to those people? Does she know anything about them except they are rich? No. And why do you think someone would invite her here and there or buy her anything? Cause she just happens to be there and had a little chat with him?? REALLY? If it was that easy and those old rich men didn`t want to fuck something fresh and stupid, we`ve ALL be millionaires, like in the story of “Sharingadvices”. Unfortunately – the world isn`t this blog and isn`t a faritale world. These naive girls just have misinterpreted the information here. Or maybe not.. Considering what are you advising them and how strongly you try to deny it isn`t about money/sex-exchange. If it`s not for that why the questions? Why not just go there, relax, have fun , bur ask where you could find a specific type of people? COME ON!!! NOONE can be that stupid here.

          I guess you book it`s going to have the pretention to be an high-class escort giude and how to find a rich daddy, to pay our bills while doing nothing and buy us stuff? Well.. sugarcoated.. of course. Noone that buys it should feel bad. The optimism and the idea that every woman that puts herself a high price-tag will find someone to pay for it, sells more. I am sure. But the reallity is another. You are so sweer, spiritual, spontaneous… Very nice, incredible caracter. But I see that you are also hopelessly stupid or very hipocrate.

          • dj says:

            I disagree with you. You jump to conclusions, and are very narrow minded. I live in Monaco, I work in Monaco, and I spend much of my time between St. Tropez and Cannes and Monaco. I travel a lot, and meet a lot of big and small shots, I am not a jetsetter, but I work a lot with them worldwide. My work is valuable, but my address book is worth a fortune. I meet young girls, who dream of a jetsetting life… nothing to do with prostitution. The whole French Riviera is a networking hub… and one doean’t have to sleep around to become successful. I even gave some work to 2 bright young girls (who also have good looks, not quite top model though. Just well groomed). They did well, and have now started a very succesful business. I meet girls like this all the time. I have seldomly had to pay for their drinks or dinner etc. Actually, it only happened once… and it was a business lunch. No prostitution. You obviously don’t have an interesting life, if you only meet women who are prostitutes. You should change jobs, or your whole life. Travel more… come and live on the French Riviera… and meet great people who have money, and great people who have no money… stop being bitter. Travel more. And please, look at the bigger picture in life.

          • JetsetBabe says:

            @dj Thanks for sharing this as this is what I personally think in terms of networking as well (And I believe this is what the question holder was asking about too). There is more in the jet set scene than just escorts. But only the ones who really dive deep in to this world will ever find out. The rest just sit at home and assume, picturing things like if it’s completely black or white. Oh well, so bored of this prostitute debate :)

          • Anonymous says:

            “I meet young girls, who dream of a jetsetting life… nothing to do with prostitution. The whole French Riviera is a networking hub… and one doean’t have to sleep around to become successful” I know that but this isn`t the case here. I`ve never said that there isn`t people who want this kind of life and work for it and achieve it or even find someone to pay for it. I just say they are FEW compared to the multitude. It`s english. What don`t you understand?? I still haven`t met a guy who doen`t think that if he was a woman, he would be much more successful, so that`s a delution of all of you. You like to help just YOUNG people? Why? And since when saying the truth is being bitter? And why do you write a stupid things like that like go live on the Rivier? You think that`s just a question of decision? One needs to have not just the money, but the time and the desire to do something like that. If you have money to live there or you like it there, it doens`t mean it`s regarding to all of the people. We are not talking about people who want to work and achieve alone that lifestyle, but who look for someone to pay for it. And noobody will pay them anything if they don`t fuck. And tha fact that I know the reality and don`t act stupid, doesn`t mean I don`t like mylife or I know only prostitutes. One doesn`t need to know any to know the reality. You just need to think a little. That`s it. Follow the logic. Tha fact that you know someone like this or another woman here knows someone like that, doesn`t mean that all the women with prostitution ambition in Cannes achieve to fuck for 40 000 dollars for night. Most I think return to their homes hungry. But if you don`t realize it or don`t want to admit it, so to delude those poor stupid naive girls… ok. I see how you want to “help” them.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don`t need to buy it and never pay for something like this like there are so many real autors in the internet like Balzak for example than are even for free. And I don`t neet someone that naive to sell me the idea that we all can be a high-class escort and that we just have to follow someones` advices and BUM – the magic will happen and I`ll turn from Cingarela to a Princess. These women just had “luck”.. though I am not so sure if that`s what it is , but let`s call it this way. And in life you can`t invent a scheme for how to hunt guys in Cannes (I am sure these girls go there attracted by the brains of these unknown, unseen men). Yeah.. Sure.

          • JetsetBabe says:

            Great. So what are you doing here then? You don’t need to visit my blog if it upsets you so much. There are far greater things in life than waste your time being filled with anger.

          • dj says:

            Nobody mentioned being an escort. Don’t yu understand simple english. Networking is the act of meeting people for social purposes, as well as business purposes. I thrive on this. Ibecame successful through networking, working from the bottom up. NETWORKING. Not Prostitution. Girls always kick ass at this. I wish I was a hot young girl…. because I would have been successful a lot more quickly. Lol. Without sleeping around. You know what? I think I am really curious on proving a fact to you. JSB: I can help the 2 young ladies. If they want. I have a few entries to appropriate places and events. I am always happy to help young people in pursuit of dreams. And just for the record.: if it were 2 guys asking the same questions, I’d offer the same help. You see. No prostitution… it’s called networking. And when one Networks… I haven’t ever met someone dressed in Pyjamas or badly dressed. It’s human nature to judge by the looks… I know it. I am very far from looking like a model…. so I had to make sure that what I wore and how I wore it was perfect… so yes, girls and guys always need to look their best!

    • Anonymous says:

      SHARINGADVICES, very good opinion! I totally agree with you. Just one question regarding “make elegantly men understand your price” – how to make it? And what’s more important – how to make it elegantly?

  7. Nina says:

    That was truly an interesting article. Actually all your writings are great!:) Many girls visit high class places in hopes of a better future, and those who say no, are surely lying. I love how you put it out there and share with us all what’s really behind the scenes. Congrats! Also I checked out the instagram Anna posted above (! That is just crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a monster behind all these beuties!! I couldn’t even say they were average girls, most of them were ugly!!!! I wanna know their doctors!:)))) Plzz write an article with the most visited surgeons out there among these jetsetters!:)))) Thxxx! Have fun in Cannes and hope you share your experiences with us after!:)))

  8. Sharingadvices says:

    Yes, I didn’t put it because of privacy in fact I didn’t write any name in order not to make examples based on people. I’m not someone who likes spamming with others names 😉
    This one is my real mail, as I love your blog, feel free to write.

  9. Sharingadvices says:

    To answer to Anonymous: yes, we are saying the same thing. When I said “most jet setters on this blog are like this” I didn’t mean most of the girls who read this blog, I mean most of the girls the author posts, the ones in the pictures.
    But about one thing, I must tell you: even though it may sound “too easy”, I have no interest in assuring you that my friend who makes up to 30/40.000 per night isn’t really such a rare thing. She is very open about it and told me and our other friends in common how many good looking girls there are in Cannes and other similar places, who hook up with russians and arabs that are litterally throwing money at them. OBVIOUSLY, and I repeat obviously, you need to look amazing and be smarter than the average of the hookers, but this said, it’s not that impossible to become an highly paid escort.
    Personally I look too normal to do such a choice (even if, as the author of the blog shows in her posts, even many glamourous jetsetters were absolutely normal before) and furthermore, to be honest, I enjoy the good life but not so much to get laid with hundreds of horrible old men just to go to 5 star hotels or drive a Porsche. But I totally respect who put money at the top of his/her priorities in life and who takes advantage from looks in order to achieve this material success.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know you didn`t mean to make it sound easy. I ment to say that it sounds easy for the stupid naive girls who read this blog religeosly. I knew that what you say,you know very well what you`re talking about, no NAIVITE… what-so-ever. But as these girls are perceiving that life only via this blog , they think that the rest of the women don`t do this from moral convicctions. And it`s not that. As I said- we would ALL do it for that kind of money. But they have to know that very few women have that type of destiny. THOUGH THIS BLOG PRESENT THIS REALITY TO BE VERY GLAMOROUS, IT`S MOSTLY DARK SIDE FOR MOST OF THE WOMEN. Here you see 40-50 women of ALL EUROPE! That`s it! JSB had said that she don`t want to concentrate on the negativities but there are some. This is not what she wants to talk about here. But these girls they perceive everything here like 100% true and only true and reality, when as I said, most gold-diggers end-up like I already said. Very few of them live actually well.

      • JetsetBabe says:

        You know Marcela, you told me before that you have gone back in the archive and read almost all the old posts. You should then know that I put both the negative and positive on the blog.

    • Anonymous says:

      I also respect their life-choise. Just don`t respect the hypocrisy and people trying to delude themselves and thinking if they put a big band on their eyes so they can`t see the reality, others should pretend they don`t see it too, just to not make them feel incomfortable. I woulndn`t of said nothing if she was direct. But she is or very hypocritical or very naive (in which case I want to tell her she is being delusional). If she knows what she is going for and tells it – I am fine with it, of course. And of course your friend would be “open” about this. It`s not like she is making 50 dollars for a night, like to be ashamed of it or something. Each woman would be proud of herself if she could make a man spend a loads of money on her. Nowadays everything is justified, as long as it makes you rich, so I don`t think there would of be a lots of people who would critisize someone like your friend.

  10. David Lee says:

    This is a fabulous article with loads of great advice! Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Sharingadvices says:

    @ Anonymous: well, even though her life has no material problem due to her looks & attitude, my friend told us she had to accept that no man wants to take her seriously. It’s part of the package: lots of money, travels and “things”, but no real love. She told me she had hard time to accept it in the beginning but then she figured out that as long as her life is this, she is not going to try to find the man of her life. Last time I heard from her she told me she was going to move to LA to start a new life with a new job – probably as an intrepreneur with the money she has – and to look for a man in her life (she is 31 now and wants a family). She told me that despite her amazing looks (and she is even intelligent and honest person – know it might sound odd from a “prostitute” but it’s really like she is) no man who knew about her activity still wanted to go out with her, and this is something I can understand that sometimes she feels alone. She started with that life when she was about 25, comes from middle class family who don’t know anything about it (even if surely they are suspicious about how can such an amount of money come and go!) and she told them she is the lover of just one wealthy person. She has very few real friends and for her it’s difficult to make good friends as people tend to judge her and to stay far from her (women very envious and hypocrite as always).

    By the way jetsetbabe posts 40/50 women, yes, but absolutely not worldwide. As she admitted most of the “babes” are from Moscow, in fact once I went to Moscow a couple of years ago and you can’t believe how many girls similar to the ones here are there… In Moscow hip places you can see at least 10 of them each evening.
    The friend of mine we are talking about was telling me that usually russian girls are coming in Cannes already accompanied by a sponsor, while the girls who make the most money there are latinas (spanish, italian, south american).

    While I see that Jetsetbabe is from Sweden – beautiful country full of beautiful people but no jet set there? Maybe Stockholm? It’s very hard to meet swedish jet set babes.

    • JetsetBabe says:

      I’ve come across many jet setting Swedish girls! Somehow I always run in to them when I travel :) But on this blog they are not very frequent as I’m mainly posting the eastern Europeans who are not shy with sharing their lives with the world :)

  12. says:

    Probably swedish have another way to live the good life.
    This would be an interesting topic: jet set babes according to their nationalities. For instance I noticed enormous differences between wealthy american girls and wealthy russian girls and so on. They have different ways to live wealth, for instance I think you follow mostly russian because in most of the cases not only they are not shy sharing their lives, but they are extremely exhibitionists (no offence, it’s just a characteristic) compared to other countries so it’s easier to make a blog on their lifestyle (for instance my friend who is italian takes private jets very often, but almost never takes pictures or publishes pictures of the luxury she lives in, cars, shopping etc., while russians ALWAYS do it! american and south european women are more exhibitionists about their bodies than their luxury, usually).

  13. Gracie says:

    Most of these girls are professional high end escorts/companions especially the Russian/Eastern Euro ones and they go to the South of France especially during the Film Festival to work and make money. I am east euro myself and have known girls from my country go there solely for this purpose, also there are agencies who send you and you pay them a percentage. Some more savvy girls go on their own. There is only a very small percentage of russian/eastern euro girls who are genuinely married to a rich man. Also, in Russia and Eastern Europe it’s pretty normal to accept that your husband cheats on you, as long as he keeps providing the lifestyle, especially when he is wealthy. All the other east euros who post their images on Instagram from exotic locations and high end hotels usually have a few wealthy sponsors/sugar daddies or they work as companions. It’s the mentality since the girls here are not as career oriented and many expect a man to pay for everything, so having a few sponsors is not a big deal and these girls are good at keeping them.

    Said that, not all east euro women are money hungry professionals, there are plenty of normal and nice eastern euros too but you will NOT find them in the South of France during the high time and majority of them have very strong family values and are already married with children and some have strived for a career. In russian there is a saying- there are 2 things in life that like quiet- wealth and happiness. Therefore people who are genuinely happy or wealthy don’t need to flaunt it. I know it doesn’t always apply but think it’s pretty true.

    I can’t speak of the girls of other nationalities but I know well the eastern euros/Russians and the mentality. And I do think that there should be some type of warning for more naive girls who don’t know the game and go there for the first time so that they don’t get a nasty shock or a bad experience. I have also lived in London and know fully well that good networking can open potential doors for you and provide with good opportunities BUT as a woman you need to be careful, especially during the high time as there will be plenty of con artists and other weirdos around looking for young naive girls. The old grandpas at hotel lobbies also know the deal most of the time and they can spot a professional from a naive girl within a second and use their naïveté. Also, I would like to point out that the real film industry and quality people who are also quality contacts are actually within the actual Film festival premises and private parties.

  14. Marina says:

    My name is Marina. I bumped into your blog last week and now I’m all into it. Please feel free to email my your updates. I am partnering with private jet company in Miami. I’m Originally from Ukraine but live in Palo Alto (aka Silicon Valley, Califrnia).

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