How to get rid of Acne

12 April 2013


How to get beautiful skin


How to get rid of acne


– 5 secrets for beautiful skin


It’s hard feeling beautiful if you’re skin isn’t – I know as I’ve been battling with acne since being a teenager. Today I’m in my mid 20’s and still have acne prone skin, but I’ve finally learned to keep it under control, however I’ve learned the hard way. Today I want to share with you my 5 insider anti acne secrets that are both tested and works! Here we go!


#1 Don’t touch your skin! Stop popping those pimples!


This has been the hardest part for me as I can’t walk around with pimples without popping them. But I did a test a few times to see if it’s actually true what they say about less pimples if you stop popping them – and I must say It did work! My skin cleared up after a while with about 70%. I also stopped touching my face during the day with my bare hands as they are dirty and skin looked so much better!


How to get rid of acne


#2 Wash your face twice each time


I got this advice from a dermatologist telling me I should always wash with facewash + rinse two times each morning and each evening. I did it over some time and noticed a great improvement in my skin.


#3 Go organic!


I think I’ve tried all face products possible out there; Dermalogica, Loreal, Dior, Chanel, Ysl, Decleor etc but nothing really worked for me. One day I decided to try something new and bought hand made day cream & face wash from an organic brand on Ebay. It was cheap, the product was 100% natural and they hand made it once you place an order meaning it’s very fresh! (It also comes with an expiry date!). It didn’t take long before my skin cleared up completely from my pimples! I was chocked! Since then I never use any products that are not organic and natural.


get beautiful skin


#4 Go mineral!


I’ve mentioned this before, but you must only use mineral based make up on your skin if you suffer from acne – and this mineral make up needs to be Bismuth free! Say good bye to liquid foundation as that is a pore clogger deluxe and you have to only use loose powder mineral foundation so that you let your skin breathe. I noticed a radical difference after I changed from my ordinary foundations to mineral.


#5 Remove your make up 1-2 a day


Rule number one is to NEVER sleep with make up. I can have great skin for weeks, but then If I once fall asleep with my make up on, then the next morning I have 3 zits waiting for me on my face (and several more to come the day after). I also noticed that If I wear foundation from morning until evening, running around at work and doing loads of things – it’s easier for me to get pimples than if I only have foundation for a few hours. I think it’s something with the layer of oil that produces through out the day, stays on the skin together with the make up and just keep clogging pores. After I started washing my face every lunch (while being at the gym) I noticed a big improvement. Best thing is to avoid foundation as much as possible but if you’re addicted like me, then you just need to make the best out of it šŸ˜‰

This was the first part of my Anti Acne series, there is more coming up as I’m not done sharing my secrets for beautiful skin with you! So stay tuned!


Acne free skin


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