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How do Jetset Babes get sponsors?

12 October 2015



I got an email from one of my readers asking the very upfront question on how Jetset Babes get their sponsors and where they find them. I know this topic is very interesting for many of my readers, there for I will try and answer this question the very best that I can with some help from my friends, readers and research. If you would like to add some information to this, feel free to use the comments section in the end of this post.


What is a sponsor?bottomline


A sponsor is a man who finances parts or the entire life of someone (often a Jetset Babe). The terminology is often used in countries like for example Russia, but you would also stumble upon it under the phrase “Sugardaddy”.



Where to find a sponsor?bottomline


Most commonly Jetset Babes find their sponsors by being out and about. High end bars, clubs and restaurant are the easiest ways to meet new people in general, but also to meet wealthy men who could potentially act as a sponsor.

There are plenty of other places where girls have met their sponsors. I’ve heard stories from pretty much everywhere: Inside designer shops, luxury department stores, cafés, gym, on the street etc. In the end of the day, you can run in to anyone, anywhere! Even a potential sponsor!



Second most common way is to find someone online.

Many girls sign up on sugardaddy websites like Seekingarrangement (it’s considered the best one) and start hunting down a potential sponsor. This can be quite time consuming as there are a lot of time wasters on these sites. But I know of people who have been lucky, met great guys – some who even became boyfriends! (Don’t take this as a general rule though).

Other methods of meeting someone online would be through social media.Mainly instagram. If you are a girl who are in to posting beautiful pictures of yourself, then be prepared to have interested men contacting you for meeting up etc. Instagram has become one of the best tools for self promotion, and many Jet set Babes use it to get scouted by potential investors.

This should be viewed with precaution, as there are many unserious guys around, and never meet anyone without checking their background first! But I have heard a story of a girl who got introduced to her sponsor from social media but I guess she was just one of these rare lucky ones….



How does one get in to an arrangement with a sponsor?bottomline


If you meet someone in real life (not from a website) then an arrangement is usually proposed from the man. He may say that he would like to “take care of you” (meaning financially) or that he can help you with whatever financial support you might need (rent, bills, pay of credit card debts, take you shopping etc).

If you meet someone from a sugardaddy website then it’s kind of expected to speak about an arrangement. Both parties can therefor bring up this conversation topic as in what the expectations are and what support would be provided.

Many girls who are not even looking for sponsors, might find a boyfriend who offers to help them with finances for whatever reason. (It’s often more convenient for a busy business man to have a girlfriend who is not a full-time worker, so she can be flexible around his schedule and go travel with him).

Usually to find a sponsor is all about being lucky, and meeting the right person at the right time.


How Jetset Babes get their sponsors


Why would a man want to sponsor a woman?bottomline


In many parts of the world the culture speaks for the man taking care of a woman financially. It’s a cultural thing but also a common thing to do in the jet set world. The men simply afford it and the Jetset Babes know they can achieve it. In the jet set world it’s not a strange thing, in fact I believe a majority (or at least a large percentage) of the women have had sponsors at some point in their lives.

Married men are often to sponsor their mistresses. They tend to have the need to compensate her somehow since he cannot offer her a future, plus requires more flexibility and understanding from her end towards his situation. Same goes for ugly men, over weight or similar as they are usually more generous and eager to sponsor a woman as they know it would be nearly impossible to “keep her” other wise.

But of course, we also have the types who simply care for the person and want to invest in her because of love, friendship or genuine compassion. (But honestly, these cases are not as common!)


How Jetset Babes get their sponsors


If you have any more questions about this topic, then please leave a comment. I’m sure some of my readers have more knowledge than me in this field and could possibly contribute with additional information and facts. So feel free to share what you know or have experienced yourself.


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28 Responses to “How do Jetset Babes get sponsors?”

  1. Crystal says:

    I saw an episode on this on Netflix. You can find it under This Is Life with Lisa Ling, the episode is called, “Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies”. I found it quite interesting and informative.

      • Alicia says:

        Hi I hear there is a group of wonderful SB who gather on regularly bases. I would love to be part of that as being a SB is wonderful, yet it can be isolating as all my friends have no idea I am one myself. My dream is to get into a group of like minded ladies. Please do let me know how to contact them if this is not it.

        Thank you so much in advance :)

        • K says:

          Hi Alicia,

          Just saw ur post, im in the same situation as u actually haha. Would be great to get in touch if u like?

  2. Mark says:


    Thank you so much for this post. I believe you have answered a question that has been the minds of your reader for quite some time.

    All the best,


  3. katherine says:

    love these types of posts – verry fun!

    i was wondering if you had the link wrong under the 3rd photo (vie_de_bonheur)? i love the picture and tried to go to her instagram but she no longer exists? could you clarify her name on instagram or is she no longer on it?

    thanks! xoxo

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Hi, It happens often that when I have saved this image with their insta-name, by the time I publish it on the blog, they would have changed their insta name to something else. Its obviously nearly impossible for me to keep track on who changes to what, so I can’t help you unfortunately! :/

  4. steven says:

    Always very insightful along with being useful. This type of arrangement is very common in Manhattan especially on the Upper East side. Also, in some circles in Palm Beach, rich older women practice this lifestyle. Love the site.


  5. Hannah says:

    Love this post , keep up the good work x could you maybe do something on what to wear so that your visible to a sugar daddy?

  6. Kate says:

    I have personally had the experience of being taken care of by a very wealthy man who loved me. I was not out trying to seek this kind of arrangement, but he approached me while I was having dinner in one of his restaurants. I was visiting a big city which he owns many nightclubs and restaurants in. My tip to girls on this site is to look classy and elegant but make sure to be polished from head to toe. High profile men notice every detail of a woman. I recommend more simple styles, and nothing too flashy or scandalous. You want to leave something to the imagination especially if you are looking for a more serious relationship. I am a small town girl and I think my innocence went a long way. These men can smell out the typical gold digging type from a mile away. He enjoyed the fact that I had a mind of my own and that I was very genuine and honest. I recommend always being polite, kind, and gracious. These men don’t want brats, but they also don’t want a doormat either. I ultimately had to end the relationship due to the distance (I was not willing to move from my home town), but it was definitely the best time of my life being wined and dined and flown all over the world.

  7. Pinky says:

    You should also write about different types of sponsors/sugardaddies and their overall mentality and how to deal with them? What I am also interested in is how the arrangement is agreed upon/negotiated? For instance, what is the average sum in terms of monthly allowance? Also, what does the man get in return and how often in average? I think we all know that majority of these men expect more than just regular accompanionship.

    Coming back to different types of sponsors, I think girls should be aware of the differences in dealing with men from various nationalities since usually sponsors are to be found from global hotspots. For instance, Russian men- usually Russians who are interested in sponsoring are very straight forward, their approach is very quick and direct and they don’t wait around and in most cases they offer the girl an apartment to live in and buy her a car right at the beginning. They tend to be very generous. Usually, Russian men also take pride in themselves and look after themselves, this can’t be said of their British counterpants. The downside is that Russians go by the old adage- he who pays also orders the music and these men can be very controlling, demanding(Russians like to flaunt their woman so the woman needs to look impeccable at all times- no lazy days) and they often have a Slavic temper. By Slavic temper I mean that if you make a wrong move- he may use violence on you. In Russian there is a saying- if he hits me, he loves me. It’s a cultural thing. Also, there have been many cases in Russia where sponsor orders to murder the girl for revenge (eg the girl didn’t dance to his tune) they usually just pay some guys who kill the girl and make the body disappear. In Russia the police usually works with the Mafia so these disappearances are often quieted down and the relatives usually are too scared for their own lives to demand for a proper investigation. This is one of the reasons you rarely see a Russian man sponsoring a western girl- I truly believe only Russian/Slavic women can deal with them perfectly and know all the tricks in the pocket. And even they are not always successful.
    British men I have heard are stingy? Also, what about the rich Middle eastern men?

  8. B says:

    Please make a post about Pinkys Comment!!!!!!!

  9. elle says:

    Someone’s stealing your content…
    If you click on the jetsetbabe tag you will see a bunch of posts.

    • JetsetBabe says:

      OMG thanks hun for letting me know! Have reported this website to Google, emailed them and will speak to my mom who is a lawyer what to do when other websites steal your texts. It was like more than 10 posts! :S

      • C says:

        That’s rude and annoying.

        And they’re not only stealing your content, but if you check with a quick copy and paste, they’re stealing from many others as well.

        Good to know your mother is a lawyer. They should be shut down!

  10. Sugar Sugar says:

    If sugar baby is dating with her sponsor who is married, is she allowed to have an affair with another man (not for money but for fun)? I mean, in most cases, whether sugar daddy is controlling her or she can do whatever she wants expect for the days when she is busy with him (going out etc)? Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Again, it’s very individual. I mean no sponsor want to actually know about if his sugarbaby is seeing other guy, often they want exclusivity. But some of them have understanding towards the situation not being “fair” because he is married and why would she then not be allowed to see anyone else.
      I think it depends who you meet. Some are very possessive and demand exclusivity, whilst others say “do what you want, just don’t tell me about it”. I think it’s only fair to do what’s right for you. All of this is negotiable and something each individual needs to agree upon.

  11. Brianna says:

    I am à culture and language enthusiast and i love your blog. My question though, is a little off topic to your post. Why did you choose english as the language to write in rather than your native language or any other language?

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Because the readership is very limited if I would do blog in my native language. Plus this blog gives me good practice to write in english. When I started 3 years ago, my writing was so much worse than it is now so I know it will only get better (I hope)

  12. cathie says:

    By “sponsor” do you mean like a long term John? As in you’re a hooker?

    • lulubina says:

      No, a hooker gets paid by the hour and it is a “hit and run” or “pay for play” like we say in the US. A sponsor is more of a commitment, you have to meet many times and meet all the time. It can be for years or months. It is someone that invests time and money in a woman and helps her either by giving her money or paying for her bills monthly. Just like a wife, except this one they don’t get married and have kids.

  13. Francys Marfisi says:

    I would like to receive updates via e mail.

    Thank you

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