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Having a Partner in crime

28 November 2014


Partners in crime


I have always been the type who wants to explore the world and be adventurous, but in my circle of friends while growing up I never had anyone who shared the same ambition.

My friends from school had different plans and couldn’t understand why I so badly wanted to leave the country and set myself free.


Partners in crime


That became the reason why I decided to move on my own to Italy as soon as I finished high school. I gave up on the people around me and told myself I didn’t want to waste my best years just because nobody wanted to tag along and be adventurous.


Partners in crime


So I took that step which to some 19 year old’s may feel daunting, but it went better than I ever expected.

I then learned an important lesson that would shape me for the rest of my life and that was going to be about independence.

After Italy I felt confident as I realised I didn’t need anyone to fulfil my plans. I felt strong enough to conquer the world alone and it didn’t feel scary anymore. The taste of freedom and the power of being able to do whatever I wanted, hooked me completely.


Partners in crime


Although it sounds amazing being so independent I still wish I would have had a partner in crime, especially during the jet setting times.

Globetrotting together with your girlfriend is something I always envied other girls (in a positive way).


Partners in crime


I never got the chance to move to a foreign country with my bestie, live together, travel together and just explore the jet set world as true partners in crime.

The jet set world can be quite tough, and having some form of genuine support would have made the journey a bit easier. Or at least I tell myself so.


Partners in crime


The thing is I’ve always made really good friendships along the way. In every country I lived or visited there has always been some valuable & genuine connections.

But I guess I just miss of having that BFF experience when you live together and walk this path as a team.


Partners in crime


On my path, I have been a constant “one man show” who always travel or move to a country alone.

Surely, I’ve never been that alone, but my friends have always been scattered a little bit everywhere, making the relationships not as consistent as It would have been if you actually live with someone – or hang out almost everyday.
That’s the kinda friendship I miss, even if it sounds a bit juvenile.


Partners in crime


For this reason I know that “my time is soon running out” – if it’s not too late already – to ever have that experience.

This type of adventures with a bestie is something you do in your 20’s and I’m 1.5 years away from 30!

My focus will soon be on getting married and giving birth, not running around the world like a hooligan. Or who knows 😉


Partners in crime,


I learned how to become a very independent individual and maybe this strong trait of mine blocked opportunities of this kind.

But what I would like to say is, if you ever get the chance to have a partner in crime on this journey – then no doubt you should take it!

In the jet set world you’ll need all kinds of support because it can be a hell of a ride at times! Sharing it with a partner in crime will really help you on an emotional level. Plus someone to remember the crazy stories with when you grow older :)


Partners in crime


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26 Responses to “Having a Partner in crime”

  1. Anna Maria says:

    I totally understand you. To be honest with you it’s hard to find that person or maybe it’s just me and my experience. I have never had a true best friend a.k.a partner in crime. I do have friends but I don’t know why but I can’t make with them that special bond which exists between besties.
    And there are a little people out there who want to be adventorous, maybe there are, but they are afraid of it. After my graduation I’m leaving my country for at least whole summer (to Italy by the way hahaha) and then I must find a way to study abroad, because I’m sick of my actual address (it’s quite boring living 18 years in the same country). And I can assure you no one in my class/among my friends wants to do the same thing, they are just talking about universities and they even don’t want to move too far from their homes for studies. When I’m listening to them I am just – “Guys, I don’t know if you are aware of it, but the whole world isn’t just Poland (my country)” and they “Ok, I like visiting new countries but I still have holidays” “I want to move to another country when I finish my studies/when I learn language/when blablabla “Sure, you end up missing your youth, by not exploring world” And what’s the point of being 100% prepared, youth is all about being reckless (not too much of course ;D)
    My mom has the same opinion as I have, even though she is so scared of me leaving country. She told me that she married my dad, have two children, and that she don’t regret this, but she regrets spending her youth at home, going to work, taking care of me and my brother and seeing nothing. She told me this after I took her for the first time abroad to Italy 2 months ago and she still persuades me that firstly I need to travel, see the things I want to see, make my dreams come true and then settle down, because if I do it right now I would never achieve what I want, because family would be the most important thing.

    Could you please write something about countries you have lived in? Prons, cons etc.? I think many people will find it interesting.

    PS: I’m totally addicted to your blog. Visiting this site more than 20 times a day.

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Where in Italy are you going to? I was living in Rome for a year after I graduated :)
      Interesting to read about what your mum said, I think she has a valid point! I always tried (so far) to do in my life as much as possible as I hate living on regrets. So I can feel with her words.

      Yes, I’ll be writing more about my experiences of countries I lived in. Thanks for reminding me about this topic :)
      Welcome back anytime 😉 <3

      • Anna Maria says:

        I haven’t thought about the city yet, just focusing on finding a job first 😉
        but Milano would be amazing, have been there once and totally fell in love.

        • JetsetBabe says:

          Yeah I’d recommend Milan if you want to have a bit of jet set experience. Rome, which is the capital, is a great city but doesn’t feel “thaaat” happening as for example Milan. The only problem with milan it’s less beautiful and more grey. But hey who cares if u just gonna be partying and having fun :)

  2. Nicole says:

    Heey, I’m the second addicted!!!! I visit your blog 19,99 times a day hahaha 😀
    Okay, so… I’m 19 years old and I also dream about travelling BUT… 1) how do you do that, when you don’t have enough money… (ok, I’m not poor, but you need money for tickets, accommodation, eating, going out – visiting pubs and cafes)
    2) What do you do when you are alone in an unknown city? …. you go out alone? just sitting there.(.in the pub for example) and talking to strangers?
    3) and what about making relations in your native city, where (in the future) you would want to settle a business and get married…or just to return to your kin?
    I’ve always wondered how people like you solve such a step of their lives without relying on financial support from parents?
    :))) GOOD for you !

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Haha, Welcome darling :) Glad you’re another addict 😉
      1) You need to save up money. Or find a job imediately when u arrive so u can get a salary the first month. There isn’t really another option Im afraid. Unless you go to another country for studies and get a student loan.
      2) Yes you go out alone :) That’s exactly what I did when I first moved to Italy. I went walking on my own on the streets, sat down in the various places alone etc. But the thing is that when people see u are alone (especially as a girl who is not ugly) they get “attracted to you” (yeah we’re talking about guys here mainly). They start talking to you and guys are a good way to make “first friends with” even if you always need to be careful. Cause through guys you can meet their friends, girls etc and get further introduced in to groups of people. Its not as difficult as it seems. It all unfolds very naturally. Plus having some form of occupatino (job, study, hobbie) will make ways for you to meet people. If you just move to a new country to do nothing, it will be hard to meet people.
      3) What do you mean exactly with this question? Not sure I understand :)

      With regards to the parents, I have never relied on them financially and they have never offered either! That has taught me from an early age that I need to resolve my life myself somehow. I was very scared when I was still in school cause I didnt understand what it meant to be a grown up and how grown ups resolve their finances. But once school finished I understood, its not that difficult, it’s all about getting a job so you have money to pay for your life. So that’s what I have been doing all my life :)

  3. Ms J says:

    I can very much relate. I actually wrote to you about this a year or so ago, not sure you remember. Still searching for my partner in crime but in the mean time, still taking on the world alone.

    On the chance of sounding crazy, the moment I found your blog and read your personal experiences, how you think, and how you react to not only the jet set world, but the entire world around you, I felt like you were just like me haha.

    If you ever decide to try america for the remainder of your jet setting years and come to NYC, or even just a visit, shoot me a message 😀 If nothing else, we’d have a lot of fun.

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Not sure I remember! But I’m always up for meeting new people! Like seriously. As soon as I get my ass out of my isolated bubble I will def try and meet up with some readers. I think it’s such a great opportunity of meeting like minded so why not grasp it.
      If I ever pass NYC I’ll let you know. If you pass South East Asia in Winter, let me know 😉

  4. Nanda says:

    Hello JSB! I guess you know I’ve been following your blog from the very begining :) And reading your stories and knowing a bit about your personality I feel that we have so much in common, it`s funny! It`s so nice to see how internet can approximate people with same interests from all around the globe.
    I see that Brazil is in your plans for the near future, so please let me know if you feel like meeting for a coffee or visiting around, it would be cool! 😉

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Hi Nanda, thanks for your sweet message! :)
      I will for sure let you know! In fact, I have a BIG URGE to go to Brazil (As soon as I have the dineros). Im totally in love with the entire latin american culture and countries, and Brazil has been no my to travel list for so many years. 😀

  5. elle says:


    great post, I am like a rolling stone that gathers no moss too ! i know how it feels…. friends allover but no-one regularly close…

    by the way im taking accutane too – loving being spot free and dry hair, but am EXHAUSTED! incredibly dry lips…. etc….. im on 60 per day – are you feeling tired with it? ,y muscle soreness is pretty bad too, especially after gym, im struggling to do gym 3 times a week when i used to go 5 times……

    I have no clue how long my course will be im 2 months in – how long is your course??

    Thanks in advance Elle x

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Yeah, exactly, like a damn rolling stone! It’s great but it’s sad having everyone scattered in all kinds of places! Thats’ really the only down side with this lifestyle! :(

      Yeah I’m on 60mg per day as well now, maximum dose the doctor said (According to the weight). I’m on month 3 now, have 3 months left. I must say my side effects have gone down, guess my body got used to the stuff now. Lips are still dry, muscles hurt as hell when you put some effort in to the gym session, so I totally feel u on this one! It’s so annoying, I also need to skip a few times and go 3 times instead of 5. It’s so annoying cause it messes up everything in my routine :)
      The tiredness I must say I don’t feel. But on the other hand I’m drinking loads of vegetable juices and I know that they give energy, so could be Im keeping it stable cause of them. Or who knows why.
      I cant wait to finish this cure, but I just found out I wont be able to do any facial treatments for like 6-12 months after the finish cause skin and it’s repair system will be still too fragile. Damn it, wanted to start eliminating scars etc that I’ve got :(

      • elle says:

        thanks for your reply.

        hopefully my symptoms will reduce then… 6 months – omg ! I think maybe I must be on a six month course too by the sounds of it (I am on 60 max for my weight also)

        I have gained 7 lbs so the whole gym thing is very frustrating… I have just bought a juicer so am working juices in and have lost a measly pound in a week!

        • JetsetBabe says:

          My doctor said 6 months must be the minimum period cause of his experience it doesn’t often disappear if the treatment is less than that. But its individual of course, some have it gone forever after just a few months.
          It’s great you bought a juicer! Try and juice as much as you can, like drink a juice every 2-3 hours so you don’t get hungry, and fast&juice those days you are not working out. Or do a 10day juice detox when you don’t eat anything besides juicing! I know its hardcore but it actually is only annoying the first 3 days and then u kinda get in to it :)
          How much acne did you have before the acne treatment btw?

  6. Balqees R. says:

    I moved to Dubai 3 years ago when I got married with an UAE national, I’m 28 too and still building new friendships here, still without finding a mind alike in the city, I think because even if I kind of enjoy fitness and the jet set world’s lifestyle, I still the kind of girl who have limits, and in the same time, I prefer to build my empire with a clean conscience and well mostly the girls I had crossed by are in other directions. After 3 years of love, relax and no-saving money 😀 I started to focus again on became a billionaire by my one ( I have expensive taste and bigger long-term ambitions) and trying to surround myself with minds alike, so if any time you come to UAE would be nice to establish friendship ties, I have read you recently but you appear to be a gorgeous heart girl who is catching her dream in a shameless way and I just admire that in somebody. xx

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Great stuff, We’re on the same path, love it!
      I will defo let you know if I plan to visit Dubai, never been there actually! If you pass south east asia in winter, let me know as that’s where I will be heading to escape the winter! :) I’m always up for meeting new people :)

  7. Anna says:

    Hi! Great article, I can relate to it very much and it’s so nice to get to know more about the brain behind this great blog 😉

    I don’t know if you’ve ever wrote a post about it, but I’ve been wondering for a while now, how exactly did you yourself get into the jet set world? Was it in Italy?

    Have a nice weekend!

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Aww you’re sweet, thanks :) Yeah italy was actually where I took my first baby steps in the jet set world, cause I started partying in the “luxury spots” in Rome, met that type of crowd and then I started seeing a wealthy guy for some time. That was my first experience and I kind of liked it :) After Rome I went to Ibiza and the story goes on as you can imagine :)

  8. Balqees R. says:

    OMG!! I meant in a NON-shameless way. This just remember me to put in my do right now list my english language improvement, its not my first language. Lo siento mucho xx

  9. Arianne says:

    Maybe you can help me out, and i would really appreciated. I am moving to monaco very soon and i don’t know a single person there neither does my husband (were in our 20’s). How would you recommend i make friends? I am SO PETRIFIED!

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Like I just wrote to someone else, it’s all about just being out and about. Nightlife is a good tool. Work, School or Hobbies connect people. Just hanging about in places and be open. Online can be a solution. possibly? However with Monaco it can be generally speaking tricky, cause its such a small place so finding people is limited cause most of the people there are travellers who are in an out.
      May I ask how come you guys are moving there? :)

  10. Arianne says:

    My husband is moving there for work. We’ve been there many times and he just fell in love with it. We found an amazing apartment and we plan to make the move next fall! I really do find it to be a beautiful country, however, my friends and family are all in America. Im scared I’m not going to meet people. I am a very very fun person but i’m also a bit shy at first. I also feel like ill be intimidated by living there. I love my husband soooo much but the thought of living in a country that is SO small where i don’t know a single person makes me a little uneasy… i want to thank you tho for you’re advice :)

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Don’t worry you’ll be fine! It always looks scarier when you’re on the other side of the fence. But once you climb over and start getting in to the rhythm of it, you’ll notice things just unfold itself.

  11. lea says:

    I first moved as 20 yrs old and i had partner in crime and it was waaay too crazy, we were so carefree, no responsibility, we knew that we will figure everything out somehow, i have great memories =] the second time i had partner in crime was in us and third in germany, i didnt realized it by now but it is way better to share those experiences with girlfriend who gets you and you can conspire together =]

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