Hair Extension Question, help!

13 September 2013


Hair Extension




I have a hair extension question to you readers, maybe someone can help me here… I have my own hair on my head, in many various shades of brown as I do high lights to get a nice natural tone, which is mixed up sort of. Well you get the picture, I have loads of high lights basically.

I want to buy clip in hair extensions now, usually the ones I’ve bought before been dark brown as that’s how my hair color been usually, so I never needed to color it. But now since I have all kinds of colors in my head, how am I gonna buy these clip ins? My color won’t exist, so what do I do? Take the fake hair to the hair dresser and tell them to color it for me? Is that how you have done it? Just feels kinda weird. Please advice me :)


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6 Responses to “Hair Extension Question, help!”

  1. Masha says:

    Actually there are extensions that are already highlighted, i’ve seen them especially in London. But if you still can’t find the right ones then yes, you take them to the hair dresser šŸ˜€
    I know it seems awkward but remember there are many other girls that do the same so it’s not a big deal after all ! Good luck !

  2. Fe says:

    You could buy virgin hair, indian or brazilian (which would be the best quality), and then take them to the hairdresser to highlight it. I’ve tried those ones they call “human hair”, even “remy quality” and it’s not like real hair… it can look great when you buy it, but when you wear it a few times just looks dry and cheap… So, I have mine (in dark brown color) for years, I wash it every week, and it still looks shiny and silky just like my own hair :) Hope it helps! Have a nice day!

  3. Sev says:

    As Masha was saying, just go to a “Hair shop”, most of the time they sell wigs and recently they started to sell extensions as well. You can go to Brixton, Peckham etc. Depending where you live, you should have a shop around your place. If you we’re to dye them, make sure to buy the best quality (called AAA). To double your chance of having them last longer, treat them as your hair: shampoo and most importantly use conditioner and very gentle detangler.

  4. April says:


    My name is April and I run LuxeLocks Hair. We are hair extension company that specializes in 100% human hair remy clip-in extensions that are guaranteed tangle and shed free for 5 months with everyday wear – longer with occasional wear. Our product retails from $175 – $209 US.

    We have a few clients who have highlighted hair and you can go two ways: either choose extensions in a lighter color to emphasize the highlights, which will give you an ombre effect, or stay with your darker base color and add in extensions to match that; this will give you a lightly highlighted effect and it’s beautiful.

    Is this picture filtered? If not, I can tell you that with us, your highlight match is either color #6 Chestnut Brown or #30 Light Auburn. The match to your darker base color is #3 Chocolate Brown.

    Check our our site; we’re currently offering 40% off, which ends today. If you’re interested we will hold the deal for you until you’re ready to purchase and increase it to 45% because we love to solve hair issues! We offer free shipping as well.

    You can also find us on social media @luxelockshair.

    Hope this info was helpful – StayLuxe!

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