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Five Favourite Outfits

17 July 2015



1. The Alaïa Dress


Will I ever get enough of my love for Alaïa dresses? Probably not. I’m also a secret fan of Victoria Silvstedt outfits. If I would tweak her style to perfection I would ged rid of her blonde big hair-do as it feels like it belongs to a Real housewives of bla bla bla show season 1.

It’s just that there is something about these cute dresses that are so damn flattering to the female body and hour glass curve, that you can’t get enough of them! Plus the texture and material is damn nice too. The only minus about these dresses is that they are so heavy and that’s something that annoys me, I prefer lighter clothing :) But on the other hand, you get what you pay for, and for 2-3k a dress you sure want something out of strong and proper quality, which you’ll get from Alaïa dresses.





2. The two-piece ensemble


The high waisted 50’s skirt together with it’s minature crop top is a big trend on many Jet set Babes fashion agenda right now. I’ve personally not invested in a duo of this kind yet, but after seeing this picture I’m getting very interested.

The only problem and I say it from a travellers point of view, is that these skirts are so annoying to pack! They take loads of luggage space and get easily wrinkled, so it’s not something that can follow me on my Asia part 2 journey :( .

Btw, I love this lavender colour, so elegant.





3. The sexy maxi dress


This maxi dress is so gorgeous, I love the back detail with the ruffles. I think this dress is perfect if you want to achieve a sexy look without feeling under dressed, as it covers just enough skin!





4. The center piece skirt


50’s skirts keep on dominating I must admit. What’s so lovely with this outfit is how the skirt stands alone as a piece of art, like a center piece, matched with black details to enhance it’s bright colours.





5. The Chanel Dress


Sometimes everything a girl needs is a simple dress from Chanel and a pair of black heels, and she is good to go! This is the advantage of certain designer brands which screams luxury – you don’t need much else to look like the most chic woman in town. This dress is so perfect because it can be worn anywhere! To work, at night, for dinner or just to be out and about. Luckily it’s conservative without giving that grandma feeling, yet give a perfect amount of sex appeal to look like an elegant and stylish woman.



Which one is your favorite?

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3 Responses to “Five Favourite Outfits”

  1. Sandrine says:

    I like them all but my favourite is the Alaïa dress.

  2. fashonist17 says:

    My “summer must” is number 2,a long skirt with a lace crop top. I think is very adaptable outfit
    I like Alaia dress too but I think are too much expensive! I prefer Herve Leger dresses

  3. Masha says:

    Chanel is my favourite, Alaïa is second

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