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09 December 2015



The jet set world has taught me an important lesson, the fundamentals of Not giving a damn about what people think.

This cliché is something that we need to master in our lives, because otherwise we’ll limit ourselves to other peoples energies and opinions. What a waste of life!

Everyone in this world is judgemental, is something we all do (some people more, some people less).

The jet set world is slightly different, people judge each other even MORE. This requires you to grow a thick skin of self protection if you want to last in this bubble.



There are times when I – literally speaking – Hate the entire jet set scene and the people in it, because the judgemental character gets to me. It’s tiring and sometimes you wish people could cut each other some slack and become more humble.

I then realise that there is no point of me being angry at something that cannot be changed. That the only thing I have power of changing is my own mind-set and how I behave. So I gave up my hatred and started working on myself instead.



Before I used to care a lot what people thought of me. It felt important taking care of my reputation and not being categorised as a particular type. I was extremely concerned about my image, it became like an obsession.

I reached a point of an AHA-moment when I noticed, that even women with immaculate reputation would have evil eyes judging them for whatever silly reason. There was simply no escape from negative words of mouth no matter how well you played the jet-set game.

So I gave up. 

And now enjoy a happy life of “I don’t give a fucks!”



People will ALWAYS find something bad to say about you.

People will always tweak the reality, or even lie about you to fulfil their own needs of self-validation.

People are messed up and you will come across confused souls who will try to control you with their power of potentially ruining your reputation.

Don’t let them control you. The only way you can do this is to not care.



I must say it feels very liberating walking in to a room of judging eyes and not feel affected if they think you are a gold digger, slut, escort, prostitute, wannabe, broke, fake, thief, loser etc (any negative attribute out there really!). It just doesn’t matter.

It’s also very liberating not having the need to control what other people think. Just accepting that people will always think all kinds of shit in their heads, and that we can’t do anything about it.

It’s all about letting go and focusing on living a happy and carefree life instead, where you don’t get affected by other peoples negativity.

In the jet set world, you need to do yourself this favour, otherwise you’ll drive yourself to insanity! :)


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25 Responses to “Don’t care”

  1. Nicole says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU…that was just what i needed today :*

    • Nina says:

      I totally second this!!! Thank you so much for this post. I have been having such a difficult time ignoring people and their opinions. It’s extremely comforting to know that I’m not the only person facing this obstacle. Thank you!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, you needed to do that post just to “liberate” yourself from my comment under the last post. Did you? Pathetic. You’re almost 30, you should have got your shit together by now: know what you want to do in your life etc. and you can actually switch from one idea to another in just seconds.
    Go visit a psychologist, because you clearly cannot cope with your life and you’re scared of what might happen in the future (that’s why you spend a lot of money on fortune-tellers)

    • Anonymous says:

      Last but not least do not write that you do not care when you actually care a lot.

      • C says:

        You can have your opinion but why are you being so rude? I can agree with you on some points (such as wanting to see women themselves giving the invites) but you give it in such a disgustingly, tactless manner that it makes me question your authority. No mattter how much you have read here, you really don’t know her life. But since we are passing judgment based on anonymous comments, you are extremely close minded, judgemental, obsessive, and perhaps need to seek higher education yourself.

        You claim to want to motivate women, which many will appreciate. But I advise that you don’t if you don’t know how to. Like when you want to help a child, you discipline and ENCOURAGE, not discipline and DISCOURAGE. There is always a way to give a point with such finesse that the receiver does not leave angry or hurt but rather informed or motivated. It is worth learning.

        Once you understand that the author is not trying to set an example but rather to tell some stories and some facts, I think you will feel better. Lastly, understand that not everyone will think like you even if you’re ‘right’. We all come from different places.

        *side note to your comment on the other post- you definitely don’t have to be manipulative and lying to be a successful business owner.

      • C says:

        The anonymous comment on Another Jetset Story post.

      • C says:

        “I think I didn’t express myself clearly. What I meant was that I have never heard and I am sure that I won’t hear about jet-set girl who herself invites her friends on her yacht or on board of her jet.
        There are always men who do such things. Why women can’t have boats or air-crafts? Here lies my problem.
        Jetsetbabe author spreads the idea of jetset girls being independent whilst they spending vacation being dependable of some men’s finances. Unfortunately, I have lost my respect towards author of this blog because of certain things you can read between the lines – moving to her parents’, no job=no money, just part-time school=little scholarship, trip to Asia and sleeping in 5 star hotels, trip to Ibiza twice, second time with a MAN (definitely sugar daddy or “boyfriend” paying for everything), Asia again, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, (again 5 star hotels) then London (“stroll in Harrods” did I write not having job???), and finally moving to London, which is extremely expensive. In meantime you can read a lot of shitty posts about how I hate my job/being business oriented/self-improvement/being emphatic/let’s stop negativity in this world. Real business takes a lot of time. I know it personally, I was growing up while my parents was building their company. I know that being business man/woman means TRICKING and LYING. If you can’t be manipulative, if you can’t make people do things in the way you won’t – you won’t do anything in business. So, I’m saying that it’s impossible to have a company and be on vacation at the same time. Jetsetbabe author works and is lying/has sugar daddy – okay has “so called boyfriend” and is lying. I’m not a hateful person I used to love this blog but now I’m here only to look on some outfit posts because I can’t take how this author is lying and setting a “great” example to all those really young girls here. I want to motivate more women, do what you love, even if the whole world is against you and you will flatter yourself in the future using your own money not some men’s. And believe me it is the most rewarding thing ever.”

        • JetsetBabe says:

          Thanks “C” for sharing, I got a bit lost on my track there…
          To the commenter, It’s interesting you think I’ve dedicated an entire post to your comment, my apologies that I haven’t. I guess If I would ever dedicate an entire post on JetsetBabe to someone in the comments section, I would at least take the decency, like I have in the past, to refer to the comment or at least print screen it.
          Lost in translation! Best of luck to you and your anger, muchos besos :*

          • katherine says:

            very classy response to this troll! people like that have obviously nothing better to do than look at blogs and hate because they are angry with their own lives. they need to stop wasting their time reading things they don’t agree with, identify with, or understand! why do people on the internet think they can change the world with anonymous comments? if you don’t like something you see on a public domain then just go do something you enjoy! we didn’t ask anonymous to come here and change their mind about the babes. why do they think we care about their opinion?

    • Tatiana says:

      ahahahahahah, you are so full in hate that is so funny, you should b proud. URRa

  3. So much negativity from the Saints says:

    Honestly, I do not know why people bother to come up on this blog to write negative comments and criticize morality of the girls who are into jet-setting. I think, everyone in the scene know how the world turns so basically their comments do not bring in anything new, even though they seem to think they are like very self-aware of all consequences what can occur in the attempt of achieving this lifestyle without actually paying it for yourself… and yeah, there are women in the scene too who come from a rich family or have worked/studied their ass off, but despite of this may or may not have a man sponsoring them.

  4. steven says:

    I’ll keep it very short, live you’re life and enjoy yourself! We all have difficult times and situations but there is an old saying in Jamaica; no matter how hot it gets a cool breeze always comes in. I trt to stay positive and look on the bright side, if you need more help just look at all the people who are suffering right now.

  5. E says:

    Hi JB,


    Im more interested in what inspired this post. Was there a certain interaction that sparked this?

    Also, a few posts back you mentioned you were going to set up your own personal blog. Are you still thinking about that? :)


    • JetsetBabe says:

      I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, we both moved to London more less at the same time. We spoke about the difference in us today compared to back then. It was a bit of an aha-moment in the changes of our attitude towards things and life. One of the main things was the less fucks given approach. Before we were so cautious of everything, now it’s like “can’t be bothered to care anymore haha”. So I guess I wanted to document parts of our conversation on the blog, but in my own words of course :)

      With regards to my personal blog, it’s already up and running! I’ve not yet made an announcement about them because I’m still in the experimenting phase. My goal is to tell people about it after christmas holidays and new year :)

      • Anonymous says:

        I know you don’t want to share too much personal info on this blog but I was interested in whether you support yourself at the moment financially or if you rely on parents or a boyfriend? I was just interested because you said before that you had a 9-5 job but not anymore and I know how hard it is to support yourself when starting out in business so no shade if you are relying on someone else’s finances but i thought it would provide some insight to what you think of this.
        Thanks x

      • E says:

        It’s amazing how being in the same, physical place is such a stark contrast to the internal changes we experience. Thank you for sharing a bit in your own words :-)

        Looking forward to your personal blog :-)


      • Tatiana says:

        You was so clever in your post, I feel good that I am not reading the post from and empty head girl, instead I feel that you become wise, and the life don’t pass over you, you pass over the life for you. well done.

        We all fall in criticism all the time, but is wise to remember and recognize , that when we don’t like something about somebody, is because we are reflection of that person, we can’t move on, if we are not wise enough to see that.
        I learn that on my classes and listen 100 of videos, I criticize Marinskaya few days ago, and I have to accept that she is just my reflect of how bad on sewing I am. :((

  6. Tati says:

    Thanks for this post, JSB. I was scrolling through my instagram the other day and noticed that Marina Mayer put up a screen shot of photos of her pre-surgery days and invited everyone to check out her VKontakte to see them. So, I went to take a look and she actually wasn’t kidding. She openly came out about it, and responded to lots of inquiries under that IG announcement. In the world of jetset, when girls are probably more insecure about their looks than “regular” people, and judge like no other, this was just great to see. I guess it all fell in line with this post of yours. Some kind of aura in the air :) Keep writing! And thanks for inspiring.

    • katherine says:

      she is definitely one of my favorites. since finding this blog 2 years ago i havve loved her! never boring and always real

  7. goldenchain says:

    oh gosh i heard all the things said behind my back at work- i was shocked! i work hard, am super helpful even giving out information at expense to myself. i just…well my friend said if people arent hating you arent doing it right 😉

  8. Miss BR says:

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  9. Jade says:

    I really love this well said I just want to tell you that your amazing and really stunning don’t listen to negative people because they are jealous of you because you are confident in your own skin and that for them seems wrong because they are not.They always look for flaws in themselves and when they see a stunning women so vibrant and happy they get jealous I think they should learn from you love yourself because you only live once and don’t be afraid to shine and be yourself this is what you taught me in this article.Don’t let the haters get to you got nothing to do with them something broken inside of those people their like vampires that want suck the happiness out of don’t let them to that.Keep shining bright and don’t let them dull your sparkle just remember their like sandpaper they scrub you but at the end your left shining and their not. XOXOXO LOVE THIS WEBSITE ALOT

  10. oh mon am tu est la….?

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