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Who is Dasha Kononovich @dashabelize?

17 June 2013

Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich Dasha Kononovich


Dasha Kononovich

- the side kick of Olesya Malinskaya


Who is Dasha Kononovich?

You have probably spotted her together on many pictures together with “internet/social media celebrity” Olesya Malinskaya. In fact they are best friends but Dasha seems to keep a lower appearance on the web in comparison to her bff. However there are still plenty of pictures on her instagram, facebook, twitter etc.

So who is she? Well, not very different from Olesya; She is russian, born 1988 (she’s 25 years old) and works as a model. That’s about it. I would call her a jetsetter as she doesn’t seem to work much but travel the world, shop and get her picture taken in gorgeous gowns. A very typical Jetset Babe in other words! :)

Height: 175 cm – Measurements: 92 cm / 62 cm / 92 cm – Live: Moscow

Instagram: @dashabelize Website:

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12 Responses to “Who is Dasha Kononovich @dashabelize?”

  1. j says:

    They are both prostitutes! Look at this – not so glamorous!

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Yeah I found this page yesterday while researching. It might be true it might be not, I’m not going to share my opinion on it but might do a post about it later. Do you believe what they are saying?

  2. j says:

    Yes I agree with you. Im not sure if its true or not, but the old pictures are very trashy. I was at the table next to Dasha in a club in Monaco last summer before I even knew who she was thru instagram, and then I did notice her acting like she was a prostitute..

  3. j says:

    By the dress she was wearing and how she danced. The people at her table were leaving and she looked like she was in a desperate need of finding “a customer”. One of the guys I were with told me later about how big that industry is in Monaco and that he knew that the club were full of prostitutes (at daytime driving ferraris and wearing birkins). Im don’t know if he meant her, but she was the one I noticed.

  4. Olesnot says:

    Thank you for this website. My girlfriend liked her but I think she now thinks differently about these two. I had my suspicions from day one – but my gf is usually good in spotting those. Just this time, she was upset and sad to be proven wrong hehe.

    Oleskya Maligoingdown.

  5. r says:

    Jake January 24, 2013 at 4:13 AM
    Olesya Malinskaya is nothing but a typical russian prostitute. It is widely known in the “in-crown” that you can have her for the right price. Olesya and Dasha Kononovich are a famous escort duo that sleep with arabs, turks and russian rich men.
    She was born in a village nearby Moscow, got married very young to a lawyer who took her into Moscow’s limelight. Marriage was short-lived, divorced because she was a girl with high demands for luxury lifestyle he could not afford. Olesya Malinskaya went on to sleep around into the higher “ranks” of millionaires and oligarchs who do not mind buying luxury brands and taking girls on vacations as long as they get their “satisfaction”.
    Olesya Malinovskaya is hangs out in top restaurants and Moscow clubs like Soho to hook up and is often in “open” relationships. She has no kids, she is not engaged or married. In fact, with her professional its doubtful any intelligent man would want to be with a woman who advertises herself over the top online and shows off her fake lavish lifestyle.

    This is from this site

  6. Alex says:

    100% Olesya & Dasha are prostitutes. When I personally worked for MC Group in Almaty (Kazakhstan), I was in charge for all the travel coordination of entertainers and performers at a huge birthday bash of a mineral factory owner A. Ismailov. I heard he spent over a million for the party but we where never allowed to see the expenses at the agency. However, I had to pick up Oleya and Dasha from the airport because they where a “surprise” present for Ismailov from his friend. Even though Ismailov is married, apparently having a brunette and a blonde at the same time is a thrill amongst the rich.
    I dont understand why all these teenage girls and women aspire to look and be like Olesya & Dasha? Do they not understand that these women are so young and already look much older in reality, they have been used and wasted their souls for a few $ and attention. They are plastic sex dolls, that men do not take seriously.

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