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Cozy Sunday Inspiration

18 October 2015


Happy Sunday to everyone! šŸ˜€

I’m enjoying a quiet day at home today, because I’ve been travelling in the past few days and I’m so happy to be back in London.

To be honest, I love Sundays and it’s particular energy! It’s such a cozy day to do whatever, no matter if you stay indoors or go outside. It’s like the only day when there are not really any pressure to do anything. So relaxing, right? :) Here is some inspiration on how Jetset Babes spend their Sundays:



















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One Response to “Cozy Sunday Inspiration”

  1. steven says:

    A cozy lazy day in the fall on Sundays are the best. I enjoy going to brunch in Manhattan and experiencing the crisp cool air. I love seeing the trendy ladies in their wraps, tall boots; and chic camel blazers. Enjoy the day and relax!

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