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Comfortable Fall Fashion

17 November 2015


I’m very happy to see, this fall and winter season has had a very comfortable approach to what’s trending in the fashion world (and Jetset Babe world).

There are tons of fashionable low-heels out at the moment, making high heels feel less of a priority to wear. Now it’s all about being comfortable but stylish.

I thank our fashion-gods for that, because I’ve reached an age where I can’t be bothered running around in cold weather uncomfortable. It’s just not worth it! God bless comfy outfits, let’s enjoy this Fall season! 


















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2 Responses to “Comfortable Fall Fashion”

  1. katherine says:

    love these photos! the 4th photo (ann_twenty) is so fabulous!!!

  2. Jokl says:

    These women look like mosquitos. OMG! I am laughting my ass off… The look so bony and famished. It breaks my heart.

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