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Wish List Wednesday Week 35

27 Aug, 2014

Wish List WednesdayLuxury Designer Items

End of August and time to think about the colder times ahead. Fall / Winter collections are out in store and very much on my to buy list. I will most probably not buy these particular items since I’m on a strict budget this year, but it’s great gathering inspiration from these items to try and find something similar in high street shops.

Balmain Leather Jacket – OMG, this jacket should go on the leather jacket hall of fame. It’s Amazing! €3,2225 and it’s all yours!

Dior Dresses – It’s like, I love them both! Why so pretty? Typical dress Carrie Bradshaw would wear.

Chanel – The Fall / Winter Supermarket collection by Chanel is amazing! So many cozy stuff you’d love to wear on a rainy day.

Celine – The dress is perfect to wear to the office or for a sophisticated lunch. The matching coat is perfect to break the black off and gather some attention. Beautiful pink, very Samantha in sex & the city!

Gianvito Rossi Boots – Every year I always try and hunt down the perfect boots. Kate Moss got me hooked on this ever lasting trend seeing her 10 years ago. Gianvito Rossi have done well with designing these great everyday boots. €1,200 at Net-a-porter!

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Wish List Wednesday Week 26

25 Jun, 2014

What fashion items are hot right now amongst the Jet Set Babes?

What fashion items are new in stock?

What would I personally shop right now If I had the $$$$$?

Welcome to Wish List Wednesday:


Valentino Black Dress

When I saw this dress, I thought “wow”! This is exactly why it’s sometimes worth to invest a lot of money in order to get a beautiful and original creation of this kind. This dress is perfect for a smart occasion when you want to look fashionable chic & maybe get a little bit of that attention too 😉

Valentino Black Assymetric Dress


Balmain Lace & Leather Skirt

Balmain has a lot of nice things at the moment, jackets, dresses, skirts – I love them all! Chains seems to be a popular touch to clothing I noticed lately within various designers. I personally am a sucker for gold, lace and white colors – so for me this skirt is like a dream come true.

Balmain Lace & Leather Skirt


Chanel “Towel” Slippers

Maybe not a slipper you’d like to run around town in but definitely cute & comfy for a day by the pool. Chanel are doing so well with slippers & flats at the moment, their selection is insane! All of a sudden it feels like heels are so last year, when you can ran around in cute designer flats like this.

Chanel "towel" Slippers


Lolitta Bandage Maxi Dress

I can’t say it more, but mini bandage dresses are not as cool as they used to be. Instead for the bandage lovers it’s all about adding some lenght to the dress, and especially if you go Maxi. Hervé Leger have great maxi dresses but I actually spotted this beautiful dress by Lolitta which has the sexy mermaid cut I tend to look for in long dresses. I love it, and such great color & white details!


Lolitta Bandage Maxi Dress


Manolo Blahnik Transparent Heels

Something is happening in the fashion scene right now, but flats & lower heels are trending more than ever! Goodbye to the stiletto platform heel we have been over consuming in the past years, and welcome to the mid heel like this cute Manolo Blahnik ones.

It’s funny how this trend of transparent PVC on heels is everywhere right now! I believe Gianvito Rossi started it but you’ll find it with tons of other brands like Christian Louboutin & Manolo Blahnik. Anyway, it works and it’s a trend that is hot RIGHT NOW. So catch it while it’s here as who knows how long this trend is staying and there will be something new to buzz about!

Manolo Blahnik Clear Heels

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Wish List Wednesday Week 22

28 May, 2014


Dior Pre Fall Heels

Can these shoes be more amazing? Unfortunately myself could never wear heels like this due to a stupid flat foot syndrome, grrr. But if you have high arches then this is the shoe for you. It’s elegant and absolutely stunning with it’s large rose.



Dolce & Gabbana Embroidery Lace Skirt + Blouse

I’m all about Dolce & Gabbanas spring/summer collection this year. It’s either flowers, colors or just classic french riviera style items, very JetsetBabe.



Gucci Sandals

Everyone who chooses to wear flats seem to be wearing either different variations of Chanel or the Hermès Oran slippers. But I personally really like this Gucci sandal which would look great on a tanned foot, to any outfit. Will even work amazing with simple jeans! Again, not the best shoe to wear if you’re a flat foot like me, but hey – Keep on dreaming 😉



Louis Vuitton Capucine Bag

I love clean style designer bags in my favorite color – Nude. Hihi. Honestly, this bag is amazing, like a chic dream come true. Very elegant, and very discreet. I’m personally not a big fan of the LV monogram bags so this feels perfect.



Oscar de la Renta Earring clips

I just have one word: Wow. Image having these little babies dangling on your ears, matching your perfect tan this summer. Me likey, Me likey a lot.

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