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London hotel help

24 Oct, 2015


A shout out to readers who are familiar with London. 

Does anyone know the name of this small 5 star boutique hotel in London where these women are at?

They are talking about this hotel being a very hidden, where no tourists ever go to but instead you’ll find the aristocracy of Britain.

I can’t figure out which hotel this may be, although my knowledge of the scene in London is quite good. I also think they are exaggerating the way they speak about it, but for curiosity I’d like to find out.

The program is in russian only, but if you play between 31:04 – 32:33 you will see the hotel I’m talking about. 



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Billionaire Wives

06 Oct, 2015


Watch online for Free, a documentary with the episode “Billionaire Wives” from the series “Who’d be a billionaire”. 

“With gold diggers everywhere, how hard is it for a billionaire to find true love? Can money really buy happiness? And if so, how long does it last and how much will it all eventually cost?”



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Olesya Malinskaya Pose video

31 Jan, 2015


LOL this video made me laugh! Still trying to figure out exactly what she was trying to have said with this clip? 🙂

Update: Oh, and this one made me laugh too 🙂

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