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Botox & Fillers in London

18 Dec, 2015



I wanted to recommend my filler lady who all my friends go to in London (including me). She is really good!

Dr Maria is a plastic surgeon by profession. Therefor she has a good eye for the face, what works and what doesn’t for a person.

I personally get botox done in my forehead and glabella and fill my wrinkles around the mouth. As the face loses collagen after a certain age, I’ve put 0.5 in each cheek to “lift” the appearance up. I think fillers & botox are great tools to use sparsly, it’s when you overdo it that you get that awful plastic look. None of the people I’ve spoken to have ever noticed I’ve added anything, and I think that’s the way to keep it!

Dr Maria has very affordable prices and my readers will get £40 discount when you quote that you found her on my blog. Her telephone number: +44 7719 399 233 



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Nails and Shellac

31 Oct, 2015


Shellac & Nails


Doing manicure and pedicure is a must for any person, female or men.

Freshly groomed nails is something very important to your overall appearance, even though people may think it’s just a small detail. It’s not. See a gorgeous women with chipped nail polish and you’ll immediately change your mind and find her less attractive. Same goes with men. I’ve met good looking guys who have dirt under their nails and it totally put me off.

Nails don’t need to be all fancy, but they need to be groomed! Think fresh and clean.



I do shellac manicure and pedicure every second week. (Pedicure sometimes less frequently as feet tend to last longer than hands). My favourite brand is OPI shellac. I think they last the longest. Not even CND (which I think is second best) last as long.

I mostly do french manicure as it looks elegant and guys love it. But in my experience, french manicure only looks good for maximum 1 week and then it starts to look dull. So you must go to the salon often!

I like nude or beige coloured nails as it looks very natural. Unfortunately any light colours (just like french) look good for a week tops! For that reason I tend to use darker colours when I don’t have the time to run to salons every time. I think Black Cherry Chutney and Malaga Wine from OPI are both very elegant and chic. I tend to stick to these tones and not experiment so much with nail colours, as I want nails to look classic and elegant.



My new idea is to actually buy my own OPI curing lamp with gel polish and tools, and start doing my shellac at home instead of at salons. It’s a big money and time saver!

One of the most boring things I know is to get a manicure done at a salon, because you can’t entertain yourself with anything, just stare at the wall. For that reason doing your nails at home in front of the tv, is like killing two birds in one stone.

Does anyone do their shellac at home and could give some advice?


Jet set Babe Nails


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26 Jun, 2015



I belong to the category of women who shaves. Unfortunately.

It’s due to lack of time, patience and the strength of being in pain every 3rd week at a wax salon. Some girls use epilators, but that scares the sh#t out of me. I guess shaving has always been the easiest and fastest way out, however not the most efficient of course.

As we get older and shave more, we keep getting thicker and more messed up hairs. From the root it can sometimes grow more than 1 hair, and often you get silky legs for only a limited amount of hours before they turn themselves in to cactuses.

That’s the reason why I’ve decided to start waxing again.




Sugaring has been on the market for the past 15 years and it’s a different type of waxing solution. It is said to be a more comfortable way of hair removal because the wax adapts to your body temperature. The risk is lower of getting in grown hairs or hairs being cut off from the root, which is great!

Today was my appointment to do full legs & a Brazilian – and damn did I forget how much it hurts having hair ripped away from your private parts. It honestly felt like I was giving birth or similar, that’s how much I had to focus on my breathing and not to scream like a crazy bitch. 2 hours later it was over *halleluja moment* 😀 .




They say the first 2 times will hurt terribly when you wax, but 3rd time and onwards it will feel much better as your hair start to become softer and finer. But it will only happen if you stop shaving and go back every 3rd week to keep it up, which I’m actually serious about doing.

Although today was like going through hell, I’m up for this challenge.




Funny enough it learned me an important lesson, and that is how to deal with pain. It’s all in the mind in the end, and you can actually control your reactions to a certain extend by various techniques and I’m eager to discover them now with this new challenge 🙂


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