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I’m going back to Asia

13 Jul, 2015



I’ve decided to go back to Asia. 

I bought my flights a few days ago, and will be leaving mid August.

In a way it feels perfect, as it’s been a rainy summer in the northern Europe and I’m feeling slightly done here in general.

It’s been great to come back to re-focus, ground myself a bit and visit my loved ones – but I feel I’m not done yet in Asia, there was too much I didn’t have the time to see and explore yet.



Another reason of course is my promise to keep on escaping the winter climate as much as I possibly can.

Plus, I will be continuing my online studies through university this fall, and thanks to my student loan, I can live like a king in Asia in comparison to Europe. You simply get more for your buck over there and it’s more worth it.



First, I will be heading back to Bali. I wouldn’t mind having that as some form of base in the midst of my travelling – but who knows – maybe I change my mind and go back to Thailand later on.

Bali is very happening in August & September, so I wouldn’t mind checking that out, since I was there during low season last time.



But I must say I’m really looking forward to head back, because life was quite an adventure over there in comparison to how I personally feel about my life in Europe at this moment.

The only thing I will do differently this time around, is to stick to a more balanced life, being more grounded.

I don’t want to let go of my creative bubble, my productivity and healthy routine that I have going strong for me right now. It’s such a big part of me, so I hope to incorporate it more in the “Travel-Me” which I didn’t manage so well with last time.

So Fingers crossed! :)


If anyone of my readers are based in Asia or will be travelling there during Fall season, give me a shout :)



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I Heart Ibiza

05 Jul, 2015



I was in Ibiza this entire week.

I just came back and my trip has been absolutely great. So amazing literally speaking!

Normally I go there with friends for party trips, but this time around I went with a guy that I’m seeing. God we had so much fun! We stayed in a beautiful villa just by the sea, rented my favourite car (a black Jeep Wrangler) and had the most intense days, filled with romance and rock’n’roll. Just the way I like it!



We managed to squeeze in DC10, an entire day at Blue Marlin, Beach House, some island sightseeing,  amazing dinners and lots more.

My absolute favourite night was when we went to Heart Ibiza. They opened only a few days ago and it’s a restaurant by the famous Adriá brothers (Ferran & Albert Adriá) who are doing a concept together with Cirque de soleil. We were really lucky getting a table because we had such a good time and spent the entire night there.



I believe it was 5 in the morning, and the restaurant had switch on it’s lights, us being the last customers to leave, haha. But it was one of those evenings when you didn’t want the night to end, which worked out fine since the restaurant turned in to a club after 1 am :). Probably this was the longest dinner of my life, as I just couldn’t stop eating all the interesting foods on the meny!

Anyway, this is literally a new “it”-place in Ibiza that is so worth checking out because it’s such a culineray experience you will never forget. Lio, Cipriani etc feels super boring all of a sudden comparing to this place :) #justatip



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Ibiza 2015 Guide

22 Jun, 2015


 Ibiza Es Vedra


Ibiza is my favourite place in the world. I discovered this island 10 years ago and not to sound cliché, but it was truly love at first sight.

There is something magical about Ibiza that many can agree on, especially those who keep coming back each year. And no, it’s not only because of the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll :)

I thought to compile a small Ibiza guide with my personal suggestions of where to go and what to do this coming season. If anyone will be going this summer, here is some inspiration for you.



Beach clubs:bottomline


Blue Marlin

Beach House






Blue Marlin

Beach House

Sa Trinxa

Juan y Andrea in Formenterra




Cavalli club





Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort

Ibiza Gran Hotel



Clubs & Partiesbottomline

Monday: Cocoon @ Amnesia, Circoloco @ DC10

Tuesday: Flower Power @ Pacha

Wednesday: Axwell & Ingrosso @ Ushuaia, Hyte @ Amnesia

Thursday: F**** me I’m Famous @ Pacha, Destino

Friday: Music On @ Amnesia

Saturday: Ants @ Ushuaia,

Sunday: Sundays @ Blue Marlin, Sundays @ Beach House, Solomun @ Pacha

(side note: Lio which is a restaurant becomes a club after 1 am, which is always worth checking out on any day)

Check out the full party calendar for this summer here.



Best time to gobottomline


August is packed and you will struggle with reservations.

Opening & Closing parties are good for a few days of hardcore party. Other wise it might not be worth it as weather may be bad and not super busy people wise.



Who to go withbottomline

Ibiza is a typical “group holiday” destination. You will enjoy it most if you go as a group, either with your girlfriends or mixed. Most common is to rent a villa and share in between everyone, for that reason there are not many great luxury hotels on the island as people reside in either villas or on yachts.

If you can’t get a group together then simply going with a friend or two is fine too.



Dress codebottomline

Anything goes! But people like to go more hippie chic and bohemian when they are in Ibiza.


Ibiza 2015 Guide


Must 2 do’sbottomline


  • Take a picture with Es Vedra in the background (the unesco protected tiny island which is famous in Ibiza)
  • Go for a day trip to Formentera, roll around in their famous mud and have lunch at Juan y Andrea.
  • Visit a villa after party in the middle of nowhere.
  • Drink sangria.
  • Stroll around in Ibiza town by night.
  • Rent a jeep and drive around the island like a proper Ibiza local. Indulge in the beautiful nature of Ibiza, there is plenty to see if you just get away from the busy tourist points.
  • Sunbath topless. Everyone does it. If you are bold, explore the popular nudist and sex beaches.



Ibiza 2015 Guide

Typical Ibiza Villa after party



What areas to hang out inbottomline

Avoid San Antonio (where all the trashy drunk brits are) and explore pretty much the entire island – if you get a chance. Otherwise most people hang out in Ibiza town, in Marina Botafoc, Talamanca, Playa D’en Bossa & the entire south part of Ibiza (Es Cubelles, Sant Josep, Ses Salines etc).


Ibiza 2015 Guide


Is Ibiza expensive?bottomline

Yes, but depends what you compare with.

To give you some examples, here are some approx. prices:

Basic 2 star hotel room: From €50/night and up (can be even higher during peak season)

Lunch at Chiringuito/Beach house: Main courses range between €10-35

Dinner at Lio/Cipriani: Minimum spend of €150 per person

Large sun bed (max 4 people) at Blue Marlin for the day: €100 for the bed plus €300 minimum spend

Club entrance (with standard tickets): €40-50

Water at any of the big clubs: €12

Taxi from Amnesia club to Ibiza town: €20









Feel free to ask any questions with regards to Ibiza!

I might have forgotten including something or some places.

If you have any personal recommendations, you are welcome to share :)

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