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Top 5 Luxury Hotels in London

05 Nov, 2015


Here is a list of what I personally think are the top 5 luxury hotels in London.

Since London is much about private members clubs, these hotels are great to visit if you want to go somewhere elegant for lunch/dinner/afternoon tea or grab a drink with your friends without the hassle of being a member somewhere. The crowd in these hotels is usually very upscale and perfect for people watching.



1. The Dorchesterbottomline


The Dorchester Hotel

Main entrance


The Dorchester Hotel

The lobby bar. Great for afternoon tea & people watching.


The Dorchester Hotel

China Tang bar & restaurant


The Dorchester Hotel

Alain Ducasse michelin starred restaurant


Owned by the sultan of Brunei and located at Park Lane in Mayfair, The Dorchester is one of London’s most famous and exclusive hotels. I love this hotel because of it’s lavish interior design, when you enter the lobby you feel like you are walking in to someones luxurious and extravagant house.

Many people come here for dining or to have drinks. It’s a social place, easy to meet new people (many arabs & Russians though). I would recommend their restaurant by Alain Ducasse (one of the best michelin starred restaurants in London) and China Tang for food & drinks. Let’s not forget their afternoon tea on the ground floor, which is perfect for people watching.

Rooms: 250 + 49 suites

Restaurants: 5 – The Grill, Alain Ducasse, The Spatisserie, The Promenade, and China Tang.

Bars: 3 – Lobby bar, China Tang, The Promenade.

Location: 53 Park Lane, Mayfair

Cheapest room rate: starting from £480/night





2. The Connaughtbottomline


The Connaught Hotel

The main entrance


The Connaught Hotel

Espelette, their restaurant and host for afternoon tea


The Connaught Hotel

Their popular bar “Coburg”


The Connaught Hotel

The lobby


The owner of this hotel owns also my other favourites Claridge’s and Berkeley (see below), but there is something special about The Connaught. It’s much smaller in size than the Dorchester, which makes it feel more intimate. The Connaught is popular for business meetings, afternoon tea and lazy drinks at their popular Coburg bar. It’s actually one of my favourite bars in London, as it’s extremely cozy and brings a good crowd – especially on Sunday afternoons.

Rooms: 121

Restaurants: 2 – Hélène Darroze at the Connaught, Espelette.

Bars: 2 – The Coburg, The Connaught Bar.

Location: Carlos Place, Mayfair

Cheapest room rate: starting from £567/night





3. Claridge’sbottomline


Claridges Hotel

Main entrance


Claridges Hotel

The lobby


Claridges Hotel

The restaurant and host for afternoon tea


Claridges Hotel

Their popular bar


If you haven’t watched the BBC documentary show about the inside world at Claridge´s then I would really recommend to watch it. (It makes you really understand how a luxury hotel of top standard actually functions).

Claridge’s is one of Londons oldest hotels (opened in 1810) and is beautifully designed in true Art Deco style, keeping the classical touches of luxury. This is a hotel popular for weddings, high society events and celebrity spotting. For an outsider, their bars are great for drinks but most famous is their afternoon tea which has been voted as one of the best in London.

Rooms: 203 + 11 suites

Restaurants: 2 – Fera at Claridge’s (Michelin starred), The foayer and reading room

Bars: 2 – The main bar at the ground floor, The Fumoir

Location: Brook street, Mayfair

Cheapest room rate: starting from £504/night





4. The Berkeley hotelbottomline


The Berkeley Hotel

Hotel from the outside


The Berkeley Hotel



The Berkeley Hotel

The famous “Blue bar”


The Berkeley Hotel

The famous roof top pool


An elegant and popular hotel, situated in a prime location of Knightsbridge – The Berkeley hotel is an important game player for many wealthy visitors (but also celebrities). The hotel is well-known for their rooftop outdoor pool, which is one of the very few non-hotel guests are able to pay a visit (for a fee) during hot summer days in London. For bar-hopping, their Blue Bar is a given choice for any Jetset Babe out there.

Rooms: 210

Restaurants: 3 – Koffmann’s, Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley (Michelin starred), The caramel room

Bars: 1 – The Blue bar

Location: Wilton place, Knightsbridge

Cheapest room rate: starting from £420/night





5. Wellesley Hotelbottomline


Wellesley Hotel



Wellesley Hotel

Hotel lobby


Wellesley Hotel

Their cigar bar


Wellesley Hotel

The Jazz Lounge with live music


Owned by arabs, Wellesley is a luxury townhouse with the inspiration from the 1920’s. This upscale hotel may be small in size, but just intimate enough for those guests who seek an elegant but more private hotel. All of their 36 rooms have butler service and the hotel offer their guests complimentary service with a chauffeur driven Roll Royce.

For cigar lovers I think their heated outdoor terrace bar is great any time of the year to enjoy some of the best cigars in the world. But even better is their Jazz lounge which has got live music every thursday, friday and saturday. Perfect in my eyes when you want to enjoy some elegant fine dining with live entertainment.

Rooms: 36

Restaurants: 2 – Oval restaurant, Jazz lounge

Bars: 3 – Crystal Bar, Cigar terrace, Jazz Lounge

Location: 11 Knightsbridge

Cheapest room rate: starting from £505/night



Other luxury hotels


If you ever visit London and would like to pop in somewhere classy for food or drinks – then visit any of the hotels I recommend in this post. Here is a list with other hotels worth checking out:


45 Park Lane hotel  – Mayfair

The Athenaeum Hotel – Mayfair

Baglioni – High street Kensington

Blake’s hotel – Chelsea

Brown’s hotel – Mayfair

Bulgari hotel – Knightsbridge

Capital hotel – Knightsbridge

Chiltern Firehouse – Marylebone

Four Seasons – Mayfair

Goring Hotel – Belgravia

Grosvenor House – Mayfair

Halkin – Belgravia

Ham Yard – Soho

Hilton Park Lane – Mayfair

Hyatt Regency Churchill – Mayfair

Home House – Mayfair

Intercontinental Park Lane – Mayfair

Jumeirah Carlton Tower – Knightsbridge

Landmark – Marylebone

Lanesborough Hotel – Knightsbridge

Langham hotel – Marylebone

Le Meridien – Mayfair

Mandarin Oriental – Knightsbridge

One Aldwych – The strand

Ritz – Mayfair

Savoy – The strand

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences – Belgravia


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Live Abroad

Missing London

13 Sep, 2015



I’m thinking of moving back to London!

Currently I’m travelling in Asia, and although I’ve “‘only” been away for 1 month, I’m already tired of all the travelling. Not trying to sound spoiled here, but this entire year I’ve been living in a suitcase mostly – and honestly – it gets to you after a while.

I’ve reached a point where I’ve stopped enjoying the destinations and travelling itself as I usually do. When someone become this numb, it’s time for a break in my opinion.


I really miss having a base and living a more normal life. I think I also need to have some form of stability in order to have my life in order.

At the moment I feel a little bit all over the place, with no set routines etc. Plus there are tons of things I want to get done, but being on the road is very distracting and hard to keep up with a discipline.



I’m still in Kuala Lumpur at the moment, and will be here for the rest of the week. Need to gather my mind and think things through properly. I do feel strongly of returning to London, because I think it’s the best decision in so many aspects. Plus I really miss my friends over there, and the city itself.

The only thing I’m dreading is the weather, but hopefully if I try and travel somewhere warm as often as I can, then the winter season won’t feel too painful. :) And anyway, winters in London are quite mild. The only annoying part is lack of sun at times and cold indoors! Everyone who ever lived in London knows exactly what I’m talking about. 😀


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Last days of summer

27 Aug, 2015


Europe is slowly wrapping up it’s summer. Fall is on the way! So Let’s enjoy the little that is left… 

But the big question is, did you all have a good summer? Any high lights?

My summer was slow and cold. Had higher expectations in the beginning of summer, yet things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. But it’s always like that. When you expect something – the energy of your expectations seems to block things to happen the way you want them to. So no matter how hard it is, next year – I’m going to try and expect absolutely nothing!

But it was not too bad overall. My summer started really mid august when I left for Asia, and it’s still going strong :)



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