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11 Jan, 2016



I’ve decided to move away from JetsetBabe and put focus in to writing my own personal blog.

This anticipated moment has come. After our on and off relationship I’ve understood that I need to do what my heart tells me to. Move on. Other topics have become more important to me, give me higher source of inspiration and trigger the passion in my heart that’s been missing for a while on

I feel sad letting you guys go, but I have to.

It’s been a wonderful time sharing stories about the jet-set world and discussing all kinds of topics, I will really miss you!

This blog will not get shut down, it will continue to exist, but It will not be updated like before. Who knows, maybe once in a blue moon I will re-appear with a post or two, because I will want to share something with you. But mostly, I will be writing my new blog, about other topics, far away from the jet-set world.

Make sure to follow JetsetBabe on Bloglovin & Facebook to never miss out on any new posts or updates.

UPDATE: There has been requests from some of you who would like to connect with each other, so I’ve now created a Facebook group where we can all meet and continue talking about JetsetBabe related stuff.

Become a member of the group and start connecting with other readers! If you have any questions about the jet-set world that you would like to ask me (or anyone else for that matter) – Join the group and fire away!

To those who’ve asked me about the ebook I’ve been writing – I will release the guide I have written about how to become a Jetset Babe and enter the jet-set world. If you leave your email adress in the end of this post, you will get informed when this happens.



My new blogbottomline

Do you remember when I used to blog about motivation, self-improvement, achieving a dream life, pep-talk and all kinds of non jet-set related topics?

All that will return and become the main focus of my personal blog together with a glance in to my personal life including pictures of myself (finally some of you may think!).

See you there!


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Merry Christmas 2015

24 Dec, 2015



Merry Christmas to all my readers!


Hope you will have a fantastic time during these festive days.

I’m at my parents house, staying here for a few days until it’s time to go back to my beloved London. The plan is simple for the next coming 3 days: eat, sleep, relax and repeat. Typical christmas spirit in my family is that we gather for these few days and do absolutely nothing. Total pyjama days once christmas eve has passed. Love it! 

Then once I’m back in London it will be gym, routine and busy me again 🙂 Can’t wait.

But first…. Christmas in the house!

Merry xmas once again my dear readers and followers. Much love.



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Thank you for your feedback

08 Oct, 2015



I really appreciate all the great feedback I received to the post: My idea for the future.


Thank you guys!


This year I’ve had very little motivation with running this blog.

I’ve been very close on shutting the entire thing down, but somehow I’ve always changed my mind in the very last moment. Instead I took the decision to not update very often, which is something that you’ve complained about in the feedback. Don’t worry, this will change of course. I have finally new energy with the blog, it’s concept and my plans for the future. I’m hoping to get some contributors that will make this blog easier to maintain, so the level of updates will go back to it’s normal course.

Keep on adding feedback on topics you want to read about!



I’ve removed most of the offtopic posts here and moved them to my new blog.

However it’s still under construction, so it might take a little while before I reveal the address to my personal little diary. I will keep on writing about self-improvement, motivation and all that stuff over there, mixed with my personal journey in London. Maybe I’ll start posting my own photos too. 🙂

Today I’m moving to my new flat.

It feels great that a new chapter is laying ahead. My internet will get installed on Monday (so I’m wifi-less until then), and after I will have all the time in the world to focus on my writing, projects and creativity. I will promise you that this blog is getting the needed facelift it’s been screaming for. Not only content wise, but also in it’s appearance and technical issues. It’s time to re-groom and improve!

Thanks for the support and keep on commenting! Much love.



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