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Best Pore Minimizer

21 Dec, 2015


Pore no More Dr Brandt


This is a great product if you suffer from enlarged pores – “Pore refiner” from Dr Brandt. 

I’ve tried both Clinique’s “Pore Minimizer” and Benefit’s “Porefessional”, but this one from Dr Brandt is slightly better. The consistency is like a tinted primer that you add to mask your pores, In my opinion it masks pretty good!

There are days when I don’t want to use foundation or tinted day cream, but just go au natural, letting the skin breath. Unfortunately I have quite large pores which makes my No-make-up look, look – not so great. Camouflaging those pores with Dr Brandt have been a saviour when I’ve been wanting to add some photoshop magic in real life.

As this tool is a necessary must in my make up bag, I’m constantly looking for new, better competitors out there. Maybe my readers have come across a pore eraser that I should try? 


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Make up

The No Make-up Look

23 Jan, 2015


In my 3rd post about the transformation from Plain Jane to Jet set Babe, I wrote about make up and how I believe in the natural appearance.

I think that when you have a particular style, strong make up can be a great compliment to add and be playful with.

But for the sophisticated and elegant Jet set Babe, I advise to wear the No Make-up Look.

The face and it’s features should be in focus, the finish should always look like you have nothing to hide. No fake, no cake. 


Natural beauty. Less is more.


The No Make-up Look means that the make up you wear look’s almost invisible.

Keep the colours of the eye shadows modest, the eye liner discreet and the foundation in high quality making it look like your second skin.

Apply your make up so it blends to your face and almost disappears. This is a true “No Make-up look”. Use it as a tool to enhance your beauty.

Keep your face clutter free.


(P.S I’ve noticed how guys really prioritise girls that hold a minimalistic approach to make up. Whenever I’ve seen groups of girls, where you have the ones with heavy make up, and the ones with less, the latter always get more attention from the men. Maybe it looks less cheap who knows, but if you wan’t to catch a man, pay attention to small details like this).


The No Make-up Look

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Make up

From Plain Jane to JetsetBabe Part 3 – Make up

19 Oct, 2014


Jet set Babe Make Up School


I’m back with Part 3 of my “From Plain Jane to JetsetBabe” posts where I write about how to look more like the jet set girls. Since I enjoy looking in to details, this is my analysis of what I’ve seen & the experience I’ve gained throughout the years. 

Today I wish to talk about an important topic: Make up.

What type of make does the typical Jet set Babe wear? What is their secret to look elegant? And of course, examples of typical Jet set Babe make up styles. Here we go..


Jet set Babe Make Up School


Natural make up is the answerbottomline


Sorry to disappoint all the make up lovers out there, but if you want to look like a proper Jet set Babe – less is more.

Clear skin, defined eyebrows, long eyelashes and a slight touch of colour on your cheeks is enough. They don’t do that much more unless it’s evening make up.

I cannot remember all the amount of times I have heard men praise women who do not put on too much make up – I actually understand why!

After seeing Jet set Babes out there in all kinds of variations I can simply say that make up can be a big deal breaker, you have to make it look classy and you have to be wise with the amounts you put on your face.


Jet set Babe Make Up School


Never wear bad make upbottomline


We can all agree that bad make up will make any girl look trashy!

But not everyone is fortunate with learning the trick of the trade and doing make up like a pro. For this reason it is important that you perfect your applying skills by practising often at home and also watch youtube tutorials – there are plenty of them!

We want to achieve a steady hand, an eye for what works for your face and simply get familiar with all those good and bad angels that you wish to hide or enhance. Get familiar with your face, as it is your canvas. That is my main advice.

The good thing with jet set make up is that you do not need to learn any complicated things. Everything is on a very basic level – but you need to learn how to master those basics like a pro. Make that your top priority!

Once you manage to create make up that looks like perfection – you are in the Jet set Babe game. Welcome.


Jet set Babe Make Up School


Never apply too much make upbottomline


Too much make up is the enemy if you want to achieve classy.

It is also a typical “beginners mistake” when you think that you will look better the more make up you apply – WRONG!!

People pay attention to girls who come plastered in layers of foundations, powders, colours, eyeshadows, liners etc – it just does not look good.

People can see through why girls are trying too hard to cover up themselves. Either they are hiding some major flaws or too insecure to show their real selves.

No matter what, it is not attractive. Show who you are instead. Natural beauty does not need coverage – it needs to be enhanced.

We all have something beautiful in us, we just need the confidence to show it. And the right methods of how to make it even prettier – not how to cover it up!


Jet set Babe Make Up School


Wear discreet make upbottomline


The true Jet set Babes are the ones showing off their beauty without adding all amounts of layers to it. If you go to an event of just socialites you will see how the ladies are careful with their make up.

If for some reason they want to wear heavier make up, they make sure the end result looks natural and modest.


Jet set Babe Make Up School




Day time:

You do not need all those foundations, powders, bronzers, blushers, contouring tools combined together!

Use half of them so that you can appear in any light without looking like you have been dipping your face in paint.

I understand you might need some foundation, concealer or powder due to skin imperfections, but make sure to find one that gives you a natural result. Dior has a great foundation which I personally love – Diorskin Nude giving you that natural “bare skin looking” result.


Another option is to use a tinted day creme instead of a foundation which gives you a little bit of colour and evens out your skin tone. I personally use Aloree CC cream second life because it is organic and gives me that colour when I look pale – but I know there are better tinted day creams out there.

I think adding a little bit of blusher and bronzer can be beneficial if you make it look discreet and use the perfect amount. Blend properly! I have made so many blush & bronze mistakes looking like I have been covered in dirt or been beaten up – so be careful! 🙂


Jet set Babe Make Up School



I would not add more layering to your complexion during night unless you have to.

Remember that depending on surrounding and its lighting – a thick layer of foundation & powder may not look as good as when you left your house.

I would also avoid heavy contouring like in the example below due to the fact it gives an unnatural result although it may change your entire appearance to the better.

Again, we want to look naturally beautiful instead of faking our beauty to the max (leaving it looking obvious)



In this picture I personally think face number 3 looks better than number 4.




Day time:

We have previously covered the benefits of eyelash extensions and for this reason you will never need to worry about wearing mascara to define your eyes.

One problem solved! 🙂

In fact, thanks to this you will not need to wear any form of eye make up at all during the day.

Leave the eye shadows, eye liners for the evening do unless you choose very natural colours that do not stand out.


Jet set Babe Make Up School



For night time go with natural colours depending on your skin tone, but you can play around depending how much you wish to define your eyes. I like grey or brown colours mixed with lighter shades. I believe the key is to use the amount of eye shadow required to define your eye, give it depth but without adding so much your eyes are completely masked.

Eyeliner can be a great addition to form your eyes when you are using eye shadow, but I would apply it with absolute care. Do investigate your eye shape and what your end result should be like. If you want more “cat eyes” then analyse first how it is best to apply the liner to achieve that according to your eye shape.

If you want to look clean cut and naturally beautiful, then you do not really need any eye make up for night time.

Keep those eye dos for occasions when you want add something to the outfit your wearing instead. For instance smoky eyes can look extremely sophisticated if worn with a sleek outfit – while smokey eyes can look trashy if worn with another outfit.

It all depends, feel your way forward! Just make sure the end result of the eye make up looks professional, practice practice at home if you are a beginner!


Jet set Babe Make Up School





Brows should always be perfectly groomed and tinted. If necessary you can fill them with an eye brow pencil or shadow – but please – no sharp drawings! (referring to this image)

Under no circumstances should it be visible that you have “filled in” your eye brows, that’s how natural your result should be.


Jet set Babe Make Up School




Day time:

Thankfully long gone are those days with thick layers of lipgloss and instead we have a more sophisticated trend going on with tinted lip balms and lip sticks.

For day time I believe you should wear your natural lip colour or slight enhancement of it.

Lip balm or a lip stick that matches the tone of your lips, but slightly darker/lighter depending on your skin tone.


Jet set Babe Make Up School



Evening time you could be more bold with wearing red lip stick or other stronger tones.

Even pale lips are nice in the evening if you are wearing stronger eye make up. Do not wear bold lipstick together with heavy eye make up, for me it is a golden rule to never combine those two together.


Olesya Malinskaya




Less is more, do not be afraid of showing your true self. Make use of what you have and enhance it. Everything else will follow!

I try not to inspire with the big brands fashion campaigns due to them being heavily retouched. But in this case I want to make an exception and simply show what type of make up/look I am trying to explain with my text. Ralph Lauren has always great beauty looks which look clean & sophisticated.

Natural beauty even if you are wearing make up. The end 🙂


Ralph Lauren Collection Campaign

Ralph Lauren Collection Campaign

Ralph Lauren Collection Campaign

Ralph Lauren Collection Campaign

Ralph Lauren Collection Campaign

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