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A Sugar Baby Story

18 Jan, 2015


 A Sugar Baby Story


I want to share one of my readers story about how and why she became a sugar baby.

It is easy for many of us to judge, but I think it’s good to get a different side to the story, because life isn’t just one way or another, and it, and it’s important to keep that in mind.


 A Sugar Baby Story


So, my name is XXXX and I was born in Serbia. My mother is Croatian and my father is Russian.

Even though I was raised by parents with an ‘East European mentality’ and I have lived in so many countries already, I don’t feel particularly bound to a certain nationality. Although I am proud of my roots. ;) Most of my life I’ve lived in Croatia and Brussels.

Life was always quite comfortable until my parents had problems with money and when I was 16 we found ourselves homeless and with a lot of debts…


A Sugar Baby Story


From there my life just became worse and worse. I gained an awful lot of weight, became depressed, have lost interest in absolutely everything.

I honestly don’t know how I managed high school. Long story short: my life was horrible and I’ve hit pretty much rock bottom. I had to change schools because the school I was going to was too expensive for my parents.

I didn’t had much money for college but somehow I managed to pay one semester (I studied Classics). Life just kept throwing more obstacles and and I pretty much fucked up school… On top of that I had a really hard time with my parents and well, technically ran away.


A Sugar Baby Story


But then I got back in touch with an old friend.

You know those girls that have that something about them but you just don’t know what? Everybody liked her, she was absolutely gorgeous and honestly, I was obsessed with her.

But here’s the thing that mesmerized me; before we got back in touch I knew she dropped out of high school and she was doing drugs. Living with her abusive boyfriend. After we saw each other she looked really healthy, very well dressed and generally happy.

I thought: how can I turn my life around like that?


 A Sugar Baby Story


She was my first motivation to get my shit together and take some control of my own destiny rather than sobbing and doing nothing.

Of course I hung out with her a lot and she basically introduced  me into this wonderful world of jet setters (and the whole  entourage around it too).

Quickly I understood she was a sugar baby and I just watched her how she did it and felt the urge to do it myself. Homeless and hungry  or travelling around, having a roof above my head and food on the table? You already know the answer. :) This girl introduced me to a lot of people and voila.


A Sugar Baby Story


I knew I had to come up with a plan because I saw the ugly side too, the girl was very honest with me and never sugar coated anything. Somehow even the bad side seemed appealing to me. I though I can manipulate my way around without getting in trouble or abused and throw my life around.

I’ve set some goals and before I knew it I dropped out of college and I was jet setting around the world. It started out very simple. I wanted food and shelter. After so many horrible years, to be honest with you, I allowed myself to just enjoy life for a while and do ‘nothing’.

Just travel, see beautiful places, party a bit (I’m not that much of a party girl… Clubs aren’t appealing to me but I love good company). After a couple of months I felt it was time to start thinking about my future. I knew I wanted to go back to college but I wasn’t ready for that.


A Sugar Baby Story


So I just started to save. I just knew I had to make money but making sure to stay in the jet set world was quite a lot of work so I found other ways to gain money instead of working a regular job. Every time someone offered me expensive bags, clothes, shoes,… I would sell it and save up the money. After a while it was just easier to admit I was a sugar baby, and be more of a ‘hard core sugar baby’.

With no rent to pay, no food to pay, being drowned with gifts it was actually easy to save the money. After 8 months or so, I finally had enough money to start over my life!


A Sugar Baby Story


I do feel like I cheated my life a little bit ahead. It was easy for me to get into this lifestyle because this girl already did all the work.

Staying there was a lot of hard work. I’ve never been so superficial, worried about my appearance, competed with other girls, tried to take care of myself and a lot of other thing, all of that while trying to seem authentic and not desperate…

So, roughly for a year I was quite a jet set babe myself. ;) It was fun but I knew I wanted to move on.


A Sugar Baby Story


I actually moved to Paris. I’ve slowed down the travelling but I know I will never be able to completely quit. I just love it.

Now I’m 19 years old, living in Paris. Working a job (I’m working as a counselor for troubled kids, helping them through life a little bit. I know how hard it is to have no one and be in a shitty situation so of course when I saw the opportunity to take the job I did) and also ‘working’ as a sugar baby. Honestly, I am pretty damn proud of myself. I guess that’s why I wanted to contact you. I wanted to share my story and hopefully inspire someone else?

I completely turned my life around! From being homeless to living in a nice apartment in the middle of Paris and feeding myself.


A Sugar Baby Story


I know you might cringe at the thought of being a sugar baby but I couldn’t do it without it. Not because of the lavish lifestyle but because of the freedom, the financial security, the things I learn and see… It helps me grow, it opens my eyes, it matures me, it made me so confident.

And being a sugar baby, it’s actually something I’m good at. I’m only 19 and I feel like I’ve made so much insane progress. I’m planning to enroll in a university next year and have a normal student experience, so I’m saving money for the next 4/5 years.


 A Sugar Baby Story




Thank you for sharing your story! <3

Without wanting to glamourising being a sugar baby, I think it’s important to show girls who are genuinely happy with doing whatever they are doing, I think as long as it’s working to their advantage for them – why not? 

I have become so much less of a judger since I started this blog and got to hear many stories and girl’s voices. Life isn’t just black and white, there are so many other circumstances we often tend to forget. 


If anyone else has a jet set story to share, feel free to email me by clicking here.


Please note that none of the people in the pictures have anything to do with the text written in this post.


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Instagram Inspiration

Breanna Youn, the Jet set Baby

21 Nov, 2014


 Thought to share this article about Breanna Youn, a jet setting baby girl who became an internet sensation with her 1million followers:


Brianna Youn


Brianna Youn


Brianna Youn

The reason I find this story to be interesting is because,

1) It took 7 months for this regular child to become an internet sensation with 1+ million followers. That’s quite impressive!

2) Because of her popularity, she has internet benefactors who are sponsoring the entire lifestyle of her and her family. That’s like being a proper “sugarbaby” (if you get my joke). No but really, what are the odds for having online sponsors of this kind?

3) She is damn cute though I must admit. I was going through her Instagram account and her personality and charisma just shines through. Someone should sign her with a modelling/acting agency because this little girl got that wow factor.


Thanks Lea for sharing this xx

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Their Stories

Lena Perminova – The Story

18 Nov, 2014


Lena Perminova


Lena Perminova has been appearing on my blog for quite a while now.

She is more of a fashionista than a show off Barbie doll and her great style has been a true inspiration for many people in the fashion world.


 Lena Perminova


But who is Lena Perminova? What is her story?


Lena Perminova


Basic Factsbottomline


Full name: Elena Perminova

Age: 27 years old, born 1987

From: Berdsk – a city in Siberia, Russia

Family: 2 boys, 1 baby girl and her husband Alexander Lebedev

Lives: London & Moscow

Occupation: Full time mom & Fashionista


 Lena Perminova


There is something unique about Lena that makes her stand out from the rest of the Jet set Babes.

It’s not the fact she is a well known fashionista with her 750k Instagram followers, but more her down to earth aura that keeps surrounding her.

After researching about Lena, I came across an interesting cinderella story on how she became a Jet set Babe.


 Lena Perminova


In 2003 Lena was 16 years old when the police caught her dealing ecstasy in the night clubs of Novosibirsk.


She was at that time a well known model in the area of Siberia which became a humiliating factor getting caught in the eye of the public.

Despite the fact Lena was not using any form of drugs herself, her trouble was her boyfriend at that time, being twice her age who had been forcing her to deal drugs for him.


 Lena Perminova


That disastrous night in Novosibirsk came as a blessing in disguise, Lena got sentenced to 6 years in jail for trafficking, a sentence that in the end never fell through.

Instead a well known Russian oligarch stepped in to her case, he did not only become her saviour but also her future husband. His name is Alexander Lebedev.


 Lena Perminova


Alexander Lebedev is a man of many labours.


He started off as a spy for the Russian KGB in the 80’s being the brain in their Foreign intelligence service.

After leaving KGB he created his own bank which became one of Russia’s national banks (until 2012 when it closed down).

Today he is a well known business man, a Russian politician and the owner of several top newspapers in UK like the “Independent” & “London Evening standard”.


Lena Perminova


In 2012 Forbes listed him as a billionaire with an estimated fortune of $1.1 billion.

But shortly after, in 2013 when his national bank closed down, his worth went down and the title of billionaire gone.


Lena Perminova


But what happened exactly that made the destiny of Lena to cross path with her future love?

This is how Alexander recalled the troublesome situation:

“Lena was arrested and convinced by the police to co-operate in a sting on another much bigger drug dealer. She was wired up, involved in a very dangerous car chase, and then still ended up in court, alongside this drug dealer, who was threatening to kill her. There is no plea bargain in Russian law, or witness protection. She was going to go to prison for six years, despite helping the police, and her life was in danger. I was campaigning for this law to be instated in Russia at the time. Elena’s father heard me on the radio and wrote to me. I contacted him, and then met Lena”.


 Lena Perminova


Lena was only 16 years old when she met Alexander – he was at that time 43.

After the turbulent time of trials was over, Lena went on to study economics at Moscow State university. When she was 19 years old, she got married to Alexander and later became a mother of three.


Lena Perminova


Today they live on a full time basis in Moscow in the famous “Rublyovka” area where all the wealthiest people including president Putin have their homes. (As a side note, the couple are forced to have 4 bodyguards working 24/7 their house and drive their cars with black toned windows, this is Russia baby!)

But on a part time basis they live in London, where the couple has a 10 bedroom mansion in Richmond (Hampton Court Park).


Lena Perminova


Although their lifestyle is comfortably situated between various homes in Europe and they are spoilt enough for regular vacations, Lena & Alexander seem to be two down earth people very similar to each other.


Lena Perminova


I like this quote from Lena she gave Harpers Bazaar in an interview;

“On my very first trip to New York, Alexander said, ‘Please go to Bergdorf and buy something,’ but I was so impressed by the clothes, I couldn’t make up my mind,” she recalls. “So I bought jeans and wore them with his hooded sweatshirt and his huge Stephen Webster cross. [While I was] walking around, everyone looked at me—and I started to understand what I wanted and how this outfit was best for New York. But I could’ve bought a Dolce gown!”


Lena Perminova


But what I truly enjoy is the sum up of the character of Alexander by;

“Despite being a billionaire, Lebedev’s dress sense is odd for a middle-aged man – skinny blue jeans, black tailcoat and designer plimsolls without laces. With his cropped white hair, he looks more like a sports star than a glitzy oligarch. Only his enormous Panerai watch flashes his wealth. “He looks more like a successful nightclub owner than a newspaper proprietor”, said one observer. “He is part 19th-century landowner, part member of ‘Take That’”, said the Guardian’s fashion editor.

These contradictions arise from his conscious effort to distance himself from the more rapacious oligarchs like Berezovsky and Abramovich. He portrays his wealth as a means to fund social projects and he regards himself as a man of intelligence and good taste, rather than a hedonist. His hobbies are tennis, fishing, scuba diving, Russian literature and politics rather than jet-skiing in St. Barts or partying in St. Tropez

When asked about the other oligarchs, Lebedev commented: “We all come from different backgrounds. I am more keen on reading books, writing and travelling. I am not into yachts. I get sick on a boat. If I started buying luxurious planes and yachts I would feel ridiculous. I don’t like birthday parties, I get bored. I do not know what to say. Sometimes I do not go and send a present later”. Instead, he will stay home and read classical literature. He once made the rather staggering claim that he has “read almost everything that is worth reading in literature”. “


 Lena Perminova


After following Lena on Instagram I cannot help but feel that these two quotes of her and her husband are just describing them so perfectly. I don’t know them, but they both stand out from other jet set people because of their comfortable but not a show off-type lifestyle.


Lena Perminova


Lena Perminova


It was also interesting reading Lena’s story because of how original it was.

I mean come on, the chance of meeting a billionaire future husband while expecting jail sentence is probably smaller than winning the actual lottery!

No matter what, this was her destiny and now Lena is inspiring the rest of the world with her style & story, like a true Jet set Babe.

All pictures are from Lena’s Instagram.

Lena Perminova


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