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Why so Photoshop?

21 Dec, 2015



3 years ago when I started JetsetBabe, I used to love getting inspired by the girls of Instagram because of one main reason: They looked far more real than the photoshopped girls in all the magazines I used to read. 

I was getting inspired by stylish non-famous women, because they were only being themselves and not edited in a computer program. What a difference to all the images of Vogue, Elle, Cosmo etc which looked so staged and fake.

This didn’t last too long of course, as 3 years later, we check out Instagram and see how 70% of all the images are manipulated in one way or another. There are tons of photo editing apps out there today, more than enough to feed the planet’s desire of evening out skin tones to an unrealistic appearance.

Why do we have this desire of making everything look so fake?

There are many girls on Instagram I used to love following, but now their photos look so un natural I barely visit their accounts anymore. They overdo it with the editing apps, making themselves resemble cartoon characters rather than humans. Why?

For me Instagram used to be a glimpse in to the real world of people, now everything is so fake, staged, photoshopped and barely comparable to the real world that actually exists.

Everyone is just trying to be something they are not…. What for?


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Jetset World

The bitchy side of Jetset World

16 Dec, 2015


 Jetset Babes


Lately I’ve seen a lot of the bitchy side in the jetset world…

Some of these girls seriously need to take a chill pill. The way they look at each other like predators, you can see their animal instincts coming out while dollar bills are shining through those evil eyes.

Worst is when men are part of a group and women fight for the richest of them. Some girls go very aggressive, like there is no shame or mercy in this world. It’s very interesting to watch, but also quite entertaining. I’m one of those who never bother getting involved.

The type of bitchy girl I’m describing exist quite frequently in the jetset world. She see’s women as her enemies, as her competition. She will be fake to you, if needed she will stab you in the back. It’s all about her and the game. How to accelerate best in the game to her benefit. No matter if it’s about snatching the richest guy or become “best friends” with you so she can benefit of whatever it is that you can provide.


Jetset Babes


I have a Russian friend who knows personally a lot of the Jetset Babes I blog about.

A good example is one of the Jetset Babes I feature most on this blog (sorry don’t want to mention names), is a total bitch in real life. This girl has obviously made well for herself materialistically, but the reason for that is because she is ready to walk all over you if that’s what it takes.

Unfortunately I have noticed that there is a certain type of rich men who love girls of this kind. They loooove the bitches! They love anything that feels a bit complicated, a bit like an adventure. Sometimes being nice makes you boring in their eyes.

Too bad for me, but I don’t care in this case. I hate bitchyness, I don’t want negative energy, I actually want everyone to be friends no matter how naive this may sound! 



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Jetset World


14 Dec, 2015


Graff Diamonds


Graff is creme de la creme from all the jewellers. The finest and most expensive diamonds around.

It’s very popular with arabs and Russians because of it’s bling bling nature, but also a trendy brand for engagement rings of the rich and famous.

I went to their shop in Harrods today and realised there must be some form of a psychological subconscious effect with beautiful things that glimmer. You cannot NOT want it when it sits there and sparkles so peacefully to you…. Ahhh… one day!

Pics from


Graff Diamonds


Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds


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