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My Work out & Diet

19 Oct, 2015



Most of you probably went back to gym and healthy routine when summer finished – I went back today.

Due to all travel and not being settled anywhere, I haven’t had a gym to go to or proper cooking facilities to keep a strict diet.

I’ve mentioned before that a year ago I did an intensive 4 month gym and diet regime where I went 4-5 days a week to the gym, and ate extremely healthy plus juiced a lot.

I went from weighing 64 kg’s to 56 kg’s (I’m 170cm tall). Around 8 kg’s of weightloss! Everyone who knows me commented on the difference in my appearance, 8 kg’s does make a change to your looks!



Sure, I was never chubby or overweight, but in my early 20’s I gained 15 kg’s which I never really took responsibility for. Slowly I lost one after the other, but this time I wanted to lose the last 10 kg’s or so simply because I miss my slim frame. (I admit, I prefer the slim look over the average, probably thanks to the programming of society).

Now since I finally have a home, I also have a gym around the corner from my house. Perfect! I signed up today and went already for my 7 am work out. I will be going back to my 4-5 days a week work out routine, doing monday – fridays and rest on the weekends.


Jetset Babes Work out & Diet


I will sign up with a personal trainer to meet once a week, because it can be good for guidance and motivation.

Although I mostly do cardio (usually 30 min running / 30 min powerwalk) I know I should implement more variation in to my training. A PT will therefor be the perfect help. (I must say I’m not in to much of using machines or lifting weights. I prefer functional training because it gives both cardio and strength).



In terms of healthy eating, I feel I have finally found a diet that works very well for me.

I have already a difficult stomach meaning there is a lot of food I can’t eat without getting problems (like wheat, grains, lentils etc). Plus I don’t like the taste of meat so I only eat fish unless I go vegetarian or vegan.


My Personal Diet


This is an example of how I try and eat. Obviously it’s not 100% as sometimes you slip or don’t have access to certain foods when you are out.

At times when I dine out a lot, I try and always order soup or fish with vegetables. In most restaurants you can always find both options and often they are happy to tweak the dish and prepare it the way you like it.

I used to love eating lentils, but now my stomach can’t handle it very well anymore. Stopped eating nuts as well, because they carry a lot of calories – which is fine if you only eat a handful. But my problem is, I love nuts too much and can eat like half a kg which makes me gain weight since they are very fatty (good fats but you will still gain weight if you eat many).



My latest (well for the past 6 months) obsession is Japanese food.

Here in London we have a fast food chain “Wasabi” where I eat quite often. I love miso soup and salmon sashimi with seaweed. It’s like my daily drug!

In fact, I’ve started preparing my own Miso soup for breakfast, I love it and I feel I don’t need much more in the morning.


Jetset Babes Work out & Diet


I never drink coffee, but started drinking a lot of Green tea or coconut water since I’ve been travelling in Asia.

Green tea is a perfect choice when you are out somewhere and don’t feel like drinking alcohol but neither ordering a glass of water or some drinks containing sugar or other toxins.

Coconut water has become very popular and accessible in most shops, great solution when you are on the go. (And if you are bored of jucing, coconut water is a good complement)



Speaking of alcohol, I’m also going to make a big effort in to drinking only when it’s really necessary (some special occasions) rather than the comfortable glass of wine here and there.

During my intensive 4 month weigh loss program I didn’t drink alcohol not even once, and I think it helped me lose those kg’s! What I drank instead was a lot of water! (& Juicing of course 😉 )


Now I’m curious to find out about your work out routine and if you have a particular diet? 



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My Breakfast in Bali

26 Aug, 2015



Good morning Bali,

I’ve finally recovered from my flu and left Ubud to explore the busy life of Seminyak – once again. 

Having breakfast right now in my favourite organic café “Earth Market”. Here you can get your fresh juices and healthy foods, I’m all about eating as raw as possible at the moment. Usually I’m juicing in the morning and start my day with loads of fruits and a wheatgrass shot (one shot equals 1 kg of fresh vegetable intake). Then If I keep on juicing and staying hydrated drinking fresh coconut water, I don’t really get much food cravings until late afternoon. I guess it’s also due to the heat, but I’ve been eating maximum one hot meal a day. And it’s been working absolutely fine!

I also think that whenever we are back home, we are usually over eating because we are bored. But when we are travelling, there is so much to do, so many impressions for the brain to take in – that we simply don’t have the time to think too much about food.

Well, it doesn’t apply to all tourists of course, as I keep seeing many stuff themselves on buffet’s and ordering burgers and club sandwiches everywhere they go. I’m so glad I’m over this type of food. Not because I don’t miss it at times, but simply because my stomach cannot handle it! The lifestyle change I did over a year ago was the best decision ever! 🙂



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Food, Health & Environmental Documentaries

27 Jan, 2015



We say we want to change our eating habits, lose weight and make the world a better place – but for some reason we are always “too busy” “too lazy” or “will start on Monday”.

I’ve been procrastinating my health and eating habits my entire life time. Getting down to action just felt like too much of a pain in the ass.

But after I came across and watched all of the documentaries on Netflix about food, health and the environment, a big shift happened in me.



They completely opened my eyes, spoke the truth and I got myself a reality check after the other.  I truly felt for the first time ever that I couldn’t continue with my unhealthy eating habits because I finally understood what I was actually feeding myself. And I got really put off.

Like I have mentioned in the post about Olesya Malinskaya’s eating habits, if you really want to change your health, you need to do a lifestyle change just the way she did. And to actually feel the motivation for making a lifestyle change, you need to educate yourself with true facts. You need to watch some documentaries that will explain things you should be aware of. I can guarantee after watching a few you will get second thoughts of what it is you are actually doing to your body.

Here are the most popular documentaries about food, health and the environment. Watch and get inspired to change your life once and for all.



Food Inc Documentary

Food Incbottomline

About what we eat and how it really gets produced.

Watch here



Hungry for Change Documentary


Hungry for a changebottomline

Learn about diet industry’s deceptive strategies designed to keep people from losing and keeping off weight. This documentary changed my view on processed foods forever.

Watch Here


Forks over Knives Documentary


Forks over knivesbottomline

If you are only planning to watch one documentary, then this one is the absolute must. Get the insights to why we get cancer plus other diseases and how it’s linked to our diet.

Watch Here




Got the facts on Milk Documentary


Got the facts on milkbottomline

This documentary was one of the ones Olesya Malinskaya watched that I mentioned in this post, which made her change her eating habits forever. This documentary questions the health benefits of diary products.




Food Matters Documentary


Food Mattersbottomline

This documentary about nutrition teaches you that a selective diet can play a key role in treating a range of health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and depression, often substituting for medical treatment. F

urthermore, it tends to label the medical industry as a “sickness industry”, which profits more from treating the symptoms of illness than curing the illness.

The film accuses the medical and pharmaceutical industries of a general conspiracy to perpetuate poor health in order to maximize profits.

Watch Here




Vegucated Documentary



Three omnivorous New Yorkers agree to follow a vegan diet for six weeks.




GMO OMG Documentary


GMO OMGbottomline

A father examines the relationship between genetically modified food and his three young children.

Watch Here




A place at the table Documentary


A place at the tablebottomline


An examination of the issue of hunger in America focuses on the plight of three individuals from different parts of the country who struggle to find adequate nutrition.




Fresh Documentary



New ways to think about how and what people eat.




Fed-Up Documentary

Fed upbottomline

Filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and journalist Katie Couric investigate how the American food industry may be responsible for more sickness than previously realised.

Watch Here




Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead


Fat, sick and nearly deadbottomline

Morbidly obese and stricken with an autoimmune disease, a man endeavors to drink only fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days in an effort to lose weight and reclaim his health. A documentary that inspired me to start juicing, and I have not stopped ever since! It has changed my life to the better.


Fat, sick and nearly dead 2bottomline

The second documentary in the same juicing theme, goes more behind the theme “what happened after” and “how to maintain that weight loss and make that lifestyle to make a permanent change.”

Watch Here




Seeds of Death Documentary


Seeds Of Deathbottomline

This film exposes the dangers of genetically modified foods and features leading scientists, physicians, professors, attorneys and activists. 







Filmmaker Shaun Monson exposes the suffering endured by animals at factory farms, research labs, puppy mills and more. A must to watch for anyone who claims to be a true animal lover.







The truth about the food and dairy industry.

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