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Nails and Shellac

31 Oct, 2015


Shellac & Nails


Doing manicure and pedicure is a must for any person, female or men.

Freshly groomed nails is something very important to your overall appearance, even though people may think it’s just a small detail. It’s not. See a gorgeous women with chipped nail polish and you’ll immediately change your mind and find her less attractive. Same goes with men. I’ve met good looking guys who have dirt under their nails and it totally put me off.

Nails don’t need to be all fancy, but they need to be groomed! Think fresh and clean.



I do shellac manicure and pedicure every second week. (Pedicure sometimes less frequently as feet tend to last longer than hands). My favourite brand is OPI shellac. I think they last the longest. Not even CND (which I think is second best) last as long.

I mostly do french manicure as it looks elegant and guys love it. But in my experience, french manicure only looks good for maximum 1 week and then it starts to look dull. So you must go to the salon often!

I like nude or beige coloured nails as it looks very natural. Unfortunately any light colours (just like french) look good for a week tops! For that reason I tend to use darker colours when I don’t have the time to run to salons every time. I think Black Cherry Chutney and Malaga Wine from OPI are both very elegant and chic. I tend to stick to these tones and not experiment so much with nail colours, as I want nails to look classic and elegant.



My new idea is to actually buy my own OPI curing lamp with gel polish and tools, and start doing my shellac at home instead of at salons. It’s a big money and time saver!

One of the most boring things I know is to get a manicure done at a salon, because you can’t entertain yourself with anything, just stare at the wall. For that reason doing your nails at home in front of the tv, is like killing two birds in one stone.

Does anyone do their shellac at home and could give some advice?


Jet set Babe Nails


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Men want natural beauty

15 Oct, 2015


What type of Jetset Babes score the biggest in the jet set world? 

How do they look like? Which ones get the most serious guys? Which ones get the most attention from men?

Let me introduce to you; the girls who carry a natural appearance.



I’ve mentioned it in the past, and I’ll mention it again.

The girls who do less is more, are the ones who end up looking more sophisticated and chic than the VaVaVoom glamour babes who come across as slightly “too much”.


What I mean:bottomline


– Less make up (or at least wear as natural looking make up as possible)

– Natural looking results from injections and plastic surgery

– Long, healthy & shiny hair

– Perfect skin

– Groomed till perfection (nails, make up, hair, skin, eyebrows, lashes etc)

– Classical appearance (no funky stuff, no crazy colours, not being over the top)


I’ve done some serious investigations and I’ve noticed that jet-set men fall more for these types of girls rather than the jet-set bombshells.

(The ones who wear more make up, bling, plastic surgery, long nails, minidresses, platform heels, hair extensions, cleavage etc, everything that makes you look “overly done”).

Cute and natural looking girls who are not screaming for the spotlight are the ones who get the most attention in the end. I promise. Although the sexy bombshells get attention too, they often get the playboys after them. Serious guys don’t go for “high maintenance women” as they call them, but put their focus on beauties who don’t need to exaggerate to be seen.

So try out and see if going more au natural will help improve your dating. Good luck!

(To be honest, I wish I could write a post saying “I honestly don’t give a F### what guys care about” – but unfortunately we live in a world where it does matter! After all we do need to mate and some of us also would love to walk down the aisle one day. For that reason, looking our best to the perfect male is part of our genetic code).














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The Secret to Perfect Eyebrows

07 Oct, 2015




Your eyebrows could be your trademark,

or that important detail to make your entire look, look perfectly groomed.

There is something about eyebrows that can make or break your entire appearance.

How many times haven’t you seen pictures by people who make fun of girls who didn’t understand their eyebrows looked awful?

Perfect eyebrows will make you look flawless if you get it right. But it does require a little bit of work…


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


How to get those perfect eyebrows?

I would like to invite my readers for sharing your knowledge and maybe we can together discover the best methods of looking like the girls in these pictures. Let’s discuss in the comments section, but first I’ll add some of my thoughts…






Grooming methods:bottomline


– Basic DIY grooming at home: Semi permanent tint + tweeze

– Brow grooming in a salon: Semi permanent tint + tweeze/threading/wax + consultation/browmapping + shaping

– Eyebrow extensions: For those who have over plucked their eyebrows, this is similar to the eyelash extensions method. Eeach hair gets glued on to another existing hair, the extensions lasts around 2-3 weeks.

– Microblading 3D or 6D eyebrows: Tiny blades “paint” hairlike strokes, which gives your brows a very natural look in comparison to the harsh permanent make up technique which is similar. Great to fill in gaps or for almost “non existing” brows. Lasts around 2 years.


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

3D Microblading Brows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

6D Microblading Eyebrows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

Recommended eyebrow tint. Used in salons. Is this one the best or there better ones out there?


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

Don’t forget to include hair trimming in to your brow grooming routine!




 Make up your browsbottomline


Many girls with perfect looking brows have used make up as their secret weapon. In fact, their brows in a natural state are just groomed to a basic level, and to it they add the magic by using this eyebrow make up technique:

– Your eyebrows need to be tinted to the approx colour of the fill you will add.

– Start off by marking your eyebrows in it’s lowest end like seen in this picture. Blend upwards and add a coat of highlighting concealer underneath to make the brow pop out.


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


– If needed, fill in the rest with eyebrow powder. Usually you buy a set of three colours. The trick is to get a natural looking fill by mixing all three colours with following method:

Add the lightest colour in the beginning of the brow, the medium dark in the middle, slightly mixed with the darkest one which goes in the very end of the brow and arch.

– Depending on how harsh you want your brows to be, a good trick is to only have a tiny bit of fill in the beginning of the eyebrow. The fill you use should be very blended so it gives a soft appearance.

– Highlighting concealer should be applied all around the eyebrow: underneath, on the sites and above. Make sure to blend it well so the eyebrow looks natural yet “pops out”.


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

Good eyebrow colour for blondes and light haired girls.




Let’s discuss!bottomline


  • What eyebrow treatments can you recommend?
  • Can you mention any other eyebrow methods I’ve not listed?
  • Which is the best eyebrow tint ever?
  • Do you have any technical advice on how to get perfect eyebrows using make up?
  • Which look of brows do you prefer? The make up one or the very natural?



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