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Best Pore Minimizer

21 Dec, 2015


Pore no More Dr Brandt


This is a great product if you suffer from enlarged pores – “Pore refiner” from Dr Brandt. 

I’ve tried both Clinique’s “Pore Minimizer” and Benefit’s “Porefessional”, but this one from Dr Brandt is slightly better. The consistency is like a tinted primer that you add to mask your pores, In my opinion it masks pretty good!

There are days when I don’t want to use foundation or tinted day cream, but just go au natural, letting the skin breath. Unfortunately I have quite large pores which makes my No-make-up look, look – not so great. Camouflaging those pores with Dr Brandt have been a saviour when I’ve been wanting to add some photoshop magic in real life.

As this tool is a necessary must in my make up bag, I’m constantly looking for new, better competitors out there. Maybe my readers have come across a pore eraser that I should try? 


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Botox & Fillers in London

18 Dec, 2015



I wanted to recommend my filler lady who all my friends go to in London (including me). She is really good!

Dr Maria is a plastic surgeon by profession. Therefor she has a good eye for the face, what works and what doesn’t for a person.

I personally get botox done in my forehead and glabella and fill my wrinkles around the mouth. As the face loses collagen after a certain age, I’ve put 0.5 in each cheek to “lift” the appearance up. I think fillers & botox are great tools to use sparsly, it’s when you overdo it that you get that awful plastic look. None of the people I’ve spoken to have ever noticed I’ve added anything, and I think that’s the way to keep it!

Dr Maria has very affordable prices and my readers will get £40 discount when you quote that you found her on my blog. Her telephone number: +44 7719 399 233 



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Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty in Europe

18 Nov, 2015


Rhinoplasty in Europe


I rarely blog about plastic surgery because I have very little knowledge or experience about in this topic (never had anything done myself). It seems as a lot of Jetset Babes have tweaked one thing or another.

I believe Rhinoplasty is one of the most common (probably the other one is breast augmentation). I know a lot of people who have had nose jobs done, and according to them it’s not really a big deal – but it can make a huge (often positive) difference to your entire appearance.

Recovery time is set to 2 weeks which is quite manageable, and you don’t really need to stay camping (and hiding) at home for too long after the surgery. (I actually saw a woman today on the street with the entire nose in stained bandage and big bruises around her eyes. I felt “Wow lady, respect to you who have the guts to walk around like that in public”).



A friend of mine have had rhinoplasty done in UK and is not fully happy with her procedure, so she wants to re-do it elsewhere. I’ve heard UK surgeons are not really that great, and I wanted to ask you guys in favour of her (the ones who have experience and knowledge in this topic);

Which country is best for nose jobs? 

Which surgeon can you recommend?

Some say The States is the best for any plastic surgery, but what if the person wants to do it in Europe or not too far away? Any recommendations?



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