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Budget solution for jewellery & watches

27 November 2014




What is your opinion regarding jewellery and watches if you are on a budget? 

What is the budget solution if you want to be a Jet set Babe?

Instead of Rolex and diamonds, what can work as a substitute?

Today I have been thinking how fellow girls in the jet set scene go about these two when they’re on a budget. I haven’t come to any good conclusions myself, but thought to pass the ball to you my dear readers :)

Do you wear proudly your watch by Michael Kors when the other girls have Rolex’s?

Do you buy custom jewlery even if it screams “FAKE” from far distance?

Do you wear any form of jewellery even if it’s not pure gold, silver, diamond etc?

If yes, how do you make it look expensive?


Diamond Ring


I personally never watches or jewellery because I find it to be uncomfortable. I’m quite minimalistic :) But maybe that would change if I’d own a Rolex or diamond goodies :)

I find jewellery and watches to be really tricky to “fake” their value, because jet set people can spot authenticity.

Clothes on the other hand are much easier! But there is something about cheap jewellery and watches that makes it so obvious they are not genuine. It’s making me think that maybe it’s better in that case to wear nothing, if you can’t afford the real deal.

What do you think? How do you go about this? Are there any cheap solutions that actually look more expensive than they are?



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16 Responses to “Budget solution for jewellery & watches”

  1. Viv says:

    In my opinion a Rolex is probably the most expensive cheap shit you could get your hands on (not talking about quality). I could imagine me wearing one only in the case that I really would have to impress someone who would be really impressed by me wearing one 😛 . Same goes with most stuff that sells with huuuuuge margins because of the status they have achieved. I just think it´s important to be aware of what you are paying for, when you are – then go a head!

    Not trying to be clever here (well maybe a bit), but though I really enjoy quality and style I would never decide to not wear something just because it´s less expensive.

    Personally I only prefer diamonds on my rings that I use everyday, they´ll last. While investing in diamonds in necklaces, earring etc. is unnecessary because they will not scratch anyhow, and well cut semi-precious stones will be equally beautiful.

    There are a lot of nice brands that use semi-precious stones or (real) gold plating… Efva Attling, Georg Jensen, Erickson Beamon, Lara Bohinc… etc. Same goes with watches, I would invest in one good watch, that I would wear as long as possible…

    What do you think? Are you aware of what you are paying for? Do by things for status, or whatever you like no matter the cost just because you can?

    • lea says:

      very well summed up, to add to this i would say that i wouldnt buy rolex since by now i didnt find one with that wow wowed me, but there are other brands,
      there is difference between jewelry and costume jewelery, with costume one you can play, it even can be fake cause nobody cares or is too drunk to notice =] or is too dark =] you can get beautiful big rings with zirconium as cocktail rings, but with the other pieces you want to get what you would actually wear for long time so it needs to be of superb quality to last, and be timeless to be stylish after few seasons =], so do research and invest dont buy cause it is investment, therefore we are never too rich to afford cheap things
      with michael K. I think he is clever stealer from timeless brands so me personally wouldnt wear it and mostly logo everywhere which i dislike, for the same reason i dislike chanel (when they do not pay me for wearing they logo i prefer not to=]) only exception to this is hermes bracelet since somehow i love them,
      you can always find very good fakes those i would wear somewhere where they can be easily stolen of damaged by sea water like beach party during hogueras in spain – so i dont have to care so much)
      and also antiques are great way to go, since i like uniqueness

    • JetsetBabe says:

      What brand of watches would you go for? What do you think about stainless steel jewellery which are gold or silver plated?

  2. katherine says:

    if you look for antique jewelry you can find a bargain and a unique treasure!

  3. lea says:

    not sure if i can post this here but some nice advice regarding watches as investment http://www.askmen.com/fashion/fashiontip_100/148_fashion_advice.html

  4. Anna says:

    I find it hilarious that there wasn’t just one ignorant comment made about Rolexes being ‘cheap’, but two. My boyfriend worked with all the highest brands when it comes to luxury watches and jewelry and Rolex, by far, gives you the most ‘bang’ for your buck. That is, if you actually know something about watches, how they’re made, the difference between mechanical and automatic ect.. and considering you’re trying to impress males who possibly wear and collect luxury watches, it would probably be in your favour to actually know something about what you are actually paying thousands of dollars for. Those very trendy Chanel ceramic watches with diamonds in the bezel retail for $20,000+ when their actual worth, other than the diamonds, is pennies. Because believe it or not, it has the exact same movement as a $20 Fossil watch! Yes, they are both quartz movements, absolutely no difference! Anyone of old money would know this. Yes, Rolex style isn’t for everyone, but they have some very nice pieces in the $5000+ range that are well worth your money and a lifetime investment.
    As for jewelry, dear God to the cubic zirconium comment. Absolutely hideous fake looking trash. Get factory made diamonds or moizanite. The first being EXACTLY the same as a naturally formed perfect diamond and moizanite being even more bright to the naked eye. Factory made diamonds are amazing and no one will be able to tell, but I would recommend it with other stones like sapphires, rubies, peridot ect.. because they will look “too perfect” since a perfect gemstone of that calibre would be in the millions! Diamonds though are still very attainable unless you go too gaudy. Buy a small amount of quality pieces in platinum so you don’t have to worry about tarnishing as much. Also, rare gem stones can be found for much less overseas in places like India and China.

    • lea says:

      i wouldnt stress much out about zirconium, i dont know who is budget babe it can be 16 yr old from some small village trying to impress party friends, or even me in some crazy party on the beach somewhere where i have no idea where i wake up the next day… but you are absolutely right that there are other options with factory made stuff

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Great info, thanks! I love moissanite’s and various gem stones! But I guess I’m so fooled by the hype about diamonds that it feels like the ultimate thing to have…

      For budget alternatives what do you think about simple stainless steel covered in gold or silver?

    • MM says:

      @Anna thank you!!! Exactly my thoughts.

  5. lea says:

    i forgot – buy diamonds in Dubai or US, here in europe they are overpriced =] also in Dubai there is no tax so buy watch there as well =]

  6. lea says:

    ok, lets do this again and more complex,
    ♦if we are talking about somebody with personality and own style who doesnt care if he/she impresses someone, than you can forget about trends or what is must have thing,
    especially it shows when it is not your style and you dont wear it, it wears you (the same with clothes)
    ♦to be legit jetsetbabe or woman with style you dont need rolex if it is not your style, you dont need chanel, you can perfectly well sport leather string around you neck, but you can perfectly well sport chanel 20 000 $ if it is what you love (despite its overpriced value) – at the end who cares? you wear it, you need to love it
    as for rolex there it is more about market politics than value for money (almost like hermes birkin)
    ♦i dont buy plated stainless steal unless as costume jewelry, cause it is simply not my style but i know ppl who love it, for some it is way to fake it till they make it, but for some it is really something they proudly own, it is quite personal isnt it?
    ♦if we want to put it under some label if it screams cheap or if it screams cheesy or kitsch, you need to decide what your intend is, if you wear it for yourself and you can sport it go for it, if you want to impress old money …do you really need to? with jewelery? seriously?
    ♦as costume jewelery which is sometimes just ongoing trend for the season i do not mind, the same goes for cocktail rings (btw i am not sure if i would ever invest into one with real diamonds, i would really need to adore it, they are too funky to be investment pieces – for me!)
    ♦i live in real world i dont live in the bubble surrounded by shallow ppl on the super yachts whose only thing is to spot fake ring =], i travel a lot and live in different countries so many times i visit crazy places/parties and i would like to look like my typical self but without the fear that someone is going to cut my hand because of some ring or simply when we are in the tight moving crowds I dont what to watch my wrists constantly (i have enough with my clutch), if my watch is still there…
    ♦about other watch brands i would read more on that site i posted the guy obviously knows his sh*t =]
    ♦behind every brand there is story and history you should also decide if you would like to be part of it, and part of their heritage, lol i sound like fashion snob
    ♦with diamonds i dont know about any site by now, but i am sure there are some, but if you buy diamonds dont you want also the whole experience in the shop with drooling staff ready to sell you their mother with champagne ? =]

  7. Hanna says:

    Try the famous gold market in dubai as the profit margins are minimal ( as low as 10$ per gram), i personally got amazing pieces that way. Also, i heard you could get affordable second hand rolexes that are diamond studded, but because it was not originally studded but later at another gold shop it would not be as valuable as a regular diamond studded rolex. But still, it might be what you are looking for.

What do you think?