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Budget Office wear

24 September 2014


Budget Office Wear


Holidays are now over for most of us, and it’s time to go back to work and be serious!

This requires some new outfits if you work in an office with dress code. I personally love pencil dresses & skirts for the office as it makes you look feminine yet smart. These are the budget alternatives I’ve found online I’d like to recommend;

1. Off Shoulder Pencil Dress With Lace Waist $99.02
2. Double Layer Crop Top $60.94
3. Back Body Dress $66.65
4. Pencil Dress With Drape Cami $54.27
5. Belted Pencil Dress $95.22
6. V Neck Pencil Dress with Lace Waist $81.88

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8 Responses to “Budget Office wear”

  1. Andrea says:

    I started following your blog like a month ago and I get soooo excited , when I see that you have a new post.
    Awesome blog, awesome posts, so inspirational :-)
    Thank you

  2. Nicole says:

    another request.. would you please write ( and post pictures ) about those “comfortable” jetset’s looks where they are stylish, elegant and in the same time NOT wearing high heels :)) thanks

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