Botox & Fillers in London

18 December 2015



I wanted to recommend my filler lady who all my friends go to in London (including me). She is really good!

Dr Maria is a plastic surgeon by profession. Therefor she has a good eye for the face, what works and what doesn’t for a person.

I personally get botox done in my forehead and glabella and fill my wrinkles around the mouth. As the face loses collagen after a certain age, I’ve put 0.5 in each cheek to “lift” the appearance up. I think fillers & botox are great tools to use sparsly, it’s when you overdo it that you get that awful plastic look. None of the people I’ve spoken to have ever noticed I’ve added anything, and I think that’s the way to keep it!

Dr Maria has very affordable prices and my readers will get £40 discount when you quote that you found her on my blog. Her telephone number: +44 7719 399 233 



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10 Responses to “Botox & Fillers in London”

  1. hi says:

    We love your site but you cant advertise botox etc without showing us your face so we can judge ourselves , even part of that, or give us full name or website of the doctor, giving random mobiles of a person who might even be a nurse is false advertising
    what a waste of a post

    • JetsetBabe says:

      I don’t agree, but I respect your opinion. I’ve gotten questions of people asking if I can recommend someone good who does injections, and I happen to know a person who me and my friends go to . The readers will always have to discover for themselves if they agree with my opinion or not alt ask for before/after pictures of the nurse in case of unsure.

      • Anonymous says:

        “We love your site but you cant advertise botox etc without showing us your face so we can judge ourselves” I absolutely agree. And JSB, aren`t you too young to think about these things? You already have wrinkles? Really??? Or you`re just following the movement and do everything that you think a tipical profesional escort would do to be on her level? Don`t fool yourself following those stupid brain-washing messeges. It`s one thing to watch their life, to enjoy nice pictures or have a nice taste for clothing and living, but to mess-up with your face that early just cause they put in your head that with 30 you are already “old” and need some “brushing” is ridiculous and looks like you are not just an observer but let these things to rule your life and in a negative way.

        • katherine says:

          one of the most popular reasons for young women to use botox is for preventative reasons.

          just like the other comment said you haven’t seen her face. so maybe she does have wrinkles that make her self conscious? i just turned 27 a few weeks ago and i have wrinkles on my forehead from too much sun in my teens. i dont get botox but if i could afford it i would.

  2. KK says:

    JSB is completely correct in this sense. It is good to start injecting Botox at the first signs of wrinkles as a preventative measure. Whats the point in injecting once you already have wrinkles? It wont do anything to take them away! Botox is merely a muscle relaxant that acts by paralyzing the muscles in your face to stop/soften facial expressions that cause wrinkles e.g. frowning, raising eyebrows. It wears off over time so there’s no harm if you get injected by a good doctor who knows what they are doing. Plus you start to lose collagen production at around 26 years old, so some fillers are of no harm for a girl who is interested in anti-ageing and maintaining their youthful appearance longer! I am a health professional who works in this field by the way 😀

  3. ana says:

    Please share a short update regarding the keratin treatment! How has it been going? Have you redone it? (Sorry for my bad english!)

    • JetsetBabe says:

      The keratin treatment has been going well. Yes I re-did it several times after. I feel it lasts about 2–3 months, and then time to re-do it. Hair has been shiny, straight and more bouncy. Before it was dry and dull. I would really recommend everyone to do it! The only bad side is the hair can feel a little bit more flat.

  4. H says:

    It’s definitely never too early for Botox and fillers for preventative reasons, as long as you go to an actual MD, and keep it natural! It’s great to get a recommendation from you JSB and people can look into your dr on their own if their interested!

  5. goldenchain says:

    i am not a fan of botox- it damages the muscles and weakens them meaning if you start botox at 30 yo uwill look much worse at 40 than if you didnt.

    i am 30 and instead have facial relaxing muscles- it REALLY WORKS is entirely natural and it just involves a skilled masseuse massaging the face to relax overworked muscles- its called rejuvanessence and i go to a lady in london for it. you would not think just using ones hands could have such an impact but it really does!

  6. Kernberg says:

    Has she a website to look at? ☺

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