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Anna Andres

02 February 2015


 Anna Andres Story


Who is Anna Andres?


Born: 17th November 1993 (today 21 years old)

Nationality: Ukranian

Zodiac: Scorpio

Lives: Kiev, Ukraine

Height: 176 cm – 5,9″

Bust: 86 cm

Waist: 59 cm

Hips: 88 cm


Anna Andres


Anna Andres


Anna Andres has gained a strong following in social media in the past couple of years. In 2014 she was crowned to represent Ukraine in the Miss Universe 2015, but resigned in November the same year.

Her reason to the resignation was due to study obligations and personal circumstances. Nobody still really knows why she chose to resign, but there are wide speculations online.


Anna Andres




Anna was raised by her mother, as she doesn’t have any contact with her father who now lives in Italy.

Her mother is by profession an interior designer and creates art. The creative gift has been inherited by Anna who says she has a talent for painting and drawing, and keeps it as a side hobby.

Anna is the only child, but she does have siblings from her mother’s second marriage.


Anna Andres with mother


Anna Andres with mother


Anna Andres




As I’ve written before, Anna Andres has changed her appearance quite drastically.

As it’s quite obvious she has done her nose, lips and breasts – many sources claim she has filled her cheeks and got butt implants.

Anna Andres denies all these rumours and says to only have tried enhancing her lips 2 years ago, which she’s now stopped with as it was a mistake according to her.

Here is a video that shows the beginning of Anna’s make over an how different she looked back then:



In terms of beauty regime, Anna is not the girl who goes for facials and regular visits to the dermatologist.

She says she has very good skin due to being of a young age, and believes that starting with treatments at this age can work the opposite and actually damage the skin.

Instead she keeps a regular beauty routine by cleansing, using toners and applying mud masks at home.

Plus every morning she starts her day by drinking carrot juice which makes wonders to the skin.


Anna Andres Model


Her favorite skincare brand is the popular Biologique Recherche which many Russian Jetset Babes swear by!

In terms of make up, she keeps it minimal. For her evening-do she spends maximum 15 minutes to apply some basics that will enhance her best features.

But her beauty is not only those beautiful facial features, but also that luscious hair.

Claimed to be 100% her own, which she has never dyed or coloured in her life – hence it being so flawless.

However she does take care of it by taking Vitabase vitamins and does regular hair masks at home.

She loves the Philip B Katira Hair Mask but also the simple treatment when you damp your hair in olive oil. No matter what shoe does, it seems to be working! 😀


Anna Andres


Body & Dietbottomline


As every other model out there, Anna claims to have high metabolism, is skinny by nature and can eat “loads of food without gaining weight”. Who knows, but Ukrainian women are usually tall and slender by nature, so I think I could buy that.

She does go to the gym 2-3 times a week, but being a foodie she could never go on a diet.

In summer 2014 she did however loose 4kg in one week due to heaps of stress from being newly crowned as Miss Ukraine. How she managed with that is a mystery to me, as I wonder from where those 4kg’s came from (having an already slim body)? :)


Anna Andres Model


Anna Andres


Love lifebottomline


Anna admits to have a boyfriend at the moment, but she is very private about who he is and they have never been seen in public. Nobody really knows either, but there are many speculations online, especially if you check the russian & ukranian media.

The main rumour that’s been widely addressed is Anna being the mistress of Ukranians political deputy and billionaire Yuriy Ivanyushchenko.

He’s got a family, with grown up kids, but rumours started after him and Anna were seen together some time back.

A Russian blogger states that their relationship started after Yuriy saw Anna at a party in the Lotte hotel in Moscow, which he the next day sent her a check of $25k (reason unknown).

He is claimed to be the secret investor behind Anna’s beauty and success in the Miss Ukraine pageant. As we have already mentioned, Anna has done several plastic surgeries but the majority of them are said to have been a gift from Yuriy, done by a famous surgeon from Brazil.


Anna Andres Miss Ukraine 2014


In 2014 the Ukrainian miss universe competition was for the first time a low key affair held behind closed doors. The reason is claimed to be because of the political turbulence in the country, while others claim it was because the Miss Ukraine title got bought for $300k by Yuiriy as another gift to Anna.

Keep in mind that these are only speculations from sources online. Anna has in interviews rejected any forms of allegations being the mistress of Yuriy Ivanyushchenko. She has said that this is all nonsense, as she has a boyfriend who works for Yuriy – which is why the rumours started after them been seen together.


Anna Andres Boyfriend


Another man who has been connected to Anna, is the young Russian Millionaire Maxim Cherniavsky – the reality star from the Russian version of “The Bachelor”.

He had divorced his wife in 2013 and began dating Anna Andres shortly after. This relationship did not last long, as Maxim is based in the U.S and Anna was having a hard time getting a visa at that time, which created a long distance relationship that in the end just died out.


Anna Andres




In an interview to the website Pre-Party, Anna shared her love for fashion and designers like Tom Ford, Valentino & Givenchy. She likes the sexuality of the brands without going vulgar. In fact, Anna resents all kinds of clothes with mini dresses or hefty cleavage as she feels it becomes easily too much.

She does have a thing for large bags, and her favourites are Celine and Givenchy plus we can often spot her wearing various Hermès bags.


Anna Andres


Anna Andres Miss Ukraine 2014


Future plansbottomline


Anna has shared that she has absolutely no hurry in getting married or having kids, but that it will be prioritised later, possibly when she’s 25.

She has studied law, but has no interest in to turning that in to her profession as the showbiz industry is more appealing to her, maybe working as an anchor on tv.

I guess, Anna has her best years in front of her and loads of time to decide what the future will hold. But so far, the beauty queen is sure having a good time 😉


Anna Andres


Anna Andres


Anna Andres


Anna Andres


Anna Andres


Anna Andres


Anna Andres


All images from Anna Andres Instagram: @anyuta_andres1


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41 Responses to “Anna Andres”

  1. Marina says:

    Can you please make a list of jet-set girls?
    Because I really like to know the names of a lot of this girls on pictures
    You have great blog, just keep doing that :)

  2. Anders says:

    She good! She fruitful for many year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can u really make a jetsetbabes list? Woul be very interesting :)

  4. adri says:

    one of my fav

  5. Anonymous says:

    Amazing post!!!! With great deep info about her!!!! Love it!! Keep it up!!!

  6. ana says:

    Thought she is older! anyway she is gorgeous!

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Yeah I thought so too initially! Until I saw youtube interviews with her! She has a very young and soft voice plus you can see she is young when u see videos! Anyway, she is a stunner :)

  7. Sola says:

    Who’s the famous Brazilian Doctor? That surgeon is gifted! Email me his info please. Lol

    Very insightful post on this young lady. And as for  
    Biologique Recherche, I worked with that brand before (works on all skin types) and their products are very good without needing a dermatologist prescription. Its affordable (thank god) The clarifying lotion which runs around $50 and mask Vivant around $70 were the most requested from what I can recall. But that was years ago.

    Keep up the good work Jetset babe!

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Thanks for your comment! Im curious about Biologique, since a lot of girls seem to be hyped up about it. Do you know why is so? And you’re saying that the products are good, but are they anything special compared to other brands? Thanks for reply :)

  8. TyRa says:

    Hi, Love your Blog, dedicated fan all the way from Nigeria (west Africa)

    Are there any black jet set babe beauties? Would love to see women of colour on your blog :)

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Hi Tyra! I would love to see them too, but I’m having a hard time finding them in a true jet set spirit on Instagram :( I just keep finding eastern europeans as they seem more eager to show off their jet set lifestyle. If you can namedrop and recommend some, please feel free to do so :) x

      • C says:

        Hey! One that I know of on Instagram is ladyluxurylaura (Laura Layton). She is VERY eager to show off her lifestyle and appears to be a personal shopper. There are some others who are black or Asian but I’m not sure if they qualify as Jetset as they seem to hold ‘regular’ lifestyles (which is why I am hesitant to put their names here). I can email you I you want to take a look though. Let me know!

    • C says:

      Another Nigerian!? I’ve been following Jetsetbabe for almost two years and you’re the first I know of. 😛

      Are you on any other social networking?

  9. JJJ says:

    Yes, Latina, Asian, etc. JBs?

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Yes, I’d love to post more of them! But like I mentioned to Tyra, I’m having a hard time finding them on instagram (who are living a jet set life). If you can name drop me some, I would really appreciate. Thanks :)

  10. ANONYMOUS says:

    if you dig more you’ll find not very nice things… i’m talking about what she did in moscow since she was 16yo. 😉 you can’t afford things she has and study at cambridge when you come from a middle class family as anna does, so i think it’s obvious how she did it. :))

    • JetsetBabe says:

      Do you mean the stuff about that she was working as an escort, which is how she met Yurij?

      • ANONYMOUS says:

        i don’t know how she met him, but she was “passed” to many rich russians (much older than anna) when in moscow, i think you already know… i understand that you want to keep it classy, but let’s say those things too, i’m sure there are many girls who take these “successful” girls (i’m not saying all of them are prostitutesas, but there are MANY) as examples and they should know the very ugly side too. 😉 what is your nationality?

  11. Sh.s. says:

    Absolutely love her looks but the cinderella story about how billionaires fall in love with the middle class girls became boring. Usually these girls have a past as escorts, and with a little luck became mistresses later of one only rich sponsor. No problem with that, but the fact that she wants to make people believe her boyfriend is a normal worker in the court of the billionaire is rather funny.
    I am not saying these girls must admit they are escorts or mistresses, but simply they could say they want to keep their lives private and keep these ridiculous lies for themselves.

  12. Sh.s. says:

    Oh and nobody would spend 300 for buying a title as a gift, not even a billionaire. If he did so probably he wants to gain on a possible carreer of Anna, so it’s not a gift but an investment.

    • K.K. says:

      Oh, trust me, people who rob their countries and use money as toilet paper totally would buy 300k title just to seem cool around their friends and to say “I’m banging Miss Whatever”. There is a trend for that now.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can there be black jet set girls or is the lifestyle strictly for girls that fit the European beauty quota?

  14. C says:

    Of course! ‘Jet set’ means that you travel around often. And there are MANY black girls as well as other races that live even more lavish lifestyles than the Europeans. I don’t know if this question is offensive or not but contrary to popular European belief, some of the ‘rest of the world’ has high standards of living as well…………

  15. cindy says:

    Are u kidding me?On this girl nothing is real.she had a total face made up,thats for sure.the reason why she looks so natural is because she don’t use tons of product like the other girls….
    but anyway,before I start here to shit around I want to make one thing super clear:
    I am not jealous or something like that.ok?

    so…. In my opinion I think its not okay that in todays society is all about how much silicon,botox etc
    I mean seriously,why should a girl after tons of surgery win a miss title?just why?

    let me tell you one thing about girls like anna andres…this is nothing else than a hooker on a high paid level.Im an insider and I know what I am talking here about,ok?
    there are fashion agencies working together with elite escort agencies hoping up the girls.
    I am not saying that they visit one man after another like ” low” hooker would do that.
    its easy:
    they get paid very well( as you mention in the text anna received a huge amount of money from a billionaire) but for what?everything comes in exchange.
    I am not here to judge one them,as I mentioned I live a similar lifestyle at the moment….
    just with the difference that I am not into making selfies everyday and seeking for attention from outside to fill some kind of emptiness.
    also,in my opinion,those lazy girls that just enjoying themselves and spending the money from their much older men should do something for society?
    Remember the gorgeous 90´s models like karen mulder or helena christensen?
    karen for example bought a villa for homeless children back then.
    and by the way,these women were so beautiful that something fake like anna can go home.
    they had a charisma,a special charge going on.there has been no arrogance.


  16. Irina says:

    Oh Yes you sound bitter and jealous. Why is a woman who works hard to look beautiful better than one who is born with it lol?

  17. Irina says:

    Lol i meant the opposite, sorry…
    I believe one who worked and improved her beauty is better bc she wasn’t just gifted but had to find a way to improve and become the best version of herself. Those are inspirations not a Karen Mulder who was finally raped and victimised by the media and called insane. She was beautiful but thats it. The PR agents usually tell them to do charity to brand their image. You are so naive to think this supermodels are better people just because you can’t find their old pics on Instagram.
    A few top models like Daniela Pestova had a complete makeover, or google esther canadas and angelina jolies old pics.
    Just bc many jetset girls have lip injections which almost always look fake, they aren’t ugly or bad people and you’re basically insulting yourself whining about an escort, which means she might have not been born with a silver spoon but actually being an escort yourself which I can read between the lines. A bitter escort

    • Anonymous says:

      She didn’t ‘work hard’ for anything. She was obviously paid so please, don’t insult those of us who actually work hard for our success. Neither is better than other but it’s always better to work for what you have even though models are way overpaid. It’s sad what people will do to themselves to fit a silly standard of beauty. In my opinion, a lot of these girls are somewhat lazy but have the nerve to walk around with so much pride. At least do something meaningful before your career ends at 30…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha!listen,if you don’t like the truth,then go!Maybe Karen or the other were bad examples but still A LOT BETTER then fake Instagram chicks?
      You don’t know who I am,how I look.
      If I could I would leave a link to let you know I am but no,I don’t want a bad reputation to my career.
      If you are reading the other comments down below you would get the message I want to spread here.
      And this is:this story about Ana and other girls are not real!
      So get along with,crisakes!

  18. 1 says:

    you need to update this sugar coated story and tell the truth to your readers, this girl is nothing but an escort who started at a very young age (under 18) who now has a very rich sponsor…

  19. Irina says:

    Sorry but this blog is a joke run by a few bitter, naive and ridiculous girls who don’t seem to know anything about life.
    Yes, you should so something in life but constantly comparing yourself to models who do absolutely nothing( and I have been a model myself darling so I know) but party and basically jetset, but then badmouth against escorting and a specific lifestyle omg… U girls need to grow up. So many models have sugardaddies or sponsors on the side. Yes, Elite with works with escort agencies like many others and you can always say no if you have a problem with it.

    I went back to escorting although I’m 34 and I own a company now but I make more money today and still live the jetset life but do work as well. And I make better money today but I claim I am 31 pr sometimes 27, men dont really care and I have incredible men who I meet with regularly.

    Yes work hard is a sheep mentality who has been implanted into your mind by the rich who love slaves that eat, shit, sleep and give them their hard earned cash but never actually enjoy life. If you still think a woman needs to fulfill the Hollywood Standard these days, you are brainwashed and will suffer all your life just to find out that you have been fooled in the end.
    Yes hollywood tells us a good girl has a degree, is naturally beautiful and has a career by 30 to travel the world ( most men only have one by 50 to afford a good life),
    They are selfless, care only for one men and usually have nothing to say or complain about.
    Of course all these girls have some men who give them the money and who the fuck cares as it has always been terribly hard for a woman to succeed in this society anyway?
    All of you girls who had this lifestyle did the same, so stop being such ridiculous hypocrsts. An escort these days makes more money than a well-paid model and women have been told everything related to their own sexuality is sort of forbidden. Live this life to its fullest, no matters what others think of you and dont be so stupid to envy others just bc they dont follow societys rules. Because you will never be what they are that way– which is free and happy. Hypocrits and girls who call others hookers are simply slaves to a system that leaves them as empty as they claim these girls are…. But they are wrong, so wrong

    • C says:

      See, you say it’s silly to follow ‘Hollywood’ standards for women being successful. Firstly, this is a relatively new trend and it’s not a bad one at all to own what you have. Secondly, that’s the thing. It’s all just so stupid. Sure, you get to wear pretty things with someone else’s money and look nice but is that really all you’re good for? Being an accessory? Let that sink in. Euro society for the longest time said women are just something pretty to look at; Hollywood is definitely going against this stereotype.

      Working hard isn’t totally a ‘sheep mentality’. It really depends on what you do. If you ask me, the fashion industry has more of a sheep-herder atmosphere. Everyone from the models to designers think they are oh so important but really, what good are they to the world or anyone but themselves? I’m sorry, but we can’t all be ‘escorts’ and ‘jetsetters’. Some people will have to work hard no matter how easy and available escorting may be. And sometimes, those at the top will get more than they deserve, especially if not held accountable. *cough*Men….*cough*.
      I think there is something so sweet about having struggled for a desire and finally getting it. There is something tasteful about being able to work hard and not rely on anyone else. Even Prince Charles said something about that.

      Maybe you should stop watching Hollywood (it’s not that great if you ask me) and look at some REAL influential women, not a character in a STORY fabricated for ENTERTAINMENT purposes.

      “it has always been terribly hard for a woman to succeed in this society anyway”
      But would you not agree that things have become better for women? Why stop now and revert?
      Personally, I am sometimes going through a tough time in many ways. And let’s just say there is an easy route I can take to become more comfortable. But my mother tells me, “when you have suffered for long enough, why stop now just to take a little sweets but with a little more work, you will reach gold and more.” *It’s hard to translate this in English, so sorry if it doesn’t make sense.

      Now let me ask you, when you own a business (this can be hard but I think this is one of the best things you can do, governing yourself and keeping what is yours so congrats to you 😉 ), why did you go back to escorting? Feel free to not answer as it is a personal question. I am just curious.

      Lastly, this blog is run by one person. Some of the commenters may be bitter but, sorry, I am not. 

  20. Irina says:

    By the way, I am German, not Eastern European- why do you complain about those girls anyway like some dumb guys who usually have been burnt by them ( but cheated on their wives)?
    By the way, Oleshya Malinskaya is obviously older than 30 and probably Dasha Kononovich, too.
    Many girls are older but claim they are still in their Twenties and they usually dont fall for the dumb society standard that a woman needs to hide under a shell after 30 or 40. I know girls in their 40ies who look great and are still jetsetbabes. Why not? If they dig it.
    I’m overwhelmed by the stupidity in some comments and I doubt that many of you have seen the fashion scene from the inside or are these kind of jetset girls they talk about.
    You would know better…
    Also about Supermodels who you seem to favour so much more bc they are oh so natural lol

    • C says:

      I really don’t know what standard you are talking about that says women have to hide at a certain age……it may be a European standard because.

    • C says:

      What standard says that women have to hide at a certain age? O.o This must be a European thing because in the continents that I have lived on, women flourish at every stage of life. Haha!

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